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I am an electrial engineer so it would be appropriate for me to write about electricity on boats. Of course there are a lot of different ways in which you can connect your batteries on to the engine. In this type of batterie connection we have 1 engine (alternator), 2 batteries and an 1-2-ALL-OFF switch. The common use of the ystem is that we use our start battery (switch in position 1) for starting the engine and when driving and our service battery otherwise(switch in position 2). WARNING: You must not move your switch between positions while your engine is operating becouse it will damage your alternator.
In March 2012, the USPS banned the shipment of lithium batteries in order to comply with standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the Universal Postal Union (UPU). The USPS is still prohibiting lithium batteries that are not installed in the equipment they are intended to operate. Lithium batteries are included in many popular electronic devices such as iPads, Kindles, smartphones, cameras and other electronic devices.
Batteries can be arranged in parallel or in series depending on the requirements of the device we want to power. How many of these batteries will you need and how will you have to arrange them if you want to power a 6 volt radio?

How many of these cells will you need and how will you have to connect them to make a 12 volt solar panel? If you have 2 panels that are rated at 12 volts each how many of them will you need and how will you have to connect them if you want a 24 volt system?
I have quite some knowledege on the subject mainly becouse I DIY built two boats along with all the wireing an electrical systems. You switch the C terminal between the A and B treminals and connect the two of them when the switch is in ALL position. The all position of the switch is usefull if both of your batteries are empty or we wish to charge both of our batteries. Battery 1 would so power the starter motor of the first engine and battery 2 would power the starter motor of the second engine. In this case we would turn our B switch to position 1 so we could supply  right engine’s starter with batetry 1. This means that we can choose between the two batteries or use them both to start our engine. We have the same wireing than in the first connection diagram just in this case we use a switch that switches 2 connections. Of course this means that our engine will only charge the selected battery or both if we select ALL position on the switch.

If it is weak, we simply turn our A switch and battery 2 now supplies the left engine’s starter.
Your start battery should be the classic lead start battery and your service battery should be a deep cycle batterie. We could use the ALL position if one of the alternators breaks and so the remaining alternator would charge both of our starter batteries.
The difference between the two is that the service battery should be capable of multiple losses of capacity without loosing its max capactiy value. So this means that if the battery will get empty you will be able to recharge it multiple times to its full power. In this case the left engine would charge both of batteries and we would use batterie 1 for starting our engines.

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