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Thank you for choosing Smart Battery® We are committed to protecting the environment, health and safety of our customers and planet.
I first heard of lithium ion marine batteries from watching a YouTube video of Bassmaster Elite Series Pro's using them. Thank you so much for getting these batteries to us next day, they arrived by 9:00am just like you said. Your customer service is very good, quick replies to my emails and always answer the phone. Looking for Answers about Bass Pro Shops Bass Pro ShopsA® XPSA® i Series On-Board Marine Battery Chargers? Re-charge with the XPS i Series Onboard Battery Chargers and enjoy fishing with fully charged batteries every time out. I have always been told that for a battery to last longer you should charge it on the lowest amp possible via time allows. These chargers are designed to charge your batteries at full amperage if needed or until they are nearly completely charged. I have hooked the lead marked for a starter battery to a third Trolling Battery used on a shad tank (makes 3 trolling batteries total with no starter battery hooked up). Typically when this occurs there is something that is connected to the output of the charger that is not correct. I have a XPI 5x5After 4 hr of trolling I plug in my charger.The reading is Green light Floatand Go fish. On Board Chargers while connected to batteries of which at least one battery is connected to an Alternator can work very well if all the items listed are properly working and the 3 bank cables are properly connected to each 12Volt Battery. Camp LightingMaglite Auto ClampMount your flashlight almost anywhere Includes mounting brackets and hardware Keep your flashlight where you need it.

They have been awesome on the water because I am putting in long days, and I am hammering on my MotorGuide; HARD! It was very impressive ordering these batteries at 2pm and getting them next day by 9:00am you're the best! Our company is driven from our relationships with our suppliers, and we will continue ordering from Smart Battery®.
The floor sweeper performs and handles much easier with less weight, and stays charged twice as long as the lead battery which allows us to complete our jobs in less time. This easy-to-apply vinyl decal states: ''Wild fish and their habitats are under increasing pressure. Loaded with high-performing features such as Transfer-On-Demanda„? which distributes total available charging amps to meet the demand of each battery on boarda€”unused amps are transferred on demand to other batteries on-board requiring additional amps. I do not know if this is true or not but if you wanted to could you lower the amperage on these chargers? Once this occurs the charger will reduce amperage and eventually shut itself down, only adding amperage to keep the batteries at a full charge level. I just re-installed my batteries after de-winterizing my boat and am trying to charge the batteries.
There are many occasions where the charger does not get wired properly and other non charger problems like a bad cell in a battery or an alternator that has a bad regulator etc are present. From cutting through Hydrilla beds on Lake Okeechobee, to fishing the strong current after the flood on Lake Logan Martin, my MotorGuide Tour 109 runs strong all day long. We still have not been able to drain them in one day of trolling even with strong winds and current holding my trolling motor back. When I plugged the charger in, the Power and Go fish LEDs started blinking rapidly and I'm not sure if this is because the batteries are low or for some other reason.

I demand a lot from my three 100ah Smart Battery Lithium batteries, often practicing from dawn to dusk. The LED status center displays provide at-a-glance status for power, battery type, charge and maintenance modes. For the Mercury 250 ProXS, that requires a minimum of 1000 marine cranking amps, it also gets a 100ah Smart Battery Lithium. Plus, built-in safety protection for peace of mind with reverse polarity, dual in-line safety fuses for trolling motor batteries, over voltage, over temperature and ignition protection. Running 3 large Lowrance HDS units, Structure Scan, two 8’ Power Poles and live wells all day, I never have to worry on reserve. Part of our exclusive Extreme Ice Arctic Angler series, this barrel-headed panfish jig gets the job done with a triple combination of great looks, action, and texture. Due to the huge weight savings, my boat planes faster, stays on plane slower, gets better gas mileage and IT’S FASTER. Wax formula, wick size and othea€¦Replacement Batteries Size AAAAAAAA batteries are sold in a package of 6. Made in USA.a€¦Replacement Batteries Button CellButton cell batteries are sold in a package of 4. The Squirts soft, hollow body and fine, undulating tentacles dart through the water like a real minnow. Our Bass Pro Shops Marine Battery Tray Kit offers safety and security, by keeping your boat's batteries firmly stowed and preventing contact with carpeting or bilge.

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