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Editor-In-Chief: I've worked in app development and marketing where my passion for gadgets grew exponentially. ??????? ?? ?? PCMag, ? ????????????? ??? ????????? ?? ??????? ?????? ??? ????? ????? ??? ??? ????? ??? ???????? ??? ??????? ??? ????????, ??? ??? ?????? ? ??????? ???????????? ????? ???? ??? ?? 80% ??? ???????, ???? ? ??????? ?? ?????? ?? ???????? ?? ??????????. Galaxy S5 doesn’t skimp on battery power, with an expected 10 hours of web browsing and 12 hours of video playback on a single charge. Now many of the people are thinking that the built in status of the Samsung Galaxy S6’s battery means that it is non-removable. All you need is your Galaxy S6, tweezers, a hair dryer, a micro Phillips head screwdriver, a spudger tool, an intimate knowledge of electrical engineering and an hour to spare. Moreover you have to eject the SIM tray, heat up the battery door with the help of the hair dryer, draw off the battery door with a suction cup and then separate the door with a case-opening tool. Finally after this you will have to undo 13 screws, heat up the LCD assembly, pry open the charging chip flex ribbons and then pull off the front facing camera connector, ear speaker connector and the battery connector. So the Samsung Galaxy S6 seems to be an amazing smartphone no doubt but battery convenience isn’t actually what the smartphone provides. But there are a few serious complaints being voiced by a vocal minority, and the lack of a battery that can be swapped out by the user is among the biggest. If you care about your warranty and aren’t at least a little bit savvy when it comes to working with your hands, you should probably stop reading right now. ETrade Supply has put together a nice step-by-step guide complete with photos, a list of all the tools you’ll need, and detailed instructions.
The entire process should take about 15 to 20 minutes at most, and you’ll find all of the details by following the link below in our source section.
Sitting at airport, portfolio brexit'd, social media mgr next to me talking social media strategy for past 20 min. The mode will also automatically disable mobile data when the screen is turned off, and disable both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
Many people compare the Samsung Galaxy S III to the Apple iPhone 4S because they are very similar. The CPU is responsible for processing data, and it is used for opening and running apps, loading documents and a lot of other tasks.
The iPhone 4S has a proprietary charger that you can only use if you buy it direct from Apple.
Many people think the iPhone is the best smartphone brand on the market, but that isn’t true. Follow the following steps to change or insert a new SIM card into your Samsung Galaxy S5 device.
Using your thumb or finger, lift up the back cover using the small notch at the top-left of the phone. If the battery is already in the phone, you need to remove it before inserting the SIM card. Line up the battery cover hinge with the designated holes inside the phone, then push the cover down until it clicks into place.

Well you will have to compromise on something now in order to get such an amazing smartphone. The premium Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge are easily the two most impressive smartphones Samsung has ever made. As far as tools go, you’ll likely be able to substitute any specialty items with things you have lying around the house. While most Android devices available today have some sort of battery-saving feature, Samsung went above and beyond with its latest flagship device. Ultra power-saving modeEnable the Galaxy S5's ultra power saving mode to get the most out of your battery.
These can be re-enabled in the settings menu by pressing the three-dot icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen. These options can be found in the Google Location Reporting menu under the Location Services option.
Both smartphones are popular, and both are multifunctional devices that can be used for a variety of purposes. If you want to save more files, then you need to upgrade to another iPhone with more storage. These chargers are somewhat expensive, and you can only get them through Apple if you need a new one. If this happens with the iPhone, then you will have to take it to an Apple store to get it fixed.
Using your thumb or finger, lift up the battery via the small notch at the bottom of the battery compartment. Featuring all glass and aluminum housings and cutting-edge components, they can outperform every rival and look fantastic doing it. Samsung claims that when the device is fully charged, this mode will give your phone up to 12.5 days of battery life. BrightnessMost people keep their phone's brightness on auto mode, but you may not know that this can actually be worse for your battery.
This means that you can quickly download files, websites, apps and movies for your Samsung device.
If you have ever used an iPhone, then you have probably noticed that it slowed down if you had three or more apps open at once.
This really isn’t the fast, and much like with the RAM, you will likely notice digital hiccups if you are a power user. While most tube videos are converting to HTML5, there are still many websites that use Flash. The phone can last longer under standard conditions, and the Galaxy S3 is better equipped for extensive use conditions like using several apps or playing 3D games. This means that you have to pay for the battery, labor and you need to wait while it is fixed.
If you want a device that has a good amount of power and features, then ditch the iPhone and pick up the Samsung Galaxy S3.

When enabled, this mode can be used to block background app data, limit the phone's performance, reduce the screen frame rate, lower the brightness, and even change the display to grayscale. In fact, with only 10 percent of battery life remaining, enabling ultra power-saving mode can make your phone last for another 24 hours. Auto mode will automatically adjust your screen's brightness based on the conditions around you.
That might come as a surprise because of the iPhone’s popular perception as the best smartphone in existence, but read on to find out why the Galaxy S3 is really the better device. While the Galaxy S3 has a relatively small internal storage space, you can easily enhance it by using a MicroSD card. The Galaxy S3 has four 1.4GHz processors, and this makes the Samsung about 350 percent faster with processing speeds.
If you like movies, apps or actually seeing what’s on the screen, then the Galaxy S3 clearly wins in this department. These cords are much less expensive, and you are more likely to have a spare one available if one cord breaks.
This mode will greatly enhance your battery life without reducing your phone's capabilities by that much. This will use Wi-Fi and your mobile network to estimate your location, rather than the phone's GPS.
The mode utilizes the phone's sensors, which, because they're in use all the time, actually drains your battery more rapidly than adjusting your brightness manually. You get a full 1GB of RAM, and this allows you to easily run several different apps simultaneously without any digital hiccups to keep you from working or having fun. If you are tired of going to media sites just to see that you cannot play videos or games, then the Galaxy S3 will be a refreshing change. Since it does limit your phone's processing power, however, I recommend disabling it before playing any games or using any CPU-intensive apps.
Auto mode will also sometimes leave your display at a level that is too bright for your environment. In addition to changing your display to grayscale, the mode will limit you to using only select apps like the Phone, Messages, Internet, Emergency Alerts, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and a few others. In most cases -- being outside on a sunny day not being one of them -- you don't need to have the brightness maxed out.
To save your battery, I recommend turning the brightness level down to somewhere below halfway, or to a level that is acceptable for your eyes.

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