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The major companies are Microtek, Luminous, Bajaj, Mahindra, Whirlpool, Amaron Xenon, Exide, Surya battery and Okaya.
The in-house conceptualized and developed car was a departure from the usual DNA running on M&M product portfolio, by retaining the core strength associated with Mahindra cars.
The car has a love it or hate it design and the Cheetah design, which definitely grows on you, in any case will attract attention. Mahindra have come a long way in the handling department, for the size and high Centre of Gravity, the car has decent handling capabilities. This does not include extra labor cost and consumable spare parts like brake pads and clutch plates etc. Though the service is cheap and easily available the service experience with most of the customers cannot be termed pleasant.
When it comes to the ultimate chauffeur driven cars above 1 crore Indian Rupees only two cars come to your mind, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and the BMW 7-series. Was bieten WirWir bieten Familien eine entspannte Schulzeit ohne Hausaufgabenüberforderung oder Konkurrenz- denken.
In a bid to boost the 'value for money' proposition for the all-electric e2o, Mahindra Reva has reworked the pricing to separate the car and battery cost to the consumer.
The battery cost and maintenance will now be charged monthly starting from 2,599 for the base e2O model to 2,999 for the top-end variant. With this new payment scheme, Mahindra Reva hopes to allay fears of battery cost and maintenance by consumers and revive the dull sales of the e2O. Also to deal with the lack of the charging infrastructure, Mahindra Reva has launched Quick2Charge stations for the e2o to be charged under 60 minutes.
Mahindra Reva is currently exporting the e2o to Nepal and plans to start exports by Europe during the second half of 2014. Mahindra Reva - India's first electric car is a fine effort, given the limitations of battery power. Mahindra REVA will at present have access to Mahindra’s vehicle development technology and distribution network, considerably enhancing its ability to commence a state-of-the-art electric vehicle for global markets.
Give second priority to Net Banking in which you will be redirected to bank website, which is safe. Disclaimer: We try our best to make sure that the information which we provide you is accurate. Chetan Maini has stepped down as CEO of Mahindra Reva, and now Arvind Mathew has now been appointed as the chief executive.
Maini is the founder of the established Reva electric car firm based in Bangalore, one of the pioneering launches is E20 electric car.
The Executive Director of Mahindra and Mahindra, Pawan Goenka, spoke a few words about Chetan Maini and said, Chetan has been a commendable figure in the electric vehicle market and his efforts have transformed the firm into world renowned enterprise. Arvind is a recipient of the established University of Michigan and has a post-graduate degree in MBA and mechanical engineering. Reva electric car company is a collaboration unit between AEV LLC in US and Maini Group of Bangalore.
The flaming success of Reva lies in the introduction of e20 electric car; it has defined the future of mobility. Mathew is now the new chief executive, the company has already reached great heights, and it will be interesting to observe how much further it flourishes under the new leadership.
Arvind Mathew has the skill and experience to transform Reva into a higher position than it already is. Mahindra is a powerful Indian auto enterprise, and its main area of development is the sport utility vehicle market, and it has also invested a fair amount in sedan and hatchback segment with the creation of Verito and Verito Vibe respectively.
The e20 is a trendy small compact electric vehicle and sports the appearance of a typical high-tech car. Mahindra has incorporated a powerful electric engine devise into e20; it is fitted with an advanced three phase induction engine and 48V lithium ion battery that requires no maintenance at all. With an overload of innovative developments inscribed on e20, it failed to attract a considerably large crowd. Mahindra launched e20 in 2013, and till now it has not attracted a mass crowd, the company commented on the sale outcome of the car and said the scope of vast scale of e20 is not too satisfactory, the sale output of the car throughout India is 250 units, and we desire to achieve a 100 unit sale outcome every month. Mahindra has stated that it will actively participate in exporting e20 to the targeted West European nations by next year and the goal is to achieve 100 units sale in international and 100 units on home soil. The idea of Mahindra to export e20 to West Europe may work in favour of exports; it will be interesting to observe the popularity of the electric vehicle on international soil in the coming years. Mahindra launched a revolutionary product in 2013 March, called e20 electric vehicle, the world is debating on the beneficial effects of electric cars, and e20 has redefined the spirit of mobility in India.
The initial perception of driving e20 will seem perplexing because it is a different mode of drive from current conventional fuels.
E20 runs on battery charge and driving it will create worry chills, it was a sense of fear for the group; especially on a barren far away land. Despite the natural common worries, the improved electric vehicle is built to ease out tension; it can cover vaster distances on complete charge. Sources found the new car to be more reliable, driving it for the first time was worrisome, and the group decided to adhere to a particular path, in order to prevent using indicators.
The momentum of steering can be compared to any other regular fuel vehicle, and sources say it is much like Tata Nano.
There are issues with the new e20 to take note of; sources were not satisfied with the lethargic rack.
The Mahindra Reva e2o electric vehicle has had a lot of reviews ever since it launched back in March 2013. We are taking a different approach here and looking at only the e2o’s design aspects both on the outside as well inside to see if it can effectively charm a modern stylish Indian car into buying it.
The Mahindra e2o is a picturesque little car that when runs on the roads does make a lot of heads turn. The e2o has a fun and stylish face a large bug eyed two-barrel headlights that look as per the modern small city cars. The body of the e2o is made of a polycarbonate plastic glued to the main chassis to make it very light yet safe. Thus, the e2o is a great green city car to buy, while the T2 premium version makes it even better. Mahindra launched Reva e20 through joint partnership alliance with Reva Electric Vehicle Limited in 2013.
Mahindra Reva e20 Premium is sold at starting price of Rs 5.72 lakhs, the car will sell under the Goodbye Fuel Hello Electric scheme. Electric vehicles are the need of the hour, to create a clean and green atmosphere and also a more convenient mode of drive to reach desired destination at swift pace.
Mahindra e20 Premium has excellent smartphone software system; customers can connect their phones and gather relevant information on battery power. Mahindra is keen to dwell further into electric car segment and is working on developing electric variants of Verito sedan and Maxximo commercial vehicle.
Despite e20 not yielding profitable outcomes, Mahindra is keen to push this technology forward. Electric car technology has not picked up to a great extent in India, people feel more secure with conventional fuels despite the risks of leakage and heaviness.
It will be interesting to view the customer feedback response of Reva e20 Platinum; it might be a step ahead to many more launches.
Electric vehicles are the need of the hour, auto firms all over the globe are working on the powerful effects of electric and hybrid car technology. To push the sale and power of e20 Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles introduced a new Premium e20 car. Although the e20 is not a significant sale contributor in India, it is a marvel on global soil.
The vision of Mahindra Reva with e20 is to strengthen mobility output in India and the rest of the world. The principle behind the movement of e20 is battery charge, driving the vehicle can be worry some because of the tension of battery consumption.
The Mahindra e2o Premium version with the added convenience and rage has made its national launched in Ahmedabad.
Mahindra Reva has also launched an innovative electric vehicle ownership programme that is called the ‘Goodbye Fuel, Hello Electric’ for the automatic electric passenger car the e2o.
As part of this ‘Goodbye Fuel, Hello Electric’ scheme the consumer only has to pay only for the distance he or she drives and in the process get to save more. Mahindra is a pioneer in SUV market, its admirable revenue capacity has enabled it enjoy a fare share with Reva Electric Vehicles an acclaimed Bangalore based firm. The development of e20 is on the lines of electric charge system; To1 covers a range of 80km and attains highest speed of 75kmph on the back of four hours charge network. T2o is a transformation variant and is a more feasible option to attain higher levels of convenience. Electric cars are cutting-edge products to tackle fast paced living, despite the powerful engineering theories pumped into e20; the feasibility effect is not on par with traditional vehicles mainly because of the poor infrastructure, frequent power shortage. The Indian auto major Mahindra & Mahindra is very optimistic about its all green electric vehicles’ success that the company is preparing for the new future. As per the new reports, Mahindra & Mahindra is contemplating to give some changes and new features to the e2o.
According to the reports Mahindra is considering to endow an electric power steering wheel on the e2o, as some of e2o owners have complained to the company about the steering wheel of the battery electric vehicle to be feeling heavy when the car runs at low speeds. The reports have suggested that the Indian car major is very serious about the high quality and technical advanced aspects of the e2o and thus has taken its customers’ feedback regarding the e2o also very seriously. Mahindra Reva launched the e2o in March last year powered by an electric motor and 48 volt lithium-ion battery pack.
After creating a lot of buzz and getting appreciated as an advanced EV in India, the Mahindra Reva e2o makes its appearance in the offshore markets.

While speaking during the launch, the Chief Executive Officer of Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles, Chetan Maini said that the company apart from being one of the global pioneers in the field of electric vehicles also offers an all-inclusive package of various technologies for varying applications. He added by saying that the company is certain that the Mahindra e2o with its cutting-edge technological innovation will help the people of Bermuda to find a new, cost and energy efficient substitute to the fuel sipping conventional cars, and in the process protect the economy as well as the ecology of the beautiful island. He added by saying that the owners of the e2o will be able to significantly save in terms of operational as well as maintenance costs as compared against the conventional vehicles.
He said that the e2o is hoped to reflect the future mobility system on many islands like Bermuda.
He further added that the Mahindra e20 customers will get a great, efficient and convenient vehicle. Smith concluded by saying that with around 5 hours to fully charge the Mahindra e2o, the car gets ready to be driven around more than 100 km, which is more than enough for average daily traveling needs. The reason is current demand is 10000 kW, but now we are not even producing 60% because of industrialization.
This inverter has only limited usage and essential gadgets like Kitchen Mixer cannot be used with this range of inverters. XUV boasted creature comforts of a car, coupled with go anywhere capability of an SUV, making the car famous among the car buying public.
Commanding driving position coupled with good visibility, makes graduation from a sedan or a hatchback to XUV not a herculean task.
It’s one of the most powerful motors in the segment and wanting of more power will not be on top of your list.
Mahindra comes with three free services valid up to 20,000 kilometers or 2 years whichever comes first. XUV 500 is the first car from Mahindra loaded with lots of electronic and electrical stuffs, as they are prone to throw some issues. Interestingly we observed increased depreciation in the fourth year, this can be attributed to the recent new launches and also 2015 upgrade for the XUV 500.
Of course there are many rough edges, it’s a commendable effort put up by the homegrown manufacturer and from the sales charts it’s evident that their efforts has paid off well.
Wir bieten Eltern die Möglichkeit, mit ihren Talenten die Schule aktiv mitzugestalten und mit ihren Kindern ein Teil des Schullebens zu sein.
The company has sold under 500 vehicles in the last 12 months of which 40% of the sales were in Bangalore. But this facility will be available on the top-end variant only which will now have Smart Ports for quick charging. Not feasible as an alternative to a regular car, as it's too small, the range limited to 80km and takes seven hours to recharge. Maini acquired his position in the year 2010, and he has now moved into the department of launching new technology ventures. It runs on potent lithium ion battery, Maini has not completely left his position with Mahindra Reva, and will continue to monitor Formula E-Racing events.
Mathew is now the new chief executive head and Goenka is confident about his contributions because of his wide exposure to various markets and also his proficient technical expertise, the factors needed for optimum growth and innovation. The first ever electric car was manufactured by the firm, Mahindra acquired a vast investment with Reva in 2010, and it thereby acquired the name Mahindra Reva. It is also India’s first automatic electric car, the other high-tech vehicles produced by the company is Reva NXR concept car, Reva NXG and Reva i electric vehicle. The electric vehicles produced by Reva are world class, and there will surely be many more breakthrough launches in the near future.
A new leadership head is always interesting for employees, which means discussion of new ideas and framing of fresh innovation thoughts.
The firm has empowered the eco-friendly electric segment as well, and the whole country is familiar with e20 electric car, it is a rather common sight on the roads, and frequently spotted in some compact spaces. The creativity in design is engraved in the solid chunky architecture, and it actually looks like a solved complicated puzzle, as customers gaze the side view, it too is a novel design surprise in equal measure, with dynamic curves, it is a chic two door car. According to the latest buzz, Mahindra made a statement stating that it is targeting Western Europe to be a favourable export destination. E20 is a handy car to own, all it needs is an hour of charge and the lithium ion battery does not require any form of up keep, still it’s presence in the market is not felt, the company blames the  non-cooperative nature of the Government at state levels. E20 is manufactured by the established Mahindra Reva Electric car firm, Reva Electric firm was some time ago acquired by Mahindra.
The company lately launched the new model, and car fanatics will surely be curious about the drive dynamics of the car, and will want to immerse in it.
The opinion is opposite of people who have driven the car, it is like driving any other vehicle, the visibility effect is great and its small measurement makes driving it a pleasure.
A person in the car said, his eyes were drawn to the range reading meter on dashboard; there was a fear of electricity blackout, and the group were so anxious that they shortened the drive time. The earlier model covered 80km, and then wears out; the new one goes 120km with no hassle whatsoever.
The new e20 is well structured; it is compact to a level that it can just move freely, with just little pressure on accelerator. The initial take off is slow, it takes time to get used to the steering, and the effect is quite pronounced even while changing lanes. All these reviews obviously concentrated on the technological brilliance of this all electric passenger car, all the more to educate the Indian car buyers who have little knowledge and taste for the environment friendly EVs. First of all the huge, rough and tough SUV image that is patent with brand Mahindra has really nothing to do with the tiny little e2o electric hatchback. The great thing is that the body panels are color pigmented which make them virtually scratch as well as dent proof to the relief of the owners.  The e2o with its great style also looks and feels like a proper mini city car than weird electric toy car.
It is a flexible scheme where consumers will have to roll out Rs 2,999 monthly package, and the maximum drivable distance is 50,000 km for five years.  The Goodbye Fuel Hello Electric scheme was introduced on e20 with a vision to push sales, the new e20 Premium car has been upgraded under the scheme, and customers can cover additional 120km distances. The aim to launch e20 Premium with additional 120km distance is a good move, and the other interesting factor is the fitment of electric power steering. Not many are aware of electric charge stations; the monthly scheme will push customers towards buying Reva e20 Platinum.
Mahindra dwelled into the world of electric vehicle technology with invention of e20 along with Reva Electric Private Limited, the main firm. The car has managed to carry load through more than 2 million kilometers, it’s got stunning fuel efficiency power and zero percent emission rate. A top executive of Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Private Limited said the primary goal with e20 is to make city driving exceedingly comfortable and to achieve this, the most suited technology is to engineer the vehicle with smallest turning radius. With the scheme owners can cover vast distances of 50,000 kms in a stretch of more than 5 years.
Life is now so much more convenient and practical; it is certainly an eye opener into a world of revolutionary electric car technology. India is still not warm towards the electric cars, but Mahindra has surely made a great start to change this outlook with the launch of the e2o all electric passenger car in the domestic car market.
Through this ownership program the buyers of the e2o can avail more affordable pricing of the car, as the scheme separates the initial acquirement cost of the e2o car as well the usage cost (in the form of battery cost and maintenance) to make the vehicle more affordable.
The company along with Reva emerged with a revolutionary product in 2013, e20 electric car and has added another variant to the army called T2o. It is the base model and has manual steering system, and does not have electric outer rear view mirror and driver information system equipments. T2 can cover a higher 120km range at speed of 81kmph, the latest most loaded entry T2o spearheads through 120km range at 81kmph on a 60 minute charge.
It covers vast distances infused on the advanced engineering theories in less than half the time span of one hour. Mahindra Reva has introduced a more powerful theory with T2o; the car can cover enormous distances at half the time compared to To1 and T2 vehicles.
The Indian car market is still not ready to accept the green cars no matter how convenient and practical they are becoming, but home bred car major Mahindra believes that the Indian consumers are conscious but the need of the eco-friendly cars and their attitude towards the green cars will change in the future.
The company could introduce a new variant of the e2o along with a power steering wheel in the coming few months’ time. The new variant of the e2o will certainly feel much more convenient with the incorporation of a power steering as well as some other new features. Depending on the customers’ feedback and their requirement of a light feel and convenient steering system in the e2o, Mahindra is ready to introduce a power steering wheel in the new e2o variant and is confident about making the customers happy.
However, the addition of the power steering wheel and other features will add to the overall value of the e2o, and this might even drive sales for the electric car. This 4-door variant may be the one fitted with the power steering wheel and could also be because of the customers’ feedback. The car offers a range of around 100kms and takes about 5 hours to fully charge its battery. Mahindra has launched the e2o compact hatch in Bermuda which done in association with the Auto Solutions on 10th of July 10 at Auto Solutions St. Moreover, the environment will be certainly benefiting from the e2o’s zero emissions feature and will also help reduction of fuel consumption.
Glen Smith the Managing Director of Auto Solutions Ltd said that the company is absolutely delighted to be a part of the joint venture with Bermuda Engineering as well as Mahindra Reva. And now they can literally plug in their e2o’s to charge it as easily as charging their mobile phones, laptops or tablets. Because it can be used for computer and there wont be any noise in the electrical appliances. Refinement is good, yet the engine sound coupled with other mechanical cacophony, sweeps into the cabin in the higher revs. Being a Mahindra customer, you can be assured of reasonable costs for spares as well as service.
Cabin rattles starts up early in the life cycle of the car, though the same can be fixed up during the scheduled services.
Customers have faced some teething issues from the infotainment system, tyre-tronics and door open alerts etc.

The car continues to do good well in the sales chart, despite competition in the form of Dusters, Terranos, Ecosports and the recently launched Cretas. The positive side is unbeatable running costs of 0.40 paise but that doesn't compensate for its very high sticker price.
Goenka is highly appreciative of the vast contributions of Maini towards the development of the electric car segment in India, and said, his power and vision with electric cars is commendable and it has resulted in ultra-space innovations.
Maini has set the electric car competition bar high with the range of innovative products developed by Reva. With an hour of charge the vehicle can move sufficient lengths of maximum 20kms and on a full charge it can drive up to an enormous 120 kilometres.
The initiative of the company to export the car to desired European destinations such as France, UK and Norway is a good move, e20 is a convenient and efficient vehicle to own, and the mentioned countries have the infrastructure resources to support a full and flexible movement of the vehicle. There has been some aid from the administration of Maharashtra, Karnataka and West Bengal and despite the incentives; the infrastructure capacity to support electric cars is poor. The car has all the convenient and enjoyment factors in the form of satellite navigation, electrically adjustable mirrors, Bluetooth and touchscreen. The engineering fitments are more advanced in the new model with electrically assisted power steering to enable smooth drive at low speed; the vehicle is designed to cater to hard core urban roads.
The new e20 was able to move through three digit distance figures and the battery power was more potent than the old vehicle. Mahindra has improved the latest e20 vehicle, and it is a step to push the power of eco-friendly cars. We surely love the Mahindra SUVs, but why not take a look at the little, green city car that the e2o is.  Mahindra Reva recently launched the premium T2 variant of the e2o, to offer more convenience, equipments and most importantly a better range of 120 km on a single charge. The company sold less than 1,000 e20 pieces last year, to combat the lower than expected sales, Mahindra Electric Vehicles Private Limited launched a new version of e20 called e20 Premium. Mahindra e20 Premium is more or less similar to its predecessor, the similar characteristics are visible on parking assist, rear camera, driver information display and world class infotainment system.
Mahindra Reva said that it has installed 300 charging stations across major cities of Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi, and hopes to increase the figure by another 100. Hybrid and electric car technology is the latest hot topic of research and development, apart from the zero to minimal emission part of it, hybrid fuel and lighter and more feasible to traverse through tough terrains. The world is suffering from intense pollution; the creation of so many industries has resulted in an influx of job opportunities, to an extent that it has made the world a smaller place. The e20 is designed to zoom through urban roads with ease, and to improve mobility through a vast stretch there is a variable assist electric power steering.
Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles, a part of the $ 16.5 billion Indian industrial giant, Mahindra Group has launched a premium model trim of the e2o in Ahmedabad. Through this scheme the ownership of the car’s battery remains with Mahindra Reva and the responsibility of the battery’s performance too stay with the company, making the deal very attractive and beneficial for the buyers.
5.7 lakh with a monthly energy fee of Rs 2,999 that will allow the consumer to drive 50,000 kilometers for over a period of 5 years.
The mid range T2 car sit above To1, it is fueled by robust electric engine that generates 53.9Nm and 19kW. It is a exhilarating and exciting piece of information, it comes as a welcoming surprise as well because Mahindra did not reveal anything about its new e20 variant up till now. Auto manufacturers all over the globe are working on the power of clean and green technologies. Mahindra & Mahindra is in fact ready with a slew of electric models of its popular cars, however the Indian carmaker is yet not ready to launch them in India owing to the dull sentiments of the Indian towards the battery electric cars. The 4-door e2o will make access to the rear seats easier and more comfortable as against the current model. Ltd [BE] and BE Vehicles said while speaking during the launch that the company is delighted to have introduced the Mahindra Reva e2o to the Bermuda island with the local partner Auto Solutions Ltd. And considering the beautiful sunshine that Bermuda receives, it is time that the island makes proper use of the renewable energy. It is very easy and convenient to drive as well as charge, as the e2o can be charged from any 220 V, 15A power socket available at any household. Suitable for PC, LCD, LED TV, FAN, Light, Kitchen Mixer, RO water Purifier, water Pump below 1.5 hp etc.
But the confidence that an SUV instills on our potholed infested roads and the imposing presence makes these genres of car a desirable object on wheels. Other services, in this new price package, include 24X7 assistance and replacement car during the battery repair period. His high proficiency level has later enabled him to become the Managing Director and President of Ford India in the year 2005. Now to unveil the secret behind the increased power, the battery technology is new and the vehicle is constructed to absorb greater levels of charge. It was a breeze to just push the vehicle into condensed parking areas; the smoothness of electrically assisted system makes the entire process easy. The side profile of the e2o is heightened with great character line and a particularly unique style element that incorporates a crevice in the window line to make the little car stand out as a handsome one. The access to the rear seats are made by folding the front bucket seats, as there are no rear doors. The set up of 300 charge stations and an additional 100 is an effect strategy to boost customer sentiment. The new e20 Premium with the power to cover extra 120kms on single charge and zero percent emission is a revolutionary product and a boon to prevent life-threatening diseases like asthma. Mahindra e20 Premium has reverse parking camera and assist, driver information system, and infotainment system.
It will surely go international, for those interested in e20 Premium; it is a worthy purchase to explore the advancement of electric vehicle technology in new light. This premium variant of the Mahindra Reva e2o comes with an extended range of 120 kilometers on a single charge as well as electric power steering wheel for a more effortless and convenient drive experience. Apart from the enhanced range and power steering wheel, the new e2o premium variant will also come packed with several equipments such as an advanced infotainment system, driver’s information system, reverse parking camera as well as parking assist.
Mahindra is also building the entire infrastructure in India to promote the electric vehicle and as a result has put up about 300 charging stations across the country in the cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore. The faster charge technology of T2o is called Quick2Charge feature and was displayed at the prestigious 2014 Auto Expo.
What makes e20 not so appealing are the long charge hours, Mahindra Reva has lowered driving burden with T2o, it is certainly burdensome to have to charge your vehicle for hours before being able to drive it effectively. The very capable Mahindra e2o is also not selling as per the company’s expectations and the company is doing everything possible to increase the sales of the electric hatchback. With the added rear doors, even elderly passengers would easily access the e2o’s rear seats. The official unveiling of the all electric zero-emission Mahindra e2o car was really a proud moment for the Indian car major.
BE is constantly focusing on the enhancement of the energy efficiency, promoting sustainability, and increasing the usage of renewable energy in the island.
It had many firsts from Mahindra, transversely mounted engine, front wheel drive and monocoque chassis etc., to name a few. There is also an optional extended warranty scheme offered by Mahindra known as the shield warranty. Many felt that being plonked with a potent engine, Mahindra should have put better brakes on the XUV and premature brake pad wear was reported by some customers surveyed.
In terms of sheer value, practicality and road presence XUV is leaps and bounds ahead of them. The movement of steering is flexible and light, the transmission of power is smooth as well. The entire cabin looks smart, neat and chic, while offered enough headroom and legroom for the occupants. The e2o also comes with a smart technology that allows the owners to sync the car with their smartphone so that they can remain updated with information such as the car’s current battery status, closest charging stations, etc.
It was a double delight moment for Mahindra Reva with the showcasing of the additional T2o model and new Halo electric sports car. It is breather to be able to drive the pioneering T2o e20 and drive through 25km on back of 15 minute charge. XUV is not a jeep with car features bolted onto, yet it ticked all the right boxes what an aspirational middle class buyer wanted from a car.
Car has acres of interior space unlike the Scorpio especially in the first and second rows. It’s not a wannabe but a true blue UV with a perfect blend of sportiness and ruggedness to take on that occasional trip Off the Road. Moreover, this feature also allows the e2o’s owners to start the engine and also turn on the car’s A.C unit with their smartphones to facilitate great convenience in day to day life. Mahindra is also developing the electric versions of several other vehicles like the Verito sedan and the Maxximo minivan. In-short a butch looking SUV with go anywhere capability without compromising on the creature comforts of any modern sedan. Sources close to company representatives say, further information on T2o car will be exposed soon.
But it’s better to limit the usage of the third row for children or strictly for short distances.
The car is loaded with bucket loads of features like key less entry, push button start-stop, auto climate control and  tyre-tronics to name a few.

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