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The Maha C808-M battery charger has been designed for the professional who needs the utmost in performance and reliability from a charger. The MH-C808M is designed with today's ultra high capacity C & D batteries in mind, featuring Rapid Charging Current.
The C808M's easy to understand LCD display shows you the charging status for each battery independently and in plain English, making it easy to see when your cells are charged and ready for use. Unlike other universal chargers, the Powerex MH-C808M uses rugged fixed contacts rather than cheap spring-loaded ones, enhancing product reliability. The MH-C808M provides you with the option to choose between a Soft Charge and a Fast Charge mode. The MH-C808M is embedded with a high-rate battery conditioner that will charge, deep-discharge and recharge batteries - automatically.

Duracell 6, 12, 25 AMP Battery Chargers: These Battery Chargers feature rapid charge technology for faster, more accurate charging, and do not require installation or set up. Braille Battery Chargers: Pick up your Braille Battery Chargers in 2-amp, 10-amp or multi-battery versions to fit your needs. This means that the Maha C808M can fully charge a 11,000mAh D battery in around 5 hours, while other products may take up to 40 hours to complete. The Soft mode delivers the highest battery life and allows 100% compatibility with older, lower capacity batteries, while the Fast Charge is perfect for those last-minute situations!
Now you can really put your batteries through their paces, without worrying about their condition!
The simple plug-and-charge solution makes these chargers ideal for extending and recharging all types of 12-volt lead acid batteries.  Most units are conveniently packaged in a hard plastic carrying case that makes these chargers portable and easy to use.

It will keep your ATV, snowmobile, motorcycle, personal watercraft, lawn tractor or other small-vehicle batteries charged when not in use, so they start when you need them.
Safety features include over-voltage and over-temperature protection for safe, simple operation in any situation. Braille Battery Chargers are designed to extend the life of your battery and make it easy to keep a full charge. All Braille Battery Chargers feature reverse polarity protection, so that you won’t cause damage if you accidentally hook it up backwards. The 7th generation Powerex microprocessor features a 0.001V resolution and eight independent 'channels', delivering just the right charge to get the most out of your rechargeable batteries.

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