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One of the main concerns among iPhone and other iOS device users is the battery life of their devices. Of course, with every iPhone and with every new version of iOS the battery life of Apple’s popular smartphone is put to the test, and while it has definitely improved a lot, there are still many ways in which you can improve it even more. Unless you are specifically planning to use a Wi-Fi connection when going out with your iPhone, you should turn Wi-Fi Off. With the iPhone 5 having a screen four inches in size, this screen is without a doubt one of the elements that drains battery life the most when in full brightness. Then, you should also Turn ON Auto-Brightness, which adjusts the brightness of your screen to suit your surroundings. Push notifications can be very helpful, yet not all of them are necessary, at least not at all times.
Location services are also a big part of what eats up your iPhone’s background processing power. Bluetooth is a very convenient feature to have, it allows your iPhone to communicate with other devices that support it, including Bluetooth headsets, which are very convenient especially among drivers. Everyone likes to have their email updated to the minute, yet this requires your iPhone to keep checking it in the background. While you are on this screen, you can also turn Push OFF, which will prevent your iPhone to be waken up every time your email service (the ones that support Push) pushes an email to your device. Cool tip: If any specific email account is too important for you and you would like it to keep working in the background, you can adjust the specific settings for each of your email accounts by going to the Advanced option at the bottom of this screen. Apple’s official statement on apps running in the background is that their impact on battery is almost non-existent, since most of them are actually suspended and barely use resources, if at all. To stop apps from running in the background, press the Home button of your iPhone two times to reveal the multitasking tray and then press and hold on the apps you want to stop running in the background. Most iPhone users let their iPhones stay on for quite some time before it turns off automatically when actually 2 or 3 minutes’ time with the screen on without using it should be enough. Tell us in the comments below if you know of any other method to save battery life that has worked for you. One of the smartphones’ downsides is definitely a battery, since the use of mobile phones today has been extended to a lot more than just making phone calls and texting. Try Out These Tips For Better battery Life of Your Mobile PhoneDo not let the battery go below 50%Never let the battery go below 50 percent , because if you go from fully charged to empty, it may damage the lifetime of your smartphone battery. Do not charge the battery to 100%If you want the battery on your mobile phone to last longer, do not charge it fully. Keep level between 40-80%According to some battery tests, the best thing is to keep the battery between 40 and 80 percent.
Firefox OS running on Firefox web browser The mobile operating system competition is at its peak.

I am fed up with all the unwanted Facebook page suggestions and even with the ridiculous advertisements on the right sidebar which are useless and annoying me. A simple metallic sleeve tightly embracing a conventional AAA battery claims to extend the useful life of the power source eight times.
Developed by California-based start-up Batteroo, a 1mm-thin curved sheet of stainless steel - dubbed the Batteriser by its inventors - harnesses what can be up to 80 per cent of the energy left in a battery after its voltage drops below that required by most gadgets.
With a little tinkering, the remaining juice could be put to work, instead of immediately discarding the battery. Rooparvhar credits the innovation to an intelligent voltage management and delivery mechanism. The $14bn disposable battery market is estimated to be powering 5.4 billion battery-operated devices.
Rooparvhar plans an Indiegogo campaign in June 2015, aiming for delivery in late September. Information Assurance PractitionerWould you like to join a world class defence organisation and develop your skills in Information Assurance? Consultant Engineer - Information AssuranceWould you like to have a strategic influence on the development of Information Assurance (IA) policies for a national nuclear deterrence programme?
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This will prevent your iPhone from wasting battery life by trying to connect to every Wi-Fi network out there. The speed of a LTE connection is definitely welcome, but this feature alone can drain the battery of your iPhone up to 2 – 3 hours faster, so it is better to just disable it until you really need to use it. Each of us have our own set of priorities, so just head to Settings > Notifications and take a look at all the apps that you have there. However, transmitting all this data wirelessly can drain your iPhone’s battery life dramatically faster.
If you choose to, you can turn off background checking entirely and fetch your email manually every time you open the Mail app.
Nine completely different ways to preserve battery on iPhone while keeping it fully usable.

We use them for taking photos and videos, playing the games, surfing the net, update Facebook and much more. It might be a good idea to drain the battery entirely once a month in order to calibrate it. Batteroo introduces this system in the format of a sleeve that makes contact with the positive and negative ends of a common battery to access untapped remaining energy at a steady state system voltage.
The device will be available for AA, AAA, C and D-cell batteries, selling for $10.00 for a pack of four. NATS provides air traffic control from centres at Swanwick, Hampshire and Prestwick, Ayrshire. You will be surprised to see that only a few are really essential for your day to day life.
You could also use Airplane mode to disable all communications or turn your iPhone completely off altogether, but what’s the point of having a phone if you can’t even use it, right? This is why the fact of having your smartphone run out of power in less than a day is not that surprising.
If the battery is completely flat and remains that way long enough, it will facilitate discharge forever.Avoid heat and induction chargingAnother factor that may affect the battery life is certainly the temperature, so the best way to protect it is to keep it cool. According to estimates, about 15bn disposable batteries are used and discarded every year around the world. The rest are thrown away, leading to soil contamination and many negative environmental impacts. According to some research, in an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, a lithium battery will lose 20% of its maximum capacity every year. Here are some useful tips on how to preserve the smartphone battery and get it last as longer as possible.
This is more than a good reason not to leave your phone in the sun or in an overheated car.
Wireless charging is not recommended either since the induction chargers tend to generate heat, which could lead to overheating the battery as well.
It is a little less convenient to use regular charging cable, but at the same time the chances to run out of battery are minimized. So i after two weeks of using two Duracell batteries, i always charge them even though they're not rechargeable, after every charge for about 6-7 hours, they would serve for a few days. It is also important to remember that Li-Ion batteries discharge when not in use.I like batteries.

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