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When I go for shopping a notebook or netbook, my primary concern is to find a laptop that can be used as long as possible without using the AC power outlet.
CPU and HDD temperature reading – BatteryCare constantly monitors your CPU and hard drive temperature, either in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. Automatic power plans switching – Depending on the power source of the computer, BatteryCare can automatically select the power plan you prefer. Notification area information – It features a compact popup with the essential information you need to quickly monitor. Auto-updates – No need to trouble in downloading new installers, when a new version is available, the program updates itself.
Lightweight in the system – Given the concern about the battery optimization, BatteryCare does not interfere with the system performance. Battery Care has two main sections one for basic information and the other for detailed information. BatteryCare can help you completely discharge your battery and then recharge it again to calibrate your notebook battery for improved performance.
So get hold of Battery Care freeware, if you want detailed information about your installed battery and want to improve the battery performance.
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Sony Vaio Battery care function increases your battery life time and battery back up in the long run by limiting the max capacity of the battery to 80% or 50%.
Battery life will be about 80% of the one of the fully charged battery, however, this mode prevents battery degradation and is more effective if you usually use the computer with battery power. Take Vaio Control Center (from Control panel or by typing Vaio Control Center in the start menu).
If your computer is charged to 100%, unplug from the power source, and let the battery go below 80%. Laptops are widely used now-a-days and so many people don’t know how to take good care of its most important element, the battery.

This post has been updated to explain how to monitor laptop’s battery performance in Windows 8.
The main window  will provide very useful statistical information about your laptop’s battery with it’s eye-candy user interface. The Basic Information tab lets you view the basic details like Current battery capacity, Battery status, Battery remaining time and discharge cycle information.
Clicking the system tray icon lets you switch between High Performance, Balanced and Power Saver battery power profiles. You can grab the latest updates for BatteryCare from the Updates button, the Settings button lets you customize the display information. It is lightweight tool and consumes minimal resources, almost 1% of processor and memory resources. AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems. When the configured number of discharge cycles is reached, a notification balloon pops up to remind that a full discharge is required. Shows all the detailed information about the battery, such as wear level, capacities, consumption, manufacturer, etc. Once the laptop stops running on batteries, the theme is re-enabled and the stopped services are restored. The basic information shows the battery charge capacity, the remaining battery time and the battery status. It does not indicate that the app was specifically designed for that particular age, or if a certain level of skill is required to play the game or use the app.
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One of the important things on using a laptop while travelling is that if you do not optimize your battery usage, it might go out much faster than expected.
It is recommended to discharge the battery to less than 80% by using the computer with battery power. BatteryCare is a freeware tool which accurately monitors the battery performance of your system and provides useful information such as total capacity, voltage, CPU temperature, and the manufacturer’s information.
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Even though your notebook battery has a longer discharge cycle, you can still improve its performance using the free Battery Care software.

The detailed information shows the model number and various kinds of charge capacities for the installed battery. Unlike Windows which only reports how much percentage of battery charge is remaining, Battery Care shows you how many more hours your battery can keep your laptop running.
Optimizing battery usage means reducing the power consumption by reducing the screen brightness, disabling aero etc. The backup would be lower in the beginning, but in the long run average battery backup would be more. For Windows users, the Imtec Battery Marker is also a cool tool for monitoring the laptop’s battery life and for Linux users, PowerTop does the same job. Battery Care is a software created to optimize the usage and performance of a typical battery that come inside a modern laptop. It monitors the discharge cycles of the battery and helps increasing its autonomy and helps improve its lifetime. BatteryCare constantly monitors your CPU and hard drive temperature and also the discharge cycles on your battery. BatteryInfo:By default Windows has only a small battery icon in the Taskbar as capacity display.
The battery symbol can display additional information like current power consumption or the remaining time.A 3. AeroFoil:Aerofoil is a small tray utility for Windows Vista and Windows 7 to automatically disable the Windows Aero Glass interface, and optionally switch Windows Power Plans, Windows Sidebar and sound off when your notebook computer runs on battery. BatteryEater:Battery Eater is a freeware tool which allows you to test your battery performance and benchmark it.
Battery Eater starts the test on your battery until the power is completely drained from battery and benchmarks it.6. Battery Meter:Mioplanet Battery Meter is a light but full featured battery monitor for your laptop and UMPC.

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