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Use the cloth scouring pad to rub the baking soda paste into the mark left by the battery acid. Once you’ve sanded the mark away, restore color by applying new stain to the surface. If you only need to stain a small amount of surface, you may be able to achieve excellent results with a Wood Finish Stain Marker. With rust removal Gutterdogs understands what it is, and how to safely remove the rust like it was never there to begin with.
The process for removing diesel fuel from concrete will often work for battery acid as well.

You won’t be able to hide or repair depressions left in the wood by overzealous sanding. Removal techniques for either type are limited, but with any luck, these steps will clear the marks away.
If you have rust stains, fertilizer or battery acid stains on any surface we can safely remove it, with no damage to the surface, and this cleaning last longer than any other method. Extending the analysis to lead acid batteries, Dr.Through the automotive ages, when a guy works on his car (in the garage) and he has to remove the battery, does he pick up the heavy thing, lift it high and put it on a flimsy shelf where it can break the shelf or fall off of it? Once again the trick is knowing the surface, AND knowing what it is you want to remove from that surface.

AND knowing how to remove it safely with out damaging that surface, AND the longest cleaning effect possable. Fenix`s lab testers dropped the battery onto concrete from three feet above, sprayed it with salt water, blasted it UV rays, ran it through thousands of cycles a€” and it still stayed intact and leak free.

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