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Northern Tool + Equipment, Generators, pressure washers, air compressors, power tools, trailers, heaters, stoves, food processing, go karts, and more! In the middle of building a battery charger from a computer power supply, I discovered numerous articles on battery desulfation and desulfators.
In the plot above the V(vbat) voltage is the battery voltage plus the voltage across the capacitor C1. Current through the battery, I(L5) = I(V1), is the inductor flyback current plus the current from the diode-bridge charging C1.
Since I wanted to try a desufonator, and wanted to have it supply a small charging current, and the CIP circuit seemed to do this with one less inductor than the standard desulfator circuit, I decided to model it in more detail (eventually,as I was currently working on building a bathroom, playing with LED flashlights, and working on two old cars). In the initial plot above, I had a transformer primary resistance of 5000 ohms that severely limited the output current capability. Now the circuit does looked more like the standard desufator circuit with a low-current charger attached.

The problem with the second plot is that it shows only 9 ms detween 27 and 36 ms after starting, it is not a stable circuit yet. The measurement circuit gets a reference voltage from the 555 timer for 5 seconds and compares it with the voltage across the battery. Q6 is a level shifter circuit that converts the battery voltage referened to the +voltage supply rail, into an equivalent voltage referenced to ground. I began modeling one of the circuits and playing around with the various ideas put forth in the desulfation forums.
I don't yet know if anything can be obtained from battery measurements at the planned time, as the battery voltage will likely just be the charger surface charge. It is a Everstart, from Walmart I think, and was fairly new when left to die in an unused Mustang for a year.
This page is a collection of simulations and commentary possibly leading up to a hardware project.

I will probably leave the measurement components off the circuit board until I can make some actual oscilloscope measurements. At -20 degrees, on a trip, with no voltmeter, you don't do much troubleshooting, so I just replaced the battery. I would like to be able to drop the charger offline, or go to a maintenance charge, using the measurement circuit.

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