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Mark, I did your advise, one of the leads of the input (plug to the power line) is shorted to any of the 110volts output, luckily I have not done any testing for now since I do not have the desulfator yet. Thanks Hatamata for the advise I will take note on that, anyway, I forget about the 110v direct from the grid. On page 8 of the National data sheet for the LM555 you will find the formulas to determine pulse width and rate (Astable waveforms). Sam the Man1.  Why do you think that the circuit does not work with resistance between the rectifier and the cap bank? If you wish to change the language or use the original language later, please refer to the header or footer for more language options. All this and much more is available to you absolutely free when you register; for an account, so join our community today today! If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact support.
I am seeing pulse desulfiders that people have built, and they are claiming success with them.
My father used to talk about some of the different things they used to do as battery maintenance on lead acid sub batteries. I assume you are interested in making use of some of the old forklift batteries for solar storage or something.
I've found that a lead acid battery will last a long time if you leave a trickle charger on it with a timer that turns it on about 15 minutes per day. Desulfators will only help if the cells have shorted due to lead sulfate crystals precipitating between them.
Next week I am getting approximatly 100 automotive batteries from an auto salvage yard to scrap. It's been 4hrs since I left the pulser on the battery and every hour I'm checking the voltmeter and I noticed that it was hardly braking the 11.63volt mark. So I dropped the idea, simply I'm working with low voltage, man doesnt have to be that worried when working with low voltage, in the end, a mistake may harm but will not kill.
Goodness me, I will need to buy a whole components as I could not find the problem on the timer. I had to give direct power to the caps-WhyThe two IRF s were Heating but manageableI found a Battery (Delphy Freedom) left aside for 4 good years and connected to hear the battery is singing.Still too early to say any thing . I've got similar burnt irf before and it was a resistor which gone bad, im also having problem building my timer as I'm not sure why I'm not getting any frequency using the DMM Frequency meter. I should have connected the resistor from pin 6 directly to the pin 7 (before R11 from your diagram).

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I have been disecting them, and playing around with epson salts trying to get life out of marginal storage batteries.
The desulfators basically cause the battery to resonate and that helps to redissolve the crystals. Batteries 'die' for a variety of reasons and plain old lack of use and sulfation is one of them. I bought five IRF640 and 2n2907 transistor and revisited the my old mess circuit and re-used it as there are already timer that has been setup. In fact if the lift is a few years old, A battery that won't take a charge totals the whole lift truck.
I overhauled it, I removed all the mosfet and transistor and resistors and tweak the timer a little bit. I will probably buy a 48volts transformer when I got a time to drop by in a local store near my area.
I used to tap the negative terminal of the DMM to the ground and use the positive terminal to tap at pin 3.
Im using the TO-18 type (before was the plastic type) and I connected the gate of the IRF to the collector of the 2n2907A transistor but the IRF's are not conducting. It will charge open and sealed cells, chargers at 30 A, 10 A and 2 A, with 80 A start-boost. The sulfation usually only happens with batteries that are never cycled, stored for long periods with no maintenance. If you have a steady stream of potentials rolling past you and all you have to do is bump them and every now and then one springs to life, for you it's a freeby. May I suggest buying two Digital volt meters that has auto range, keep one on DC and one on AC, use them both to read every wire in your circuit that is powered some how by the mains. But for now, I'm happy that the pulser is producing 21Amp, although this is still low power as compared to what you can produce.
As Marke explained in an earlier post, we need to place a resistance between the bridge and the caps, this makes the circuit delivers Amps rather than voltage to the battery, current is what is needed to remove the sulfate. Many of these batteries have sat in broken machines and have discharged over a period of months. We junk forklifts that are like 2002 or 2003 models because the cost of replacing the batteries is more than the lift is worth.
I say two because it is not unusule to measure a power source with a DVM set on DC while the current is AC, and the other way arround, in this case, you will not get a reading while there is high voltage in the circuit, you then may touch the wires and be in danger.

I dont have much of a time right now to really focus on this since I'm also cramming for my exam, I just can't resist to build the pulser from my old mess to pulse the battery that is dying to dead cell.. I tried 3 new 555 and even pulled out the 555 chip from my low power desulfator and still the same. Mark, I employ 300 ohms resistor (since I ran out of 1kohm) to the base of the transistor so I guess this maybe the problem since I did not follow the 1k ohm resistor of your design but before I desolder it, can you verify that 300 ohm can't be a substitute to the resistor on the base?
I still make this mistake but as I expect to get a reading so I check every thing till I find that it is the setting of the DVM.The 1000 VA that I'm using means that has several out puts (0.
Leave your battery to desulfate and keep an eye on water level, temperature, bubbling and V. It seems that its not a good idea to put EDTA directly on the cell's electrolyte but maybe not. I'm not sure if this has happened to you guys, but the 2 mosfets on the heatsink are producing a medium pitch noise. If V passes the 17V while desulfating, increase the R value between the bridge and the caps. Anyway, I still have one weak battery to play with, or maybe 75% weak since it retains 12.55 volts.
The 555 is too good, and too simple, of a part for you to not understand how to get the waveforms you want from it.
The temperature on the heat sink is now 52 degrees Celsius which I consider a sign that the circuit is working. It seems that the boost charge punch a hole into the resistance which have allowed the pulser to rise above to 12 volts. If you do not have an oscillscope you need to download the data sheet for a 555 timer and learn to determine your pulse width and rate from it. I will disconnect the pulser when it reached 14.2volts so as not exceed the max voltage and drained it with bulb for 10 minutes and redo the pulsing again.
I dont know what the others think but from what I'm seeing yet, it doesnt seems to be fixed numbers.As for cells with shorts, one sign of finding them is that they will not bubble as the rest of the cells in the same battery when charged or desulfated, in fact, they will not bubble at all. Also, if you connect one of your DVM probes to lead connector and submerse it in the cell's electrolyte, the other probe to an adjacent cell reading will be below1.5V, but this can be an indication only after charging the battery. But if all that combines with bad hygrometer reading (in the red zone) then defiantly this cell will be impossible to restore.

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