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Defective product design, and sales of defective products became business standard since about 2003. On the motherboard, the copper is directly exposed to the environment, missing tin or gold plating.
Behind the batteries there must be bribes, or a "27 years old HP scientist" with 3 years experience, the hot dog manager. The Broadcom's WiFi broadband communication card is significantly worse quality than the competition.

I experienced each time 3-4 months loss of productivity and programming worktime, waiting for the machine. HP refused to cooperate, communicate, and HP refused to answer any questions about total product recall. 10) Another cleaning technolgy is a try without the complete disassembly - take a vacuum cleaner, and suck the dust hidden under the keyboard pads from the top.
During the boot with external AC power supply pluged-in, the internal battery is discharged.

At least 10 class actions have been filed in federal courts against the Japanese and Korean companies Panasonic, LG, Sony, Samsung, Sanyo and Hitachi and their American subsidiaries, which are all based in California and New Jersey. Wrong selection and wrong processing of the plastic material due to sloven and lazy thinking.

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