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It comprises more or less a full studio’s worth of fantastic quality instruments and effects, and integrates very tightly with Maschine.
The crossgrade, available for Maschine (not Mikro), Reaktor, Konkakt, and Guitar Rig users, is a‚¬399, shaving a‚¬100 off the asking price. MonarkThat revolution in sound that was teased a couple of weeks back is now laid bare for all to see: Monark.

A combination of analogue circuit modelling and fine tuning by ear promises all the drift, overloading distortion, and everything else that makes the Minimoog the Minimoog. And it’s available on the 27th of March as an individual purchase or part of Komplete 9. Latest Tweets Follow OD on TwitterRecent Posts How to use a Synth – the Ultimate Guide to Oscillators Sale Now On: 40% off OD Total Music Production Electronic Music Tutorials! CLICK HERE, go to EMS for Ableton, Bitwig, Maschine, Logic, Reason, & FL Studio production tutorials & sound packs!

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