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Because remnants of the dermis survive, these burns are often capable of healing in 2 to 3 weeks. Perform safety system check to make sure the electronic safety interlock circuit is functioning properly. Remove and discard the RED positive (+) protective cap from the positive (+) battery terminal. You can collect it whit a clean plastic sheet as funnel, and a clean plastic barrel as container. It is only my guess to compare the weight of brand new battery, which probably will be not available, and the old one. The guy who gave me it said he thinks he accidentally boiled off some water while charging.

They are both underneath a porous disc and look like your vents, but there are only two of them. I also can maintain a 14.8 volts in a 12 v lead acid battery, downsize the alt, or eliminate it all together.
I filled it just as stated here and charged it with my power supply set to 14 volts current-limited to 1.5 amps, the voltage and current that was specified on the battery label. Last year, my aunt got a used electric mini motocross bike, the batteries wouldn't charge, and I made the $60 mistake of suggesting that she buy new ones. I was using a car battery charger with dual rates, but I think that charger couldn't handle the resistance of the newly added water (I think I over-filled it).
So I hooked my battery to a 12V regulated power supply for about 30 minutes so the battery's voltage could reach about 11v.

Then I immediately set my AC6 charger to 1.5A of charge current and connected it to the battery.
The AC6 took 368 minutes to pump 9000mAh into that battery [overnight, so I couldn't check it all the time], evaporated the excess water, and magically saved me $35!

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