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Attention, contrairement a certaines croyances, la section Blabla PS Vita est destinee a des sujets bien specifiques.
La photo date un peu maintenant, j'ai eu pas mal de nouveaux jeux depuis, dont plusieurs collectors et une Vita en plus. The game card and memory card ports can be a little bit difficult to access for large fingers. As for the battery, it does have a limited lifespan, which is further reduced by the connectivity features (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) or the full volume.
Regarding the firmware, it is a conventional operating system but quite fast, and handles quite well the multi-application function - except for two games simultaneously.
While the saga seems to have reached its conclusion with Uncharted 3, the series welcomes a fourth prequel episode, for the first time on a handheld machine. Therefore, it was a pleasant surprise to play this final version of Uncharted Golden Abyss because, yes, the game is certainly not a discount episode. And that's not all: this is a rather long Uncharted game, full of artifacts and hidden objects to collect and trophies to unlock. Uncharted Golden Abyss is a stunning action-adventure experience on a handheld device, and also a real promise of what PS Vita will be able to feed us with in the months and years ahead, in terms of spectacular games on a 5-inch screen. A simple and proven method to learn Hiragana and Katakana quickly and memorize them permanently.
With Kotaete, our Q&A module, submit all your questions about Japan to the Kanpai community and share your knowledge.
With Isshoni, which means "together" in Japanese, find travel companions to share time in Japan at your preference.
Written by: Andre Pestana on November 20, 2012The PS VITA and the 3DS have been out for quite some time now.
Independent DIGITAL MENS LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE BRINGING YOU THE COOLEST THE WORLD HAS TO OFFER. While there are plenty of beautiful premium home speaker options on the market, there arn’t too many music players that fit the same mould, with an iPad being as sophisticated as most Joes can get without having to fork out thousands. The Nativ Vita is an innovative music player which comes with a beautiful 11.6” touch-screen and simple access to all music of the world. The touchscreen can simply sit on your desk, but it also comes with an optional wall mount so it can sit proudly next to your equally mesmerising canvases. Nativ’s system is built with an open platform and can link to any high-end sound system you might already have in place, such as SONOS and Bose SoundTouch. The beautiful Nativ Music System is being funded on Indiegogo where it’s nearly hit its target of $100,000 after only a couple days.
Average Joes is an independent digital mens magazine & lifestyle blog bringing the greatest content the world has to offer to your desktop, tablet & mobile. Avant d'y poster, il est primordial que vous lisiez l'intitule de chaque categorie du forum PS Vita afin d'etre certain que votre ou vos questions ne correspondent pas a l'une des nombreuses sections du forum. Seriously, it is stunning in every possible way: size and brightness, HD quality resolution and fluidity of animations. While the console is large enough (a bit more than a PSP), it is quite thin and very easy to carry. Speaking of memory card, it is quite shameful that Sony requires its purchase to play some games, such as Uncharted. Kudos to the designers since the PSVita is more pleasant to play with than a 3DS, with its rounded sides and two curved areas on the back to place your fingers.
The console comes standard with a few mini-games and applications, including Near (to view other Vitas next to you) or the PS3 'remote play', not very useful for now. While the PSP has never been this lucky, Uncharted Golden Abyss is *the* PS Vita launch game.
Indeed, the legendary Naughty Dog studio is no longer in control of its baby (replaced by Bend Studios) and, while technically impressive, I found the demo a little dull and soft. Of course, it does not reach the breathtaking adventure like on PS3, but with a short development on a brand new hardware, this Vita version is really great.
In Golden Abyss, PSVita features are clearly highlighted, including tactile surfaces (screen and back) as well as the gyroscope for melee fighting and puzzles, and even some of the exploration.
While the new characters are perhaps not as impressive as what Naughty Dog used to treat us with, the script is still pinching.

Where PSVita pulled it off is that you really feel like you're playing a home console game in the palm of the hand. In love with Japanese culture, he travels to Japan regularly since 2003 and shares his information and tips. Though the 3DS has been available for a little longer, they’ve both had more than enough time to build a robust library of games. That us until now – feast your eyes on the stunning new Nativ Vita, a new touchscreen high-resolution music system. It features built-in support for all your big streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal, and can also seamlessly play music from your smartphone, computer or NAS. The Vita can easily be connected to your TV too, so you can enjoy the latest music videos, or conveniently navigate your library on the big screen. The touchscreen can be seen from any angle, and acts as a central control interface to stream your music, whether it’s bog standard or high fidelity. It also comes with voice controlled activation so you can tell it what music to play, adjust the volume or skip to the next track.
There’s two months left of funding and you can get hold of your very own Vita for around ?490 ($699), 50% of retail price. Supplying you with the very best in Mens Style & Grooming, Sports, Autos, Culture & Film, Travel, Girls and Technology.
PSVita became available in Japan on December 17th and is scheduled for release on February 22nd in the rest of the world ($249.99). The PS Vita therefore has to be recharged frequently, on average every four hours, so it's not more shocking that on a 3DS. Obviously, there is also an access to the PlayStation Store and PSN to download demos and PSP games. PSVita hardware is region-free so the English language is included and games are all compatible. So, dubbing naturally accompanies the adventure, and allows to rhythm a sometimes linear game experience. We’ve taken the top 20 rated titles for each handheld, and calculated the average score. It’s not your standard pet simulation game, but nor is it anything that special.The first thing you’ll likely notice is that your limited to a choice of four pets, which are all just different breeds of dogs.
I had the opportunity to buy a Japanese version of the Vita with its blockbuster, Uncharted, so here's a complete review with pictures. If you’re an avid Average Gamer reader then you will already know that I’m a huge fan of the futuristic racing game series starting with the original wipEout game in 1995. Instantly your mind screams that the game is just Nintendogs on the Vita; simply because there’s no other choice of animal other than dogsxxx.
Unfortunately, there's not much to report because they aren't multi-point, so I see it more as a bonus. So I leapt at the chance to chat about all things wipEout to Graeme Ankers, Game Director at SCEE Liverpool.
I also talked Stuart Tilley, Game Director of wipEout 2048 into a bit of multitasking as I videoed him playing and commenting on wipEout 2048 at the same time.
The whole game revolves around more than just raising your dog, it’s also about a quest, to follow clues left by a king leading to treasure.The quest starts when your dog reads to you from a story book – because that’s how things work in this backwards land. He did a great job.PS Vita GoodnessUsually when you get to play with pre-release hardware, especially at big events they tend to be chained to something or someone as if they are a wild animal. But this isn’t the only time the dog talks to you, in fact he talks to you throughout the game, telling you if something is wrong or casually reminding you that he wishes you were a king. There’s plenty of ways to play with your pooch, and you can unlock new toys via a shop with coins you’ve earned from selling dug-up loot. Some dig spots also have customization items, or you can buy them from the shop.The other major part of gameplay is walking. Promo shots and videos can only go so far in conveying just how stunning the PS Vita is in real life.The PS Vita also fitted nicely into my hands with all the controls within easy reach and most importantly I felt that I could play for hours holding it.
Unlike Nintendogs you don’t just pick a route, you have to follow the king’s clues and solve puzzles on a large map to uncover special items, progressing slowly to his castle.
That’s a feeling I don’t get with Nintendo’s 3DS handheld which feels just slightly too small for my hands.

But they also forgot to give you the ability to step backwards, so you have to spin all the way around to go back if you’ve missed something.PS Vita Pets is fairly fun to play. This is a nice way of jazzing up the already futuristic looking menus.SmileOnce I’d finished groping every little part of the PS Vita and selected a single race, Ankers told me to smile. It’s got a lot more depth that I had originally thought but doesn’t really push any boundaries. The game blends interesting puzzles with the joy of a puppy, meaning that it can be enjoyed by pretty much anyone, but kids are going to enjoy this a lot more than hardcore gamers. These player mugshots are more for the multiplayer wipEout races against other PS Vita players so you can see who you are racing against.
No one wants to see my big grinning face after I’ve won.Campaign And ControlWipEout 2048 takes place 4 years before the first game, at the dawn of anti-gravity racing.
He’s a video game collector and built up his own Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition Arcade Machine.
In one of the new game modes, called online campaign, players are set different objectives depending on their skill level. For instance a new player might only have to avoid finishing last in a race to complete their objective whereas a seasoned player will have to actually win the race. I don’t find them accurate enough, especially when playing high speed racing games like wipEout. Also in this mode you tap the front touch screen to fire a weapon and the rear touch pad to absorb them.
The last thing I want to do is cover the screen with my sausage fingers during a race to fire a weapon.
Voice activation for weapons is also planned, which could help, but wasn’t available to test in the E3 2011 build. The racer mode was described by Tilley as a method of making the game easier to play for people used to arcade racers with LB (air) breaks and RB accelerate. D-pad to steer, L and R shoulder buttons for air brakes, square button to absorb weapon, circle button to fire weapon, triangle button to change view and X button to accelerate. The left stick can also be used to steer if you don’t like feel of the D-pad.Time To RaceI selected my usual ship from the Feisar team and once the racing had started I felt immediately at ease.
I could feel the nimbleness of the ship under my control and with the occasional dab on the air breaks I was powering around the tight corners and speeding around the track. The start of the track was down at street level surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city life. Following a near-vertical climb up the side of a skyscraper using a magstrip on the track I was then racing around the tops of futuristic buildings. Through the semi-transparent track I could see the older, smaller city buildings far below and something that looked like Central Park. The track was also slightly wider than those found in previous wipEout games making the close quarter racing last longer as I had more room to manoeuvre rather than just having to avoid the track walls all the time.
Studio Liverpool will be adding some new weapons to the game but Ankers wouldn’t reveal any details about them. Bah.I also watched a PS Vita – PlayStation 3 cross-platform race with someone playing on a PS Vita against Tilley playing a modified PS3 version of wipEout HD Fury. It all worked seamlessly with each player clearly identifiable from the label above each ship.
In the original wipEout game half of the music tracks were composed by Wright who was the Senior Sound Artist for Psygnosis. As far as the rest of the artists and music tracks are concerned Ankers remained tight-lipped as he said everything was still to be finalised.
I did ask if Wright had been approached, to which Ankers smiled and just repeated that they weren’t ready to announce the artist list just yet.SummaryWipEout 2048 is shaping up to be the best game in the series.
With new ships, wider tracks, modifications to the weapon system, stunning graphics and cross-platform multiplayer, wipEout 2048 is going to be that must-own launch title for the PS Vita.I should be getting some more time with wipEout 2048 at Gamescom next week. Its been downhill since then via ownership of the Atari ST, Amiga, A500 and A1200, PC Engine GT, PS1, PC, PS2, Gameboy Advance, SP and DS, PSP, Wii, PS3 and PS Vita.

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