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There is one, look at the quote between the parts about the Design and Screen."Not one to stick with standard black and white, Samsung will offer four Note 4 colours at launch.
Your wish is granted."Not one to stick with standard black and white, Samsung will offer four Note 4 colours at launch. Will they fix the AT&T Note 4 inability from 3 to show the # of visual voicemail's waiting to be heard on the face of the app? Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is now up for Pre-order.Find sites offering best prices & amazing deals on Galaxy Note 4 only at bestandroidphonedeals(dot)com (Just replace the (dot) with the actual . Agree with the statement about Samsung crapware - they really need to stop.Ironically, apart from clogging up your phone and no way to uninstall these (without rooting), they actually play a big part on why firmware updates are so late, if ever. Get TrustedReviews' award-winning reviews, opinions and advice delivered to your inbox for free! After having used the 6P for a bit the other day (coming from an HTC One M7) I've now ordered the 5X. Any other conclusions after 2 months' usage, Paul?I'm looking at replacing my old LG-G2 with the 5X, now that the price has dropped (?229 + VAT on Ebuyer).
It's already under ?200 from most stores.Carphone Warehouse are selling it for ?129 on PAYG Upgrade or ?159 on PAYG including ?10 top-up.
So it is, in fact Microsoft has just listed it as ?190 SIM-free, much less than other stores. Shocker - I updated an old, abandoned Nokia 520 to 8.1 the other day and I was actually impressed! The updated review mentions that the you need to wait for the Lumia Denim update before the new camera features would be available.
Those ppi figures are misleading because the 735 has an AMOLED screen with PenTile sub pixels. It wasn't faulty and I gave the phone a Recommended Award -- it's really good phone, hence the award. This is my first windows phone and I am very impressed very easy to use and its excellent despite the low price. Instrument Outfitters does not accept liability for typographical errors in product specification, pricing or inventory status inaccuracies on our website and reserves the right to cancel any orders resulting from such errors. I got one of these for the wife yesterday, her Tesco Mobile (Ireland) sim card will not give her MMS or mobile data.
LG Spirit – Battery LifeThe Spirit relies on a 2,100mAh battery, which doesn’t seem all that impressive. If you happen to visit a UTV rally or any event with a lot of machines on hand, you are bound to see a wide array of accessories that improve both performance and the enjoyment of the riding experience. While we have seen many UTVs outfitted with many different audio systems, we have never tried to install one of our own.
Upon arrival at our lodge in West Virginia, we were greeted with a collection of boxes filled with BOSS Rebel PowerSports goodies. The key piece of equipment for our sound system project was the BOSS Rebel BR800 amplifier. Our kit from BOSS Rebel PowerSports also included a relay, Bluetooth controller, and a wiring kit that included everything we needed to install the components. This Bluetooth controller hooks up with your smartphone or tablet to access your music library. After clamping down the speakers, we ran speaker wire across the cage (which we secured with zip ties) and over to the driver’s seat. The amplifier is the connection point for the speakers, controller, relay and the machine itself. A ratchet would have come awfully handy when we needed to connect some wires to both battery posts. The final piece to the puzzle was connecting the relay to the ACC (accessory fuse) of the Teryx4.
With fingers crossed, we turned on the Teryx and connected the playlist on our tablet with the Bluetooth controller, which couldn’t have been easier.
After getting outfitted with helmets and proper riding gear, four of us loaded into the Teryx4.
If everybody’s music was as loud as what the guitar guy in Mad Max Fury Road was playing, sound systems would likely be banned from off-road trails in short order. We rode with the BOSS Rebel PowerSports system in our Teryx4 for two days through heavy rain and lots and lots of mud. Both the speakers and amplifier were covered in muddy water by the time we were done with them, but that didn’t stop them from playing music! With proper tools and a little knowhow, installing the BOSS Rebel PowerSports sound system into a Kawasaki Teryx4 or any other UTV shouldn’t take more than an hour or two. You may get lost on the trail in a rainstorm, but at least you’ve got some music to keep you entertained. The BOSS Rebel PowerSports sound system makes a fun addition to a UTV and the fact that everything is completely sealed from the elements tells us it should last for years to come. We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests. Prior to Samsung's pre-release firmware update issued to improve performance, the Note 4 in general use – browsing, gaming, streaming music and checking in on Twitter and Facebook – dropped to 30% by 11pm, and that's before tapping into power-saving modes. On the bottom is a royal pain in the arse, the phone does not sit correctly in your pocket, there is the days I do not wear my watch I want to be able to glance at the phone for the time rather than pull the whole device out of my pocket.
Samsung does not say it has, I'm sure I've read elsewhere that Samsung use their own glass. Went into carephonewarehouse today and held the Note 4, I could only hold and not play :( because the battery was flat, I must admit it felt rather nice in the hand for such a large phone, after having the HTC I thought it would be a bit of let down, I like my phones naked so it's something I do take into consideration (what's the point of a nice build if you wrap it in a case). I found the phone’s battery is reasonable, but has a few weird quirks.With moderate use the Nexus 5X will survive around a day to a day and a half off one charge. Also the UK version doesn't get the Play store credit, or at least it isn't mentioned anywhere on the UK website for it. But you may not expect what I'm about to say - I sent it back and got the 6P instead.Yes, the 6P is a big phone but I've adjusted to it within a week.
Not a problem with cpu, but charging speed is too slow while using it=Battery is worse (especially first week) but has not affected me as much as i feared. A normal day, combining music, some light gaming, web browsing and general use led us to around 15 to 20% of spare capacity after a 12-hour day.
PAYG phones from CPW are unlocked to any network, they are just a SIM free phone paired with a SIM card. That means the impression of sharpness is reduced compared to LCD screens, which don't have the problem. I really do suspect you had a bad unit, I've literally just seen hundreds of these and they do not appear grainy.
Arguing over minutiae doesn't change that either way.I'm hoping to get it back in to try the new camera features that are rolling out now, which will hopefully address any remaining issues. The only problems I have with it is the weak battery power, the need to delete and reinstall certain apps, like MSN Meteo, and the power consumed by the internal GPS.
Provides 100 watts dynamic to the internal speakers and 100 watts dynamic to an SM-4C bi-wired companion speaker. The Tesco Mobile site has no APN settings for this phone, it's not even a listed manufacturer. I won't be picking one up but that's not really important.I would like to point out however that the Lumia 830 had wireless charging before the Galaxy S6 did and the AT&T version was the first phone (that I know of) that had support for both Qi and PMA wireless charging standards built in (the Galaxy S6 being the second). I'm really interested in the new iPhone 6s but after owning an iPhone 5s for all of three days I have some misgivings.It's an absolute must that I'll be able to run a terminal in the background during trading hours, about 9 hours. But for a phone of this size, it will happily see you through a day’s play – or more – depending on how you use it.In general use – for browsing, checking in on Twitter and Facebook and dabbling in some gaming during the day – the Spirit will see 30-40% of power remaining by 11pm. Never wanting to leave money on the table, the vehicle manufacturers offer many of these items on special edition models. Since UTV drivers have a stereo in their tow vehicle to listen to on the way to the trails, many of them would like the same convenience in their off-road machines.

We had a chance to remedy that problem when BOSS Rebel PowerSports asked us to test out one of its systems.
We removed the seat (would have been much simpler with a ratchet) and placed the amplifier in the cavity. We spliced and installed wires to make all the necessary connections to the components and had to remove some plastics off the Teryx to reach the battery, where we had to connect separate wires to the positive and negative posts. It’s not obnoxiously loud, but certainly loud enough to get the attention of anybody close by. To make as much room as possible for the rear passengers, we pushed the speakers to the far left and right of the crossbar of the frame.
With helmets on and the engine running hard, the music didn’t sound as loud as we expected. Both the speakers and amplifier were covered in mud and dirty water by the time we uninstalled them, yet everything remained in proper working order.
We would highly recommend properly mounting both the amplifier and remote directly to the Teryx4.
We also used 4G data on Airtel's Delhi network and were able to get a good signal with 25Mbps+ speeds. I am also planning to buy nexus 5x since this seems like the perfect phone to replace that.( Similar screen size, stock android). The 5X has an appalling speaker and doesn't feel remotely premium (especially when compared to the M7, arguably the most premium feeling Android handset that's been made?). You'll get a little more from it if you don't play games often, but probably not enough to forgo charging it every night.This is good enough for most people, though the Lumia 735 isn't the fastest charger.
A bit of an oversight from the reviewer.The only thing needed is an update to the Lumia Camera app, not a firmware update.
Lumia 735, 312 ppi : iPhone 6 326 ppi (almost identical ppi)The 735 has a beautiful screen. It's not a huge problem, but in no way is the screen as sharp a similar resolution LCD screen.As for colours, I generally take the view I shouldn't have to faff about in the settings to get colours looking 'correct'.
Keeping the phone charging during GPS usage (only GPS and stand-by phone service running), the phone slowly drains the battery until it shuts down. It made the 6S slightly thicker and heavier, too, though not enough that anyone should care.The iPhone 6 didn't have a stellar reputation for battery life, and while some of those complaints are overblown, they’re not without foundation. Used more sparingly, or left in standby, it’ll perform significantly better, with enough juice to get you through at least another half a day. Fortunately, the aftermarket noticed this demand and offers no shortage of options to get your UTV pumping out your favorite music. Since we were heading to West Virginia for the Gilbert National TrailFest with a borrowed Kawasaki Teryx4, we agreed. Fortunately, they are marine speakers and are designed to laugh off anything Mother Nature planned to throw at them. A ratchet set would have saved us considerable time and aggravation; shame on us for not thinking about it ahead of time. The clamps on the speakers came with rubber squares to help protect the roll cage from scratches, which worked great. We secured the amplifier to a square of plywood so it wouldn’t move around too much and packed in a bunch of folded cardboard to provide some cushioning. We could still clearly hear the music and know what song was playing while driving, but it would have been nice if it was a touch louder. Though everything came out unscathed after our test, we imagine you’d vastly improve the life of your sound system by doing a much more thorough job that we did.
The sound output through the phone's speaker grille was loud and clear but sound gets muffled when the phone lies on its back. Running an SD video on loop with Wi-Fi turned off and 50% brightness you can get a more manageable 13 hours, which is an hour better than the iPhone 6 Plus manages and two hours more than the Note 3.Things get better with charging as well.
However, I really like the idea of not having to worry about getting my phone wet accidently.
It typically charges at around 30% per hour, which means it takes a little over three hours to charge fully.
You can also adjust the display if you think its too saturated (I don't think it is, and I haven't heard any of our 2000 users at work _ever_ mention saturation) Go into Setting, Display, Colour Profile, Advanced and you can change temperature, tint and saturation. It's great that you can for people that don't mind doing that, but it shouldn't be necessary unless you really want to. I showed your response to the people around, me, I took a 735, a Samsung Note, and got an iPhone 6 from the guy nextdoor and we were all squinting. In more intense testing – streaming an episode of House of Cards on Netflix over Wi-Fi, with brightness at an acceptable viewing level – the drop off is 7% from an 100% charge, which is pretty good. When you put your ear to the unit while it’s playing, it seem as though sound is filtering out through the tiny seams that join the glass panels to the plastic sides nearer the bottom of the phone’s rear.It’s no surprise, then, that the Kazam Tornado 455L’s sound quality is pretty poor. Since the forecast was calling for lots of rain, which means lots of mud on the trails, this claim was going to be put to the test. Unfortunately, we needed to return the Teryx4 in the same condition we found it, so splicing a wire was out of the question.
Once seated you are pretty much out of the way of the speakers, but if you’ve got an aggressive driver who takes corners fast and plows through the whoops, you will bump into them on occasion.
Of course, that comes at the risk of bothering other riders and locals who live near the trail.
The phone is backed by a 2600mAh battery and will last you a full day even if you put the screen brightness at the highest level and use a mix of 4G and Wi-Fi. Thanks to the Snapdragon 805 processor and support for quick-charge technology, Samsung has supplied a charger that juices up the Note 4 40 minutes faster than the Note 3.
By comparison my Nexus 6 – still running on Lollipop – lost between 10-15% of its charge when tasked with the same test.However, the Nexus 5X doesn’t deal with demanding tasks like video streaming and gaming very well. If you crank up the brightness all the way up to maximum and compare itwith any other device it is very clear and evident.LG has used a very cheap quality display. On the other hand, lots of people won't mind a slightly oversaturated screen, but it would be remiss of us not to mention it. Switching off Bluetooth and disabling the Facebook app’s background refresh made a big difference, though I always left Wi-Fi on.For whatever reason, the Facebook app uses more background time than other app. I'm looking for something similar to my BlackBerry Passport in which I just have to start typing, Global search starts and searches my entire device, including my cloud storage as their mounted as local assets. It lacks clarity, and the volume isn’t anything special either.Call quality is fine, but nothing more. We called on our inner MacGyver and cut up some cardboard into smaller squares, which we placed inside the clamps, giving the speakers a much firmer grip on the cage.
After much head scratching, we attached a spade connector (found in the wiring kit) to the wire coming out of the relay and inserted it into a spare spot in the ACC, unsure if this would work. Fortunately, when you are wearing a helmet (and you are wearing a helmet, right?) this is just a minor inconvenience. We talked to other riders at TrailFest who had sound systems from other manufacturers installed in their UTVs and most wished their systems were louder as well. Streaming video from Netflix, CrunchyRoll and with the screen brightness set to 75% the Nexus 5X discharged between 13-18% of its battery.
The Lumia 735 has active noise-cancelling and the earpiece is loud and clear, if a little muddy.
Before the change Facebook was responsible for close to 25% of the phone’s battery drain, despite being on screen for just 20 minutes or so. Than from there I can open the file with any program installed, even install a new app because suggestions are listed at the bottom, I can zip the file before sending, upload to a cloud storage, all from this search Global Search.Can I stream a movie to my TV and still be able to use my phone?Can I change my default apps, I have absolutely no interest in using any of Apple's included apps as I only use apps that are crossed platform. Tightening the hex bolts was another challenge, as the roof on the Teryx4 made accessing the bolts difficult. You'll be able to make about 2-3 hours of phone calls, play some casual games and browse the web in this time period. As a rule of thumb I like phones to lose a maximum of 15% per hour.With gaming things take an even bigger turn for the worse.

We didn't suffer any dropped calls or poor connections, even when calling from a moving train in an average signal area.Sound from the built-in speaker is less impressive.
No normal human is going to care about the difference, and certainly I've not heard anyone in 2000 people call up and say "hey this 735 is a bit over saturated)You were remiss not to mention super-sensitive touch? If you ignore your phone for a day, then you should be good for a full day of use.Sadly, there’s no super-fast charging on board here. Unfortunately for Kazam, its ultra-competitive rivals such as Honor are offering handsets with better basics for your cash. A ratchet set would have allowed us to temporarily remove the roof to do a better job tightening the clamps.
Playing Riptide GP2, Banner Saga and GTA III the Nexus 5X lost between 25-30% of its charge per hour. It's at the back and while it reaches reasonable volumes, it tends to distort and reverberate in the case slightly. Even when I first setup the phone I had to login to every single Apple service individually, even though I have just one user. We would also recommend some threadlock on the bolts to keep them from loosening on the trail. The Nexus 5X isn’t the only phone to suffer from this issue, but it’s still annoying if you want to play games for extended periods when away from a power socket – like on a long-haul flight.The Nexus 5X's speedy charging make up for this somewhat. This is most noticeable when using the phone as a sat-nav, where instructions sometimes sound slightly garbled and clipped. The article just comes off as faint praise, clearly you are an iPhone or Android man - that's fine but I don't think there is any need to be critical of the screen as its really good and compares favourably to screens in this price range certainly. Streaming video over Wi-Fi burns through around 12% of battery per hour, depending on the quality and how bright your screen is.The new Low Power won’t extend your life indefinitely, but it’s useful and effective enough.
Basically what I'm asking is it finally like Android where I just need to type in my Google credentials once and than have access to their services within every app that supports them, without having to login again and again and again.Finially, when I connect my iPhone up to a monitor does it automatically detect the resolution an aspect ratio, not only for the desktop but every app installed. Not quite enough to leave the house if you’re planning to stream music or check your Facebook feed en route to work.LG Spirit – Sound and Call QualityFor those hoping to blast out Spotify in public, the Spirit musters up decent sound quality from the solitary speaker that sits on the rear of the phone. Google claims the USB Type-C connector should let the Nexus 5X’s get four hours life from a 10-minute charge.
I couldn't stand that desktop always looked like crap on my TV, not only was everything excessively large but there were these black bars that took up like 20 percent of the screen.
Voices on either end of phone calls come out loud, and the secondary mic included for noise cancelling clearly had a positive effect on drowning out background noise as we moved to noisier environments. It has two good cameras, it looks smart and there lots of things to like about Windows Phone if you spend a little time with it. And you can turn Low Power on earlier if you know you have a long day ahead – the iPhone 6S runs fine when it’s on.Ultimately, while some management is needed from time to time, I never felt like I would run out before I got home, and it would only concern me if I was on a “night out” and got home late. Plus, it doesn't distort or crackle at full volumeCall quality is nothing out of the ordinary, but it definitely isn't as bad a performer as some of the phones we’ve seen at this price.
The added metal in the design doesn’t appear to create any signal issues, thankfully.We weren’t the biggest fans of the internal speaker on the Note 3, and were disappointed to find that things haven't changed much, despite Samsung moving it away from the bottom edge to the back like it is on the S5.
The phone’s single front facing speaker is underpowered and offers a disappointingly low maximum volume. We prefer it to its most immediate Android alternatives, such as the Sony Xperia M2.Its problems lie in sluggish performance in games and the fact we'd be tempted by cheaper Android alternatives, such as Moto G 2. What I'm getting at is, I use my One Plus One not only as a phone but my desktop computer as well.
Calls have good volume and, while they lack the clarity associated with more expensive handsets, we never struggled to hear the person on the line. Its small size didn’t fill us with hope and much like it is on the S5, sound quality is better suited for loudspeaker conversations than delivering the type of warm, rich audio you’d want when watching a film or listening to music. The speaker’s low-end is also a little weedy and the music from the 5X lacks punch as a result.Call quality proved better and I found the Nexus 5X’s microphone is more than good enough. In busier environments it becomes a little more challenging, despite the inclusion of a noise-cancelling microphone, but it’s not impossible to make a call in bar on a Friday night.Should I buy the LG Spirit?Unlike the LG G4c, which is the more expensive spin-off of the LG G4, the Spirit's cheaper price allows us to be a little more forgiving over some of its issues. Its camera isn't as good in low light, but it's decent all the same.That said, if this alternative doesn't interest you then the Lumia 735 is a very good buy.
The second I plug my phone in a third party app by the name of Second Display starts, the resolution is set correctly, the DPI is changed, the display is extended, not mirrored and a Launcher by the name of Andromium OS starts, it turns your phone into a Windows like desktop, windowed app, similar app tray, the whole 9 yards. We like the design and the 720p HD screen, and the camera – although average and with laggy moments – doesn't dramatically ruin the experience.But is the Spirit better than the handsets currently on offer in this category? Get Daily Slideshow newsletterDaily Slideshow Newsletter is the way to get the best picture shows of the day in your inbox.Subscribe nowSLIDESHOW HOMETECH LIFE SLIDESHOW HOMEREPLAYDid you like "Sony Xperia C4 Review: A decent upgrade to C3" slideshow?
It might not be the best-looking handset but it's getting there, and it largely delivers where it matters. However, with the OnePlus 2 and Moto X Style out, its specs are unremarkable, if a little below average, at its price-point.But, for those with the cash, there are still several reasons to consider the Nexus 5X over its more powerful rivals.
It takes great selfies, good-looking photos and only let's itself down when playing more demanding games.VerdictA very good phone for sharing photos, but less so for games.
It’s loud enough to enjoy in a quiet environment and delivers crisp, clear dialogue in videos or on speakerphone. I would also like to be able to play games, specifically emulators, I have USB retro game controllers for N64, SNES and Sega Genesis.Anyway, any help with these questions would help. Well, if you’re willing to go for a bigger phone and pay a little extra then we'd have to say no. It's powerful, the screen is gorgeous, there's a great camera and the battery life is massive. It just won’t put a dent in the portable Bluetooth speaker market anytime soon, or ever.Call quality, meanwhile, is excellent.
I'm waiting for the new Blackberry Priv to use as my business phones but I need a private phone as well, if the iPhone 6s still hasn't fixed any of these issues I think I'll probably go with the new Lumia 950 XL because of Continumm, also both of thse phones have SD Card readers which I still very much like using, especially no that I have a new 200GB card.Thank you in advanced. Even with the arrival of the Moto G 3rd generation (?159), the Moto G 2 remains an attractive prospect, offering a cleaner version of Android and a more impressive camera setup.With the Lumia 640, its other rival, you'll have to live with the many quirks that come with Windows Phone OS – such as the disappointing app store and the messy UI. If you like using a stylus, then it's the best one you can find on a phone, although we'd like to see Samsung do a little more to help find those S Pen-friendly apps.Most importantly, Samsung is finally addressing those bloatware issues we've often criticized the company for in the past. This is doubly true if you’re on a network that supports Wi-Fi Calling or Voice over LTE (VoLTE). It can still feel like an overwhelming approach to Android, but the decision to strip back some of the apps and unecessary gestures will no doubt be appreciated by prospective Note 4 owners.How does it compare to the competition?
Inevitable comparisons will be made with the iPhone 6 Plus and we'd say it matches if not surpasses the big Apple phone in most departments.
It’s a feature that’s made its way to many a mid-range phone, too, such as the Lumia 830.Once Apple could have claimed it didn’t charge fast enough, but that argument doesn’t wash anymore.
The LG G3 also packs a 2K QHD display, but it can't match the Note 4 for battery life and power. Google has yet to confirm pricing, but if it's around the rumoured ?500-?550 price mark, the Note 4 has some serious competition.Price is going to be a potential stumbling block for some as well. The Note 4 costs ?629, which is slightly more expensive than the 16GB iPhone 6 Plus (?619) and over ?200 more expensive than the G3 (?400). It has smaller battery after all, and I timed a full charge at one hour and 50 minutes – hardly slow. While a small corner of the internet secretly hopes Apple will drop a clanger – or convinces themselves it already has – this time round it hasn’t. The better question is who should buy it?iPhone 5S owners who don’t want to “upsize” should sign on the dotted line.
3D Touch is fantastic and the S6 is so, very, very fast.The same applies to any older iPhone owners who can stomach the price, of course, but don’t rule out any of the excellent cheap Android phones on the market.
The Motorola Moto G (2015) is a good place to start, but there are many good options in our best cheap phones round-up.Potential Android switchers should take a long hard look at the 6S Plus, though, on the assumption you’re already using a ‘big’ phone.

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