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If I do install the Big 3 I need some help I'm a little intimidated by the hood of this new car. Before you get started ? locate your security code for your radio ? If you do not have the code ? get one of those 9 volt battery back-ups that plug into the cigarette lighter that will maintain power to the radio. Remove the old battery ? Using a 11mm open or boxed end wrench loosen the clamps on the battery terminal.
Install the Positive clamp to the battery and tighten ? then repeat with the negative terminal.
The good news is that the noise is usually fixed by lubricating the starter motor internals. My question is will I get my full output but running the RCA from my new sub amp to the old speaker wire for the sub? Loosen the ground terminal clamp first and slip it off the terminal ? this reduces the chance of shorting the wrench on the positive terminal.
Next using a box end wrench remove the two 13mm nuts at the top of the bracket and then remove the bracket.
Remember that your mileage information will be gone from the central display ? except for the actual car odometer.

Separate the battery platform from the cable tray support, and remove it from the engine bay by tilting it up and pulling it out.
Next, loosen but do not remove the lower starter motor bolt with a 18 mm open end wrench or socket.
Still from underneath the vehicle, remove the stud nut on the upper starter motor bolt with a 13 mm socket. Looking on top of the starter motor, remove the upper connector by pressing down on the connector tab and sliding the connector off the cable bracket. In order to remove the positive terminal wire to the starter motor, you will need to pry off the small black terminal cap with a medium blade screwdriver. Finally, remove the lower starter motor bolt while supporting the starter motor with your other hand. With the gear train extended, lubricate the inner helical gear with a Q-tip and synthetic grease.
Reinstall the casing around the bottom of the starter, making sure you align the bolt holes properly.
Once reassembled, I dripped a little synthetic gear oil on the large spur gear at the end of the starter for lubrication.

From underneath the car, slide the cable bracket onto the upper stud and tighten the 13 mm nut until tight. Slide the battery platform into its place in the engine bay and install the four 10 mm bolts. Fit the plastic battery housing into its appropriate spot and tighten the 10 mm housing bolt until tight.
You can see the battery hold down bolt placed back into the first hole on the battery support bracket in the photo below.
You can see here that the Optima is smaller than the OEM battery and is using the second hole of the support bracket.
This seems the easiest way but wasnt sure if I was going to have volume control problems or whatever.

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