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Answering please take note that I have some electronics and microcontroller knowledge, I have oscilloscope in my workshop. Car batteries are not too expensive, but an unanticipated failure of one could be quite expensive. Usually desulfation is achieved by passing "high voltage" (often around 50V) through the battery.
Desulfation will usually take quite a while before the effects are completely reversed--some people have stated it can take up to a month, and possibly even more. You will need to be able to pulse around 50V to the battery, and have a power source capable of handling preferably >1A (even though the circuit should draw less than half that, it'd be a good idea to be able to supply more just in case). Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged batteries or ask your own question. How to get module parameters inside helper function and how to get params inside a custom form field type?

View DetailsBatteries often fail because a€?sulfatesa€? slowly develop and cover the battery plates. Lead acid batteries often fail prematurely due to over-charging, under-charging, deep discharging and low electrolyte level. The simplest way to do this would probably be by using a 555 timer and a few other components to send the high voltage pulses into the battery.
You'll need to do some extensive testing on your circuit to make sure it's not drawing too much current and that it stays cool, so that it will be able to last that long.
I don't normally recommend following electronics circuits from there, but this one may be worth a try. All of these can lead to sulphation of the plates which leads to high internal resistance and eventual failure. Generally desulfator circuits draw around 300mA, though it can fluctuate widely depending on the design you use.
Ideally you would have it powered from a wall wart, so you don't have to worry about draining any other batteries.

Normally, this process is regarded as irreversible but this circuit is claimed to reverse the process by applying high voltage pulses to break down the lead sulphate compounds. The circuit is essentially a high-voltage pulse generator which is powered directly from the battery in question. If the battery is badly sulphated, it will be necessary to connect it to a low power charger as well, say 2A. The 555 timer is connected as an astable oscillator with its output frequency set by R1, R2 and C2.
Its output pulses drive the gate of Mosfet Q1 which turns on to charge inductors L1 and L2. At the end of each pulse, Q1 turns off and the inductors develop a high-voltage high-current pulse which is applied across the battery via fast recovery diode D1 and the 100µF capacitor.

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