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I need to rescue something that doesn’t fit into a tupperware dish – dogs here I come!
I wanted to check up on the little Delhi street dog with the leg scar that had followed me the other day. I went to visit the shelter and Tammy bounded up to me perfectly happy despite the large strapping on her legs that had been put on to treat the wound. Tammy is going to be cared for until she recovers and then they’ll look to find her a new life.

As per usual you can buy any prints from this blog according to the sizes of the prints here, marking your donation TAMMY so I can make sure it gets to them. Hi Martin you are amazing and reading about the dog meat trade just makes me weep, so much love dogs could give if they have the chance. OPzV2-3000 2v 3000ah gel battery 2v3000ah sealed lead acid battery colloid batteryOpzv Series Bosfa Opzv Series Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries are designed with a proven combination of GEL and Tubular technologies to offer a very  high lever of reliability. 12v battery Solar12-230 valve regulated lead acid battery 12v230ah solar battery 12v 230ah ups batteValve-regulated Lead Acid solar battery use particular alloy and material technology design to ensure a excellent performance in various environments, especially high and low temp. Whereever you go in the world there is a level of brutality to some dogs that is hard to understand.

Just donated what I could but took me a while to spot your Donate now thingy how about making that button way and maybe red too also we normally scan pages read left to right so top left would be unmissable!

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