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In addition to all the leaked bits and pieces, supposedly belonging to the iPhone 5, we now have a photo of what is speculated to be the smartphone's battery. Of course, Apple could have used its witchcraft to make the LTE radio inside the iPhone 5 less power-hungry than we might think, which could potentially eliminate the need for a bigger battery.
I think that (Patent) is the reason why phone manufacturers don't use that amount of battery capacity. Alright correct me if im wrong but how in the hell is a 4 inch phone gonna last long with a 1440 mAh battery????
I don't think it will actually have a quad-core processor (that would cut into Apple's high iPhone profit margins).
I understand what you want to say, you want to say that consumptions are different, but I don't think that new iPhone will be eating less than Nokia N95 8GB. Yes exactly, If apple was able to upgrade the iPhone without the need of more battery, good for them.
Tesla Motors was the first automaker to sell a production electric vehicle based on lithium ion batteries, the Tesla Roadster. Lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries feature high energy density, high capacity, light weight and high power. 3M Versaflo 300 PAPR high capacity Lithium Ion battery, with a battery life of 8 to 12 hours.
Battery Life: 8-12 hours (Estimated time based on testing with a new battery and a new clean filter at 68 degrees F. PPE Return Policy: Due to the hazardous nature of using personal protective equipment, this product is not eligible for return.

Besides, this is just a rumor we are dealing with here, and this battery pack could not be meant for the next iPhone at all.
Latest example are their AirPlay Mirroring in OS X Mountain Lion, only mac purchase from 2011 onwards will have that feature.
The battery can last 13 hours with CPU tuner tweak that under clock the phone to 300Mhz during idle. Apple has always favored battery life over speed that's one reason the 4S didn't have Lte and the A5 processor in it is under-clocked to 800 MHz. Current Roadster owners as well as other prospective electric vehicle owners are interested to know how these batteries will hold up over time and miles.It's still pretty early in the game. LED lights on the battery indicate its charge status, both on and off the charger - great for quick identification in emergency situations. According to its labeling, the battery has been manufactured in June of 2012, which lines up nicely with the rumored iPhone 5 release in September.However, something does not seem quite right.
When technology has reached to 3300mAh there is no acceptable excuse to use less than that.
Tesla Motors tells us that we should expect to have our battery packs holding 70% of their original capacity after 5 years or 100,000 miles. For use with the 4-Station Battery Charger (HM5804) or Single Station Battery Charger (HM5801). The oldest Roadsters are a bit over three years old and some vehicles are getting up into the 30,000+ mile range.How are the battery packs holding up so far? We all know that LTE smartphones tend to be battery hogs, which is why their makers put bigger batteries in them.

I've collected data from 20 owners in the Pacific Northwest to get an approximate idea of our batteries are performing.Before we dive into the results, I should explain a bit about how battery capacity is instrumented on the Roadster. Standard mode charges up to about 90% of the pack's capacity and holds the bottom 10% of the capacity in reserve. Range mode fully charges the battery pack and shows the full range available, including the bottom 10%. The range is shown in two ways, "Ideal Range" and "Estimated Range." Estimated range states the range based on recent driving history and so can't be compared across vehicles. I interpret this graph to show that for this set of vehicles, individual variation between cars is larger than the pack degradation over approximately 30,000 miles.
For range mode, the variation between cars is as much as 15 ideal miles between cars with comparable mileage, while the linear trend shows a drop of only 5 ideal miles across 30,000 miles of driving.
For standard mode, the variation between cars of comparable mileage is under 10 ideal miles while the trend line shows a drop of perhaps 6 ideal miles.Lithium ion batteries lose capacity over time even if you don't use them.
I'd like to collect more data to confirm these trends and also separate the effects of time and miles. Most of the Roadsters in this set are in the relatively mild coastal climate of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia.

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