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Battery jars are simply a straight sided round or square glass jar which was used to house a conductive solution of either acid or copper sulfate. Although Thomas Edison patented the solid nickel-iron battery in 1903, there are many Edison wet cell jars in existence as well as Edison battery oil jars.  See the Wikipedia page on battery history for more information. We are not entirely sure of the nature of the demand – it is probably a combination of collectors who specialize in battery jars as well as enthusiasts of 19th century history and re-enactments. You might think that battery oil is for lubricating the moving parts of battery jars, but there are no moving parts!

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It has no cracks but they is a couple of chips and rough spots around the edge but still shows well. It is stamped on the front with Pyrex T M Reg US Patten Off Made in the USA 50006 and it has a lone 6 stamped at the top.

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