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Whichever method you use, the type of battery that you’ll need is going to depend on your car’s make and model. If you don’t want to worry about picking out the wrong battery, you could go online and find a website that provides car battery information for each car’s make and model, or you could go to the auto store and let them install a new car battery.
Everybody loves their cars, and most people just want their cars to be well looked after and loved. So, if you’re vacationing in New York and looking for car rental deals, you need look no further than Brooklyn. One of the few problems with installing an aftermarket sound system in your car is that your battery can have problems keeping up with the new power demands. When faced with this problem, you have two options: replace your stock battery with an aftermarket battery or to install a second battery in your car to power your sound system.
Factory batteries are not designed to power your aftermarket system and a big reason why aftermarket electronic devices fail is due to a lack of power.
Aftermarket batteries are engineered for higher, more efficient power output to ensure your system is getting enough juice.
When looking for an aftermarket car battery, it is important to know what you’re intending to use it for. An absorbed glass matte battery (AGM) is specifically designed to stand up to repeated draining and recharging cycles better than standard batteries. Cranking Amps: Cranking Amps refers to the electric current the battery is capable of, the greater the number, the more powerful the battery is. Amperage: Amperage measures the rate at which an electric charge passes through the battery.
Adding a second battery to your vehicle electrical system isn’t the only way to upgrade it. After spending all the time, energy and money on an aftermarket sound system, it would be a crime to not let it reach its full potential. Shop BatteriesShop Car BatteriesBrowse the entire selection of car batteries at Sonic Electronnix.
Most drivers never learn how to jump start a car battery until after the first time the jump start is needed. Everyone should know how to start a car battery for the inevitable event when you become stranded with a dead vehicle.
Prior to jump starting your car, it is a good idea to get it off the main road and into a safe place where you don't have to worry about passing traffic.
So if you live where it’s cold, you need a car battery with more cold cranking amps than you do where its moderate or hot.  You should always get at least as many cold cranking amps as the manufacturer recommends, but may want to upgrade if you live where it gets real cold. Now with all this talk of cold temperatures, it’s important to note that heat is the real enemy of long battery life.  In other words, the damage that’s done over the hot summer months shows up with the increased demands on the battery when the weather turns cold.
Reserves are also needed when you make very short trips.  You’re not driving long enough for the battery to recover the energy it used to start the engine. A car battery is a big ticket item, so the warranty gives piece of mind.  Be sure to ask about the warranty so you know what you’re getting. The car battery is needed to power the starter motor, the lights, and the ignition system of a vehicle. You should be able to find the battery group size in the manual as well as the rest of the information that you are going to need. This lets us know the amount of amps the battery can put out before needing to be recharged.

Go to the auto store or the automotive section of a store like Wal-Mart and pick out a battery that meets all of the above specifications of your car battery.
After having a professional put the right one in, you won’t have to ask, what battery fits my car? This often results in dimming headlights and flickering lights inside your car with the beat of your music. A lack of power results in lower voltage, increased current and excess heat which can cause your system to burn up and fail.
These batteries are made up of lead plates inside of a solution of water and sulfuric acid.
Aftermarket batteries are sealed, which gives them a much longer lifespan due to the complete containment of the fluids inside. Many aftermarket batteries can be used as either replacement for your car’s starter battery or as a secondary battery.
One of the biggest advantages of an AGM battery is that the acid is absorbed by a fine fiberglass mat, making them spill proof. These batteries are designed specifically to deliver the quick, large burst of power needed to start your vehicle’s engine. Just add up the total wattage of your equipment and find a battery that matches cranking amps. Amp hours refer to the capacity of the battery and are calculated by multiplying the current flow in amps by the time in hours of discharge.
Secondary batteries are usually installed in the back of your vehicle You’re going to need to install a battery isolator with your second battery. Other upgrades to your vehicle charging system include the big 3 upgrade, adding capacitors and installing a high output alternator. This upgrades the alternator positive cable, negative battery cable and the chassis grounding cable to thick 0 gauge wire for maximum current transfer. Capacitors don’t increase power capacity, but they do lessen power demands by providing short bursts of power when needed. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. If it doesn't start right away, leave the connections alone and give it another shot in 5 minutes or so. And finally make sure to check out our Batteries 101 Guide for more information on automotive batteries & battery maintenance. A higher rating of cold cranking amps just gives you a larger reservoir of power to draw from while cranking. If you’ve lost your owner’s manual, you can also remove the battery and check the label for the majority of this information. This lets you know how many amps can be accessed during a 30 second period of time before the battery fails.
Even the most modestly powered sound systems can put too much stress on your car’s battery. They are not sealed, which allows you to replace evaporated water and electrolytes to prolong the batteries life, but once it is fully discharged it can’t be recharged.
Because of the design of a sealed battery, they are also maintenance free and will never spill or leak. However, some batteries are designed only be used as a secondary power source for your system and will not provide the necessary power to function as a starter battery.

AGM batteries are maintenance free, provide exceptional reliability and are considerably lighter than flooded lead acid batteries. Once your engine has started, the battery will supply a much lower amount of power to keep the engine running and to operate the electrical systems in your car. Deep cycle batteries are not intended to be used as starter batteries because they do not provide the same power surge that a starter battery can. Having a batter isolator installed ensures that the starting battery has enough power to start the engine if the secondary battery is drained. Most stock alternators put out about 80-120 amps of power whereas aftermarket alternators can reach well over 300 amps. It is always advisable to carry jumper cables in your car for just such an event, that way you won't be forced to rely on others, with the exception of using another car to get yours running.
Lastly, you want to turn off any accessories, lights or other electrical drains on both vehicles. This post should either have a red cover on it or a "+" symbol to indicate it is the positive one. If your battery is fully drained it is a good idea to let the booster car idle for ten minutes or so.
Once the vehicles are started, let them idle together for a minute or two before removing the clamps. Remember not to shut off your car and let it run for a half hour to allow the alternator to charge your battery.
A committed advocate for automotive media professionals, Nick serves as president of Greater Atlanta Automotive Media Association. A down side of lead-acid batteries is that they can spill or leak corrosive battery acid and also require more maintenance. Examples of aftermarket battery designs include deep cycle batteries and Absorbed Glass Matte batteries. Starter batteries discharge a very small portion of their capacity with each use, which gives them an incredibly long lifespan.
To accomplish this, a battery isolator divides Direct Current (DC) into multiple branches and only allows current to travel in one direction in each branch. Open the hoods of both cars and inspect your cables for corrosion and to make sure they are not loose.
Battery chargers are also available to keep your aftermarket battery powering your system for years to come. This allows for multiple batteries to be charged from a single power source (the alternator in your car) without connecting the battery terminals together in parallel. This prevents situations where a weak or dead battery will drain the charge from a strong battery when they are connected.
Prior to moving on it is a good idea to double check all of the clamps to ensure that they haven't come loose.

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