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The DROID brand deserves the majority of credit for the amount of early success that the Android operating system had in 2009 and 2010.
But as the years have flown by, the DROID brand’s popularity has diminished, largely due to the Samsung Galaxy takeover and other competitors focusing on releasing a single flagship phone across all carriers. The DROID Turbo is one of those phones that you can buy today, knowing that it will still be a beast in a couple of years. Smartphone displays are getting so good these days. As we have gone from qHD to HD to FHD to QHD, we keep expecting battery life to suffer as resolution increases, color accuracy to decline, viewing angles to worsen, and the overall experience to not match the best from the last great panel. While the DROID Turbo uses an AMOLED display, by no means does it display the insanely overly saturated colors that are often associated with an AMOLED panel.
The DROID Turbo’s panel has excellent viewing angles, looks great when flipping through the 21MP photos it takes, and might be one of the best displays you look at. Finally, for those wondering, the AMOLED in the Turbo appears to use the diamond pixel arrangement we have seen used over the last couple of years. The 3,900mAh battery in the DROID Turbo is said to last up to 48 hours, at least according to Motorola. In my testing, I was able to cruise through an entire day, skip plugging the phone in at night, wake up the next morning, and still enjoy another five or six hours of use before I felt like I should plug it in. And keep in mind that the phone comes with a Motorola Turbo Charger in the box, so you can rapid charge the battery on day two in no time at all. There are no better performing Android phones on the market right now than the phones that Motorola is producing.
All you need to do is pick up three Android phones at a time, making sure one is from Motorola, open their keyboards, and start typing a few words. The Metallized Glass Fiber models all have a subtle shine with 3D-effect to their backs, yet they feel soft to the touch. I have been testing the Ballistic Nylon model (which also comes as a 64GB special edition for an extra $50) and love the way it looks.
If there are faults in the design, it would be with the choice by the Turbo team to go with capacitive navigation buttons over on-screen. To see all of the colors in the wild, be sure to check out our original DROID Turbo gallery from the launch event. The last two years, Verizon and Motorola put out MAXX versions of the new flagship DROID, both of which carried an arguably high price tag of $299 on contract.
The Ballistic Nylon also comes with an optional 64GB of storage, which jumps the price to $249 on-contract.
I typically try to write every single word from scratch when doing a review, but my thoughts on this section match up exactly to what I wrote in the Moto X (2014) review. Moto Assist hasn’t improved all that much in terms of new features, but you will find new settings in Driving and Meeting modes. Moto Actions are the new option to the group and use the new infrared sensors housed in the front of the display.
Software Updates should come often and quick if last year’s Motorola line-up is anything to go by. But if we get back to the problems here, it comes back to a terrifyingly constant stutter as the phone attempts to snap photos.
In the samples below, you can see in some of the cityscapes that the phone is quite capable. As of right now, just like the new Moto X on Verizon, the Turbo can’t do simultaneous voice and data. Verizon has said that the phone will receive an update before the end of the year to enable this functionality, but this year still has two full months left. As previously mentioned, I think the price of the DROID Turbo is actually quite good for the amount of next-gen tech that Motorola has packed into it. If you are on Verizon and considering this as your next phone, you are in luck, as the phone is already available in three color schemes (Metallic Red, Metallic Black, and Ballistic Nylon) that all look great. Wireless Charging:  The DROID Turbo has wireless charging built-in, which is typically an awesome bonus. The DROID Turbo is a beast of a phone that has nothing but top tier specs at a surprisingly reasonable price. While I am sure that somewhere in the fine print (my wife, the purchaser) agreed to this, it is flatly unacceptable to me. Moto Display is the best way to get notifications for missed texts and calls on any Android phone, do you use it? Yes, if you really lose 50% charge on any battery overnight, without you running something intensive, it is defective. VoLTE, once enabled, is regular old LTE coverage they already have, with the added bonus of supporting simultaneous 4G and a phone call over the data part of the connection.
If you wish to use VZW and not have this limitation of one antenna, you can get a Note 4, Moto X (2013) or older phones like last year’s Droids.
Given that there will never be a Note Edge on Verizon, and the N6 will surely not be out before Q2 15, there’s but one choice.
Originally Posted by cyberr8der Maps is pretty heavy on the battery if I remember correctly.
Least amount of time I've reached from 3 full charges is 32 hours which included an hour of Maps. The Droid RAZR HD is an incredibly sleek and solid 4G LTE smartphone that packs a year’s worth of improvements over its predecossor, which happened to be one of the most popular Android phones over the past 12 months. Motorola added some thickness to the Droid RAZR HD compared to the original RAZR smartphone, but used this increased space wisely, upgrading the battery dramatically and increasing the screen to 4.7-inches. The Droid RAZR retails for $199 on a two-year contract with Verizon Wireless, and $599 off contract for users looking to keep their unlimited data plans or whom don’t qualify for a subsidy quite yet. The Droid RAZR HD is a good option for users in search of a powerful, long-lasting smartphone with style, and are OK waiting for an update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The Droid RAZR HD feels like a premium phone, matching the iPhone 5 in build quality and tactile feel. The Kevlar back adds protection to the phone and wraps all the way up to a metal band that runs along the side of the phone.
Motorola packs a 4.7-inch display into a phone that measures less than 68 mm wide, delivering a display that’s big enough for watching mobile videos, but not so massive that the phone is difficult to hold or carry in a pocket. The Droid RAZR HD’s Super AMOLED display delivers a 720 x 1280 resolution, which is spot on for playing back HD videos from the Google Play store. Text looks crisp on the RAZR HD, and the larger display offers more of a book or Website on one page. Despite the occasional lag in using the phone, it handles apps like Fruit Ninja, Canabalt HD and other games with ease.
The Droid RAZR HD holds a 4G LTE connection better than the Verizon variant of the Galaxy Nexus, and about on par with the iPhone 5. The Droid RAZR HD includes a bigger batter than the original Droid RAZR, with a capacity of 2,530 mAh. Using the phone to watch movies or listen to music is a treat thanks to a loud, speaker with good sound. Motorola isn’t known for top-quality cameras, but the RAZR HD’s camera is better than previous Motorola cameras thanks to new software and an improved sensor. It’s difficult to take photos fast with the Droid RAZR HD because the camera refocuses each time the shutter is pressed, even if the object is stationary.
The camera software includes quick access to changing the modes, and prompts to toggle to HDR if it will result in a better photo. The camera delivers good performance outdoors for taking group photos or still shots of nature.
Motorola includes the MotoBlur skin on top of Android, which isn’t as overwhelming compared to HTC Sense. A swipe left to right reveals a quick settings menu that allows users to toggle common phone settings.
The phone also includes Motorola Smart Actions to turn settings on and off based on time and location, as shown in the video below. Verizon and Motorola include a few pre-installed apps like the Kindle app, Color, several game demos and Verizon’s apps, but the phone doesn’t feel burdened by these apps. The Droid RAZR HD is a high quality phone, one that can stand against the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III on Verizon’s network.
Gaming:  With the device’s massive display and powerful Snapdragon chip, gaming is fantastic!
Ice Cream Sandwich:  Plain and simple, this device should come with Jelly Bean out of the gate. Will this device bring LG back onto the playground and out of the metaphorical timeout that we as consumers have placed them in? They really need to do a head to head comparison with this phone and the GS3 when it finally is released. While this is a great device and I do hope it sells well, I’m almost sitting with cash in my hand to drop on the Nexus, with the only distraction being the PadFone 2. I love my Galaxy Nexus to death and I love the idea of software keys, but they just aren’t being implemented correctly to maximize screen space to device size ratio. Theres enough room to put capacitive buttons on the bottom and retaining the same amount of bezel that the screen has on the sides. No, seriously, does it feel like it might break easily or was it just a fluke that it happened on K’s review phone?
To me, the point of having a nexus device is that the software is great and always up to date with Google’s latest. One of the main points of the processor is how it handles games though – and there already are games that are 1-2GB in size. I’m a little confused about the crack since these phones are made out of Gorilla Glass. Thanks to SAMOLED the on-screen buttons on the Galaxy Nexus look like they are hardware buttons due to the black on them matching so well with the black around the Galaxy Nexus LCD. From the original Motorola DROID to the original DROID Incredible, this was the brand of phones that people flocked to if they wanted a phone outside of the iPhone, not just because of a great marketing campaign, but because these were top of the line phones. DROID has always been there, but it doesn’t seem to have been given the attention it had in early years. It’s still a bit flashy depending on the color you choose, but it feels durable, can probably take a bullet, and is a serious competitor in a crowded space. While the LG G3’s QHD panel was clearly a first-of-its-kind-so-it-kind-of-sucks product, the other QHD displays to come out in the past month or so are phenomenal. Sure, the colors pop and there is a bit of added contrast, but this is nothing like the AMOLED panels of the past. The only reason I mentioned that is because there is nothing better than a panel that appears to float as close to the top of the glass as possible, as it allows you to feel like you are really touching and swiping and pressing with every screen touch. Samsung originally brought out this arrangement in the Galaxy S4, and hasn’t backed away from it. That’s pretty great battery life, when you compare it to the new Moto X, LG G3, Galaxy S5 or HTC One (M8). The battery life on this phone is better than almost any other phone on the market, outside of maybe the OnePlus One.

For whatever reason, just after you press the screen to snap a photo, there is a slight pause. Gone is the KEVLAR, and in are new materials that should offer equal toughness without the cheese.
Had they gone on-screen, the overall footprint of the phone would have been shrunken, possibly giving this the best in-hand feel of almost any device out there.
So when sources of ours told us a couple of weeks before the Turbo launch that we would be looking at a $199 price (32GB version), with all of its high-end specs and a big 3,900mAh battery, we had a hard time believing it. Getting rid of the useless notification light in favor of lighting up a minimal amount of pixels on your display to show you real information has been an incredible game changer. As someone who works out of a home office, I don’t find all that many uses for Assist outside of the Sleeping function, but I could see how this could be a powerful tool for those on the go or in and out of meetings.
With Moto Actions you can wave over the top of your phone during an incoming call to silence it and also watch as Moto Display lights up when your hand approaches the device. Motorola was one of the fastest in the industry to update to the latest versions of Android throughout last year, something we doubt will change in 2014. The new Moto X uses the Google Now Launcher, so it has quicker access to Google Now when on the home screen, plus it updates as Google updates it through Google Play. It is super simple, at times to a fault, but usually is the experience I prefer when snapping photos from a smartphone. Every single time you tap the screen to take a photo, the camera app halts, appears to freeze, and then finishes. Even in extreme low light (the beer picture, which was in a bar so dark I was using my phone as a flashlight to see the menu) or when shooting macros (bokeh!), I was surprised to see solid results. In other words, you can’t be on a phone call and still access the internet or apps or email.
Unfortunately, all of that tech in this well-priced phone is only available to customers of Verizon Wireless. The Metallized Red and Black models come with 32GB of storage, but you can double that storage to 64GB with the Ballistic Nylon variant.
The Turbo supports band 4 LTE, so if you live in a city that has solid T-Mobile LTE coverage, you could potentially use the phone there. However, since it has a Turbo Charger in the box, I rarely used the wireless charging aspect. It’s decently loud, but I often hear crackling when the volume is cranked and notifications come in. There are few phones that match this new Motorola smartphone on paper and in real world use.
It has almost everything that I could want in a smartphone including a fast processor, great display, great camera, active display, long battery life and Qi wireless charging.
Current mid 2014 and older phones can already do that because they have one radio to connect the call and a different one to connect the data. The new Moto X, the Nexus 6, the Turbo and all future VZW phones will have this single antenna VoLTE limitation. I hate that it takes 2 years to get a new phone and i don’t wanna make a mistake and get stuck with a decent phone rather that a great phone. Note edge is more of a gimmick kind of thing if anything you’re better off with the note 4. If you have a lot of 3rd party apps, one or more of them might be keeping your phone awake when you don't use it causing battery drain. The smooth Kevlar back looks great, prompting a few people to ask if there was a skin applied to the phone.
The metal band meets the front of the device, which is covered in Gorilla Glass to prevent scratches. The Pentile matrix display spec could turn off some users, especially those who suffered through using older phones with pentile displays, but it’s worth a closer look as the display is much better than those. Transformers Dark of the Moon looked good on the phone display as well with good blacks and bright colors, providing as an immersive experience as you can expect form a phone. This keeps the glass off of flat surfaces and acts as a small boundary to keep users’ thumbs on the display when swiping and zooming. The phone is snappy while Web browsing and when using most apps, but lags when it comes to switching between apps and navigating through menus. While it’s still not as large as the 3,300 mAh found in the Droid RAZR HD MAXX, it does pack enough power to last a full day on a single charge. Like past Motorola devices, call audio was loud and clear, attributes that carry over to using the speakerphone.
Dialogue and explosions sounded good while watching Transformers Dark of the Moon, better than on the Galaxy Nexus or the Galaxy S III.
While the shutter speed is actually decent, taking multiple shots of puppies, kids or movie objects is tough because the camera will delay taking a shot to refocus. While shooting movies, the RAZR HD can also take still photos, albeit at a lower resolution than a normal photo.
The upgrade is an important one as it may address some of the performance issues we’ve encountered. Users will notice the circles widget, showing the time, date, weather and battery life on the main home screen.
The build quality and materials are better than the Galaxy S III, delivering an Android experience that is on par with the iPhone 5 in terms of look and feel. Switching between apps, gaming (I touch on that below), and browsing the web are child’s play for this device. Sprint’s variant features a 13MP sensor, perfect for shooting almost anything I threw in front of it. It can easily (and I mean easily) handle titles like Granny Smith and Angry Birds, and then kill it with Mass Effect, Shadowgun, and Dead Trigger.
With Android evolving into one sexy OS, I somewhat expect the OEM’s to enforce that and apply it to their designs. I would buy the next Nexus over the DLX but it has a 720p display and not a 1080, plus I think the SLCD3 on the DLX is going to look nicer than the SAMOLED on the LG Nexus.
I got 15.5 hrs and 4hrs screen on time with my stock razr hd and like 13 of those hours were on 4g. Now, if that device got onto multiple carriers and good worldwide availability on time, it could spell trouble for the Optimus G and LG as it has a better camera (judging by the Sony sensor) and better design (imo). The nice thing about the hardware keys is that they are harmlessly placed in the bezel below the screen without wasting screen space. I have also made this point with some negative comments thrown at me, although a few people did agree as well. If you are going to use software buttons, then get rid of (or at least minimize) the chin bezel. The notification light can be easily moved to the top next to where the earpiece is or even under the earpiece like HTC and motorola do.
To answer your question, the bezel is there to prevent mis-taps from the butt of your palm.
It deserves it’s spotlight before a Moto phone with hardware specs that should have come out on a phone last year. I wouldn’t be surprised to see games that are 3-4GB come out in the next year or so to make use of the adreno 320.
Only difference is on the Galaxy Nexus the on-screen buttons move around and don’t get in your way when viewing a video on its beautiful screen. The first way would be to dive into the Settings application and then look over the Battery section after a full day of use. The DROID brand, since 2011, has become watered down, stale, and if I’m being honest, kind of annoying, leaving it with little influence.
The Turbo is still plenty responsive, it’s just not as immersive as an experience as others.
And thanks to its 2.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor and 3GB RAM, it should never stop flying. I talked about this more in the camera section below, but we are hopeful that Motorola can fix this with a software update.
Metallized Glass Fiber and Ballistic Nylon grace the back of the Turbo, taking it from cheap robot killer, to some sort of advanced new-school weaponry seen only in movies. Capacitive buttons also make things like the swipe gesture from home to the screen to access Google Now quite frustrating (it works, just not very well).
So, I’m copying and pasting this section from that review (and tweaking it to fit better). This time around, Motorola improved Moto Display by allowing you to interact with up to three notifications at once instead of just one. For those new to Assist, think of it as an automated service that changes settings on your phone depending on if you are driving, sleeping, in a meeting, or at home.
This doesn’t work as good on the Turbo as it does on the Moto X, because it requires you to wave your hand over the top of the device. I don’t want to mess with settings or search for shutter buttons, I just want to snap quick and quality photos. The problem here is that the object you were shooting a picture of has likely moved and the moment you were attempting to capture is gone.
Just remember that you better keep incredibly still as you are always at the mercy of that damn stutter in the shutter.
The only way you can currently place a call and still have a data connection to get things done in the background, is if you have a WiFi connection. Once the phone has VoLTE, everything will be fixed, you just have to decide if you can go two months without it.
While the camera needs a software update soon to improve its speed and consistency, there are few things wrong with the Turbo. It seems that deleting the AMAZON App, which had bloated to and entire PAGE also removed most of the other applications with it. I can’t seem to get any notifactions for missed text or calls(no color lights blink).
I’ve had every droid there is and this will not let me customize MY contact picture or info for messaging. BTW this phone is flawless and the camera ain’t half bad when you get some light in the background.
Fall (ish) 2014 phones and newer have eliminated an antenna and will carry data and the phone call on the same connection. Like the iPhone 5, the RAZR HD feels like it’s crafted from a single piece of material, rather than a bunch parts snapped together.
Rounding out the protection is a nanocoating that protects the phone from splashes, though Motorola notes that it isn’t completely waterproof. The Pentile display falls short of the iPhone 5?s in side-by-side tests, but in day-to-day use it’s looks great.
Music sounds good as well and the speaker is loud enough to hear while outdoors or while in the shower. By placing these on a separate screen, but still easily accessible, Motorola offers a cleaner look in the notification drawer and a better looking quick settings menu.

K’s opinion on the display matches that of my own and he also has a much better macro lens than I do. When in low lighting, I found performance to be exceptional and I got some really nice shots when I visited a farmer’s market. With all of that display to work with, your fingers aren’t cramped or fighting for space.
For example, when you’re turning off the screen, you see a circular shape close in on itself which looks fantastic.
There is a high-density 2,100mAh battery resting inside this slim shell, which was specifically designed by LG and LG Chem for this device. Auto-correction is sub-par at best and you’re much better off simply downloading a third party keyboard from Google Play.
The device has been running on their 3G network while I’ve had it and needless to say, doing any kind of web surfing, video streaming, or anything dependent on their network is a serious bummer.
If this model had software keys, that bezel below the screen would still exist and the software keys would take up precious pixels on the actual screen. There is almost always a black void in the space the software keys are suppose to be when they are hiding in apps. If 8 mp camera has a good sensor (megapixel number is not that important), then it’s fine too.
This isn’t as powerful as it should be but it does give you a good overview of the entire OS.
The QHD panels (Nexus 6, Turbo, and Note 4) below are all cool and pleasing to the eye, whereas the FHD panel in the Moto X is slightly warm (pinkish) and a little more saturated. But then again, it should because it has almost double the battery capacity of some of those phones.
The two Metallized Fiber versions have single-piece backsides without seams that certainly look a bit sleeker than the Ballistic Nylon version. But then again, they also allow you to utilize every pixel of that 2560×1440 display, without having to worry about on-screen buttons showing and hiding. Mine has changed every couple of days, but currently, in order to interact with my phone, I simply say, “Talk to me Turbo.” From there, a whole bunch of new commands are at my disposal, from being able to post to Facebook to taking a selfie to saying “Goodnight” to put your phone into sleep mode. You can swipe into individual apps or swipe to the left or right to quiet the screen again, plus you have more control over what’s displayed this year as well. It can talk to you or play music if it senses you are driving, turn off all interruptions when in a meeting, or completely silence your phone when it knows you are sleeping.
Also, while walking around New York and Portland, I don’t know how many times I thought I was taking a picture of a building but later could only find pictures of my foot.
This is a pretty crappy situation, because many of us are on the go, place calls, and still need access to a data connection while on the phone, yet are no where near WiFi.
It will work here and there on AT&T or T-Mobile, since the Turbo is essentially an unlocked GSM phone, but it may not be that reliable.
It feels premium, looks better than previous DROID phones, has excellent battery life, and performs flawlessly. It’s like I paid for the premium app, but there was still a hidden way to shove stuff up my nose. Perhaps future phones can do this automatically, but for now, you’ve got to do it yourself.
Terms & Conditions Android Central Connectedly CrackBerry iMore Windows Central Tesla Central VR Heads The next generation Phone nerds, it's time to start caring about Huawei Unlocked!!! Unfortunately, we see too many Android phones with great tech features, but with sub-par build quality that doesn’t match their price points. Of course an external speaker or a headset is the way to go if you want the best audio experience. The Snapdragon S4 Pro chip is a truly exciting piece of hardware and I’m hoping more devices will begin to use it.
Unfortunately, around my place this time of year there is zero sun, so I wasn’t able to get too many sunny shots. I would say it’s the perfect mix of size and speed for gaming when it comes to smartphones. The launcher is great (minus the annoying sorting of apps feature) and of course, it whips around nicely thanks to the S4 Pro. Dependability on the keyboard is something they could easily fix in an update, so hopefully they’ll think about spending more time on it. While on the go I like to watch YouTube videos and read comments on the site, but with the Sprint 3G, it’s almost stressful to watch the pages load or videos render.
For example, I have Screen Rotation turned on and I can’t go from landscape to portrait mode on the homescreen.
An update to JB will eventually be pushed to the device, but that doesn’t help anyone who wants their fix of Google Now or all of the other goodies Jelly Bean brings.
These days, where data speeds are uber important to buyers, that’s a deal breaker for some. My main concern is the resolution, and whether or not 1080p is going to be that much better than 720p. Kind of defeats the point of being able to hide the keys if that space isn’t being utilized. Everyone would then complain that they’re accidentally touching their screen and making their phone do all sorts of crazy stuff.
Another way is to download the application called GSAM Battery Monitor from the Google Play Store as there is a feature in here that lets you see which apps are using your battery(percentage wise).Check ServicesApplications running amok can cause some excessive battery drain but the service within Android can as well.
The blues and pinks are certainly pronounced from the Droid Life page they are showing, but not in an offensive way. The bulk actually allows for the device to have a nice curve to its back that feels great in hand. You can ask for your data usage, ask “What’s up?” to hear your current notification situation, or pull up the YouTube app and your favorite artist. It’s an odd move, but then again, this is Android, so you can install whatever launcher you want anyway. Better yet, this device actually feels like it takes advantage of having them and it’s incredibly fun to use.
It should be interesting to see what NVIDIA, Texas Instruments, and Samsung come up with to counter Qualcomm’s beastly SoC. The whites are actually white, brightness levels are very good, the viewing angles are exceptional, and colors pop without looking fake, all thanks to the LCD tech used.
Of the shots I did take, the resolution was humongous which made for larger files to send and upload, which if you’re on mobile connection and not on WiFi, could spell trouble.
And looking at the ATT version of the Optimus G, the stills and 1080p samples look pretty good. Some will strongly believe that its missing SD card slot is a big deal, but for most, the rest of that list I just ran through completely outweighs not having expandable storage. But, it’s the second day that you will likely have to worry about, depending on your usage. All models are masculine, though, with angles and edges that aim to define the phone as something other than what you have seen from any other manufacturer this year.
If you buy the Nexus 6 or Galaxy Note 4 without a contract, two similarly spec’d phones, you are looking at prices of $649 and $699, respectively. With the first Moto X or DROID Maxx, I didn’t use Touchless Control all that much, but with this new version, I find myself using Moto Voice several times per day. Because I thought the phone was done shooting a photo of a big beautiful building, when in fact it was pausing as I lowered the phone, only to settle on shooting a picture of the ground.
I went to bed at 78% charge and 8 hours later with my apps set not to be running It was 34%. That’s because they have to fit hardware in those spaces and make the screen symmetrical to the device.
Another thing that you can tweak is the Location mode as this sometimes gets put on High Accuracy when it is usually better off on Battery Saver or Device Only. You definitely know that this is a DROID, but unlike in years past, this phone doesn’t make me want to keep it tucked away in a pocket. It’s understated in color, yet you always know that you are holding it thanks to the weave. I’m hopeful that Motorola can address this in a software update, because until then, your photos are going to be more miss than hit. When a company has become as arrogant (i.e, run by the sales department) as Verizon has with this, they have painted a fluorescent bulls eye on themselves and deserve all the regulation they get.
So when I’m testing I sometimes get confused as to who is who when looking through a conversation.
With close to 318ppi and a non-PenTile layout, there are few things, if any, wrong with the display on this phone. LG was able to fit the biggest display possible inside this body, without sacrificing size and weight. It’s an easy change and makes the device that much better for someone who needs more control over the look of the phone.
Might as well have keys on those chins and make the screen the true size they boast in the specs.
Experiment around with these Location modes to see which works best for your daily life.Corrupt DataIf there is some corrupt data lying around(especially within the cache) then this can cause Android to constantly try to read from this data without ever getting what it wants.
I was hesitant at first about LG’s skin, but this device has helped me see the light. This can sometimes happen from an OTA update but it can also happen just over time and if we ever see strange things like poor performance or excessive battery drain then we should get rid of it as soon as possible. Simply boot your Verizon Droid Turbo into Recovery Mode and then wipe the cache partition from within these menus.
If there is a glitch within the Android software then instead of your phone idling at the lowest clock speed, it could be ramping up and down from 1GHz and never hitting that idle clock speed. From the lockscreen I’ll open the camera app, snap a couple shots, then hit the home key. I had this issue recently at what seemed out of no where(I hadn’t accepted any OTA updates).
After monitoring my CPU clock speeds with an app, I noticed that Bluetooth was causing the issue and I had to do a factory reset to fix it.Factory ResetWhen in doubt, you should always try to do a factory reset on your Verizon Droid Turbo if it is behaving badly. The only way to go back to portrait is to turn the display off, and turn it back on while holding the device straight up. The most ideal times to do a factory reset are when you first pull the phone out of the box(Android could have glitched during the install at the factory) and after an OTA update. Again, this could be just the phone they sent us, but this is something they will need to fix in an update if it affects all of the phones. He loves to stay updated on the latest headlines for Android and just recently launched Play Store Sales to help the community save money on applications and games.

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