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The left side of Zakia's face is completely missing - corrosive battery acid burnt away her nose, eye and cheek.It took just a second for her husband to throw the fluid in her face and destroy her life forever.
Over time, the scar tissue is becoming more uncomfortable through tightening, pulling against her mouth and making it difficult for her to eat or drink and even smile at her children.A Most of the time the 39-year-old is too afraid to leave the house, and when she does she wears an black niqab and sunglasses. Finally her mother-in-law took a match and set her on fire, leaving her to writhe in agony on the floor of her home.Her 'crime' was daring to leave the family home with her children and then returning.
But he manages to replace some of the scar tissue with a recently developed artificial skin.The Acid Survivors Trust International (ASTI) estimates there are approximately 1,500 acid attacks a year globally. The charity states acid violence is a worldwide phenomenon that is not restricted to a particular race, religion or geographical location. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
ONE of the two British teenage charity workers injured in a horrific acid attack in Zanzibar will need a skin graft, her family revealed today.
A Michigan man whose beloved husky was attacked with battery acid has pushed for the state to create a registry of animal abusers.
The incident took place in March 2011, but it took over a year to gather last year, but it took time for the bills to gain enough political momentum to be put into action. Logan was released from the vet and treated with medication which eventually helped ease the spread of the damage. The girls are at home, and injuries of one of the teenage girls attacked with acid were made worse when desperate helpers threw dirty water over her, it has emerged. Julie Aftab is only 26-years-old, but she’s seen more trauma and tragedy than most individuals her age.
In a recent interview with The Houston Chronicle, Aftab recounts the events that led to the vicious assault she faced at the tender age of 16. Eventually, the man left — but he came back less than an hour later to up the ante on his attacks.
In a description reported by The Daily Mail, Aftab’s teeth began to fall out and her esophagus was substantially burned.
Inevitably, the hospital turned her away and, as her family desperately sought treatment for her, others did as well. Doctors thought the young woman was bound to die, but she survived after nearly one year in the hospital. Aftab and her parents went to a nondenominational bishop in Pakistan, who said he would try to help. He gave her one piece of advice before she left Pakistan in 2004: “If you forgive them,” he said, “your wound will heal without any medication. Today, she lives on and is rebuilding the pieces of her life that were taken away from her so savagely. Upon arriving in Texas, the Ervin family, locals who had heard about her plight, took her in and taught her English. Now, she calls her scars “my jewel, my gift from God.” This month, she is scheduled to take her citizenship test and she is continuing her studies as an accounting major at the University of Houston-Clear Lake — truly a story of triumph over tragedy.
Brass-Knuckled Teen Delivers Brutal, Blindside Punch to 12-Year-Old's Head for 'Running His Mouth.' It May Cost Him 20 Years in Prison. Activist Yusuf Abramjee has accepted the apology of the head of student affairs at a Christian schoola€s which sent a letter to parents that was seen as Islamophobic. As a cold front is sweeping up from the Cape tempers have heated up at Beitbridge when South African traders staged a five-hour blockade. US Attorney General Loretta Lynch will accept the recommendations of career prosecutors and investigators on whether or not to bring charges against Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton over her email use, a Justice Department official said on Friday. A farmer has been appointed as the new director general of the Department of Agriculturea€s Forestry and Fisheriesa€s the department said on Friday. Ajax Cape Town have put in an offer to sign 25-year-old Thabo Mosadi from the University of Pretoriaa€s coach Roger de Sa said on Friday. The Bulls are bracing themselves for a tough battle with the a€?ill-disciplineda€? Jaguares in Buenos Aires on Saturday night.
It would be no surprise if more South Africans in the post-isolation era had been to watch football at Old Trafford than to play a test at the cricket ground of the same name.

Four-times major winner Rory McIlroy has pulled out of the historic golf tournament at the Rio Olympic Games because of health fears over the Zika virus. Madison Keys, the woman tipped as the most likely American successor to the Williams sisters, powered to a 6-4 4-6 6-3 victory against Kirsten Flipkens in the second round of Wimbledon yesterday.
Red Bull team chief Christian Horner is confident his team will improve on their recent poor form in this weekend's Austrian Grand Prix at their 'home' track, the Red Bull Ring. Reigning champion Chris Froome and his Sky team could barely hide their excitement ahead of tomorrow's Tour de France start in Normandy. The official trailer for a new local film, Sy Klink Soos Lente, has been released - and if it's anything to go by, viewers are in for treat.
Sunday Times and Delta Airlines are giving away three pairs of plane tickets to any American city. A diet that includes three daily servings of whole grains appears to help people live longer, including by reducing the rates of death from heart disease and cancer, according to findings.
25-year-old Humphrey Khoza was drinking with friends at a tavern in Cork village near Hazyview, Mpumalanga on January 17 when his 17-year-old girlfriend attacked him.
Khoza’s girlfriend claimed she attacked him because he filmed them having sex without her knowledge. If the genders were switched, nobody would be sympathetic towards the male and say his actions were justified. It occurs in many countries in South-East Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, the West Indies and the Middle East, and there is anecdotal evidence of attacks in other regions. Two bills, dubbed 'Logan's Law' after the dog that inspired it, were introduced in the Michigan House of Representatives because of the petition started by dog owner Matt Falk. That said, the intense dosages did different kinds of damage to the older dog's internal organs, specifically it's liver and kidneys.
Now, following a social media campaign that reached out to animal lovers across the state, the two bills will require people convicted of animal abuse to sign up with a state-wide registry.
Friends suggested they could have been targeted because they are Jewish, and local police said they wanted to speak to a radical Islamic preacher who could have inspired the attack.It was not the first time the girls were assaulted. When he arrived at the destination he had chosen, he very suddenly wrapped the string round the drivers neck and strangled him.
I thought it was very difficult in the UK to get hold of even mild chemicals like dilute acid because of the fear that they might be used by terrorists. So what do you suggest for such brutal cts manfred"Well, not if it leads to saying things that you honestly do not mean, and then having your words used against you by unnamed individuals who would want nothing more than FFI members to spout extremist garbage.
Ten years ago, while she was living in Pakistan and working as an operator in a tiny office, she was brutally attacked with acid. One day, while she was working at an office in Pakistan, she recalls a man coming in and asking if she was a Christian (he noticed a cross necklace she was wearing). He promptly threw a bottle of battery acid on the teenager, burning her face and body instantly.
As she sought help in the streets outside of the office, a woman poured water over her and took her to the hospital. But her survival — seeing as she was an open Christian who denied Islam — was lamented by many. He took her in, contacted Shriners Hospitals for Children, and arranged for her treatment in Houston. Initially, she was angry, wondering why God would allow such a horrific event to happen to her. Doctors, too, pitched in on donated time to reconstruct her face and to provide the treatment she needs. Khoza said that although the video ended up on social media, he wasn’t the one who posted it.
I also think it’s wrong that the video ended up on social media, however that happened. There is never a good reason to physically or emotionally attack somebody no matter what their gender is, and society needs to change its views to reflect this belief. Mr Falk was pushed into action when he came out of his house in Goodells, Michigan to let his 11-year-old husky out of his outdoor kennel, only to find that someone had attacked the dog overnight.

They would be barred from adopting animals from shelters.a€?Even though Logans attack was a terrible thing, we have a chance to turn this into something positive for animals all over the state, maybe even the country. Miss Gee had told friends she was assaulted in the street by a Muslim woman two weeks earlier, apparently for singing during Ramadan.
The attackers, who did not take anything from their victims, left the scene on the motorbike, he said.
And we need batteries.That picture on the right, is that one of the girls or is it another victim?
When she responded “yes,” he began to yell at her, claiming that she was hell-bound for refusing to embrace Islam.
When she tried to escape, a second man grabbed her her and poured the dangerous substance down her throat. Aftab couldn’t speak or move her arms, she was missing an eye and eyelids and the majority of her esophagus was burned. The attack was so bad that her teeth could be seen through the space where her cheek once resided.
Although Khoza was advised to press charges, he declined because she is young and he doesn’t want to destroy her future. I’m not sure what the laws are in South Africa, but appropriate legal action should be taken. Just as parents need to teach their sons to respect women, they also need to teach their daughters to respect men.
Every fire starts from a single spark,a€™ Mr Falk said on the petition for the cause. A project worker said the teenagers – both from privileged backgrounds in north London – were also involved in a heated argument with a shopkeeper days before the acid attack in the capital, Stone Town, on Wednesday night, the final night of Ramadan.Girls should be warned before they do charity work in Islamic countries. Plus, the guys who did this weren't committing a sexual offense, so the idea that they should be castrated is absurd.
Today, she is rebuilding her life in Houston, Texas, and speaking out about the horror she endured. He had passed away very peacefully in his sleep with his head resting on my foot,' Mr Falk wrote on Facebook. What goes on in the heads of someone who purposefully wants to disfigure a young girl like that?It makes me very angry to see such things, and it is never good to ask someone who is angry to suggest a punishment.
Is it usually battery acid or are the media regularly calling any corrosive "acid" even if it isn't?
That said, pouring acid on your boyfriend’s penis is never the way to solve the problem.
In any case, whatever you do, it cannot bring back the face and skin of the mutilated girl. Just locking them up is not helping much if they come out of prison and are ready to do the same again, as soon as they can.Can to teach compassion and tolerance to people? Just locking them up is not helping much if they come out of prison and are ready to do the same again, as soon as they can.Can to teach compassion and tolerance to people?well would that not make these girls remember that bloody incident and make them emotionally suffer more ? Not as a punishment, but as a way to make sure that they never have the opportunity to do that to anyone ever again.The reason why I suggested they should meet the two girls (only if they are up to it) is to give them and understanding of their acts. Worse is these two Jewish young ladies went there to work as volunteer teachers on that island's historic center.It makes me very angry to see such things, and it is never good to ask someone who is angry to suggest a punishment. In any case, whatever you do, it cannot bring back the face and skin of the mutilated girl.Well anger is an important emotion that need to be expressed .
If that cannot be accomplished, then they should not be set free again, to protect the public from further attacks by them.IMO hoping for rehabilitation is a bit much. I could understand for minor crimes like theft etc., but it's pretty hopeless when applied to people like them or sex offenders and active pedophiles.
All said and done, they are still people.The reason why I suggested they should meet the two girls (only if they are up to it) is to give them and understanding of their acts. Either by life sentences or by keeping track of them and making sure they go nowhere near potential victims.Well, that's my take on it.

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