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Crocodile leads simply clip to the battery terminals and are suitable for worktop charging.
An additional cigarette lighter socket with cap for general accessories, plastic plug cover and 1.2 metres of connection cable. Auxiliary power cable allows you to connect your motorcycle battery (eyelet connectors) with a 12v socket, ideal for phone chargers, GPS, etc.
Uzywanie „Odswiez” lub przyciskow „Wstecz” w przegladarce moze spowodowac zduplikowanie sie wpisow dotyczacych zamowienia.
There are several factors which can cause a battery to fail, the most common is leaving a conventional battery in a discharged state for an extended period of time.

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The socket can be fixed to the vehicle's body panel by drilling a 18mm hole and securing with the supplied lock nut.
The socket can be fixed to the vehicle's body panel by drilling a 28mm hole, and securing with the supplied lock nut. Every time the battery is deeply discharged, some of the active material drops off of the plates and falls to the bottom of the battery case. Zmiany w zamowieniu mozna dokonywac w dowolnym momencie, klikajac na przycisk „Pokaz zamowienie”.

W momencie zawarcia zamowienia zostaniecie przekierowani do na bezpieczny serwer celem ulatwienia transakcji.
Podane ceny zawieraja podatek VAT 23% , ktory zostanie odjety przy podsumowaniu zamowienia dla krajow spoza UE.

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