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Ann Arbor Area BUSINESS MONTHLY magazine brings the reader the latest business news and information important to the businesspeople in Washtenaw County. Batteries Plus in Ann Arbor continues to expand its business despite the current economic conditions, according to owner Krishna Mallya.
The battery retail stores offer more than 40,000 quality products and services for home, business, and personal use. The chain sells everything from common AA and 9-volt batteries to hard-to-find specialty batteries for technical equipment and motor vehicles.
Mallya said the local store carries 1,200 different kinds of batteries in stock for consumers and commercial customers. About 50 to 55 percent of the store's business is comprised of retail sales while the other 45 to 50 percent is in commercial sales and service, according to Mallya. The Batteries Plus store located at 3120 Packard Road includes an on-site tech center where battery packs are analyzed, rebuilt, custom-designed and assembled.
Batteries Plus offers business-to-business programs with benefits including delivery, bulk purchasing, open account billing and other options. He attended a training program at the Batteries Plus corporate location in Wisconsin to learn the business.
Mallya is looking to open a second store in the Toledo area later this year since he does business with the University of Toledo and three Mercy hospitals in that area.

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Apres avoir bouleverse le marche des aspirateurs, la firme anglaise Dyson entend bien allonger l’autonomie de ses engins produits electromenagers en investissant 15 millions de dollars dans une start-up qui annonce avoir invente une nouvelle methode pour concevoir des batteries qui durent deux fois plus longtemps.
Intervention du Dr Ann Marie Sastry, PDG et cofondatrice de Sakti3, lors d’une conference TEDx. Ah les nouvelles batteries qui sont x fois plus performantes on nous en annonce tous les mois. Pour info il y a meme encore des batteries alcalines sur l'avion francais de chasse le plus moderne. De toute facon, l'essence c'est entre 50 et 100 fois plus energetique que le li-ion, qui pour des smartphones a essence ? Batteries Plus, a national franchise business, operates more than 400 battery retail locations in 43 states and Puerto Rico.
The stores stock batteries for computers, camcorders, cell and cordless phones and tools, digital cameras, exit and security signs, two-way radios, scanners, as well as cars, motorcycles and trucks.
The store has doubled the number of employees from three to six since he purchased it in 2005.

The life of a rechargeable battery operating in normal conditions runs from 500 to 600 recharging cycles that translates into one and a half to three years for the average user.
Mallya said the local store specializes in selling and servicing batteries for computer back-up and medical carts to businesses, hospitals and universities. He is working with the franchisor for a retail location in Maumee, Perrysburg, Sylvania or Toledo. Une technique qui permettrait donc de produire de nouvelles batteries bien plus efficaces, sans avoir a investir dans l’adaptation des chaines de productions actuelles.
He took advantage of an opportunity to own and operate his own business and travel less when he purchased it in 2005. We cover business news from Ann Arbor, Chelsea, Dexter, Manchester, Milan, Saline, Whitmore Lake, and Ypsilanti.

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