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Johns Fire Department prepared to re-enter the auto-parts store this afternoon to further investigate a chemical leak. Route 1 (on 904 State Street) were taken to the hospital this afternoon after suffering the effects of a gas leak from a battery attached to a charger in the back of the store, according to Bunnell Fire Chief Derek Fraser. Johns County’s Special Hazards Operations Team was at the scene in mid-afternoon, having sent in a two-person team on at least two occasions into the store to investigate the hazard, which was originally tied to battery acid.
A representative from Advance Auto Parts who said he did not work in the store was at the scene and spoke with hazards operations team members.

Johns County's HazMat team getting cleaned up after investigating the acid spill in side the store. A cleaning company contracted by Advance Auto Parts was to complete the clean-up this evening. Fraser said the battery was being charged in the rear of the store when it began leaking hydrogen sulfide, a poisonous gas that smells of rotten eggs.
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