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When Toyota announced its redesigned 2013 Avalon flagship last year, among the most significant revelations was it would offer a hybrid version alongside the traditional V6. The move is part of Toyota’s ongoing effort to introduce hybridized examples of its various models and it was a good time to do it. If you’ve not noticed, Toyota dominates the hybrid vehicle market and its trademark HSD full-hybrid technology significantly helps a given model’s fuel economy and emissions with little, if any perceptible downside. As for its styling, the five-passenger 2013 Avalon was revised with the aid of Calty Design Research of Newport Beach, Calif.
The 2013’s crisp new form is designed to appeal to 40-60 year olds – and older and younger buyers can also appreciate its tauter handling to match its more purposeful and flowing lines inside and out.
Instead of the standard Avalon’s 265-horsepower, 3.5-liter V6, the 3,585-pound Avalon Hybrid does fine with 1-liter less displacement and two fewer cylinders to burn gas.
Its 2.5-liter Atkinson-cycle four is enough because its 156 horsepower at 5,700 rpm, and 156 pounds-feet of torque at 4,500 rpm is supplemented by 199 pounds-feet of electric motor torque from 0-1,500 rpm and 141 electric horsepower at 4,500 rpm.
That’s somewhere around half its power potentially coming from a gas-free, and emissions-free source. Powering the electric motor is a 244.8-volt nickel metal-hydride battery comprised of 34 modules made up of a total of 204 cells. The NiMH battery resides in the in trunk and eliminates pass-through-capability into rear seats. Three propulsion modes enable the driver to select the car’s degree of tameness or aggressiveness.
And then you have Sport mode activated like EV and Eco by a center console button or by moving the shift lever to the left from Drive.
In all, the HSD system won’t likely disappoint many people wanting a well-appointed $36,000-$40,000-plus sedan that still has enough get up and go.
Toyota is quite proud of how the 2013 Avalon turned out, and has been promoting it front and center to the media and public alike. The company spends a lot of adjectives in describing its widened and lowered stance and other nuances of its “athletic” new sheet metal, but with all the photos here, we’ll spare most of the descriptors and let you judge for yourself.
One innovation worth noting is the Avalon’s “industry-first Quadrabeam™ headlight cluster” which lights the way – and very effectively we’ll add. It consists of a double-eye design plus inner high beams with two square glass condenser low beam lenses. We did not exhaustively describe the exterior because a picture says a thousand words, but here are five adjectives for the interior of the XLE Touring version we drove: open, spacious, airy, tasteful, classy. Widened this year, the digital instrument cluster is logically arranged, with redundant steering wheel controls for infotainment and display to reduce distracted driving potential. The standard audio system uses a 6.1-inch touch screen which doubles as the back-up camera’s viewer and displays info and audio functions for its Toyota’s Entune-equipped multimedia system. Two types of climate control systems are available: one with three-zone independent temperature control and another with two-zone temperature control.
LED accent lights illuminate the center-front mounted storage tray, the two cup holders, and glove box.
The leather-covered, electrically heated seats in our car were sufficiently bolstered and all-day comfortable. As mentioned, what really caught our eye in our almond-colored interior was the tasteful contrast.
The faux wood dash trim, almond colored stitched soft-touch material, and smoked chrome trim may not have cost Toyota as much as real wood, leather and metal, but the care of their orchestration is evident. Their effect for the “Almond” interior scheme is an aesthetically pleasing and balanced composition of light tones, chocolate brown, black and dark chrome. Other color schemes available are light grey which Toyota says stays cooler and creates a modern interior space; and black said to offer a greater sense of driving performance. It’s spacious for a “midsize” car, has been compared to larger cars, and Toyota is actually making a bid to take up some of the livery business left by the now-retired Lincoln Town Car.
Pressing the push button starter causes a discrete chime to alert the vehicle is operational.
Two-hundred horsepower is less than the regular Avalon’s 3.5-liter six with 248-horsepower and 248 pounds-feet torque, but it’s enough to occasionally spin the front wheels and engage the traction control. Some reviewers have already said the Avalon is not especially “fun to drive” but we’ll say this all depends on what you consider fun.
The Avalon Hybrid is not an outright poke at the expense of ultimate efficiency, but it sure won’t sprint like a $54,200 Infiniti M35h hybrid, or one of several German performance-oriented hybrids. Its 0-60 time is acceptable, as are its capability to travel at all reasonable highway speeds, and on-the-go passing power.
While cornering briskly, its front MacPherson strut suspension with stabilizer bar and rear independent dual-link suspension with stabilizer bar keep body roll acceptable. It can be cornered at 85-percentile with confidence, and handles various bumps with compliant damping. And this is where a fine point can be made about what automotive reviewers normally only imply. Sedans like the Infiniti M35h that might even hold their own at a track day or drag strip are more “fun to drive” because they are a blast well into the red zone.
The Avalon is not in this echelon and – perhaps just as well – it does not aid and abet your inner-Type A aggressiveness as some high-performance sedans seem to be able to. It will however fully meet the requirements of people who don’t want to drive like the automotive equivalents of tigers on the prowl while possibly also looking behind hoping not to see flashing red and blue lights.
Braking performance from the Avalon Hybrid is also up to the task from its ABS-equipped, Brake Assist (BA), regenerative brakes.
Toyotas are normally quiet, and being a hybrid that runs on electricity part time, the ride is especially hushed. The Sport mode can remedy this, as it simulates shift points, and holds gears longer on deceleration.
This will however cost efficiency and if you actually do drive it like a sports car expect to sacrifice a 8-14 mpg from its advertised 40 mpg.
Of course it’s also fun to bypass the fuel pump more often, and some people like to make it a game to see if they can beat the advertised fuel economy. Lots of safety is baked-in or available starting with 10 standard airbags and a lightweight body utilizing more high-tensile steel.
The car can be equipped with two different millimeter-wave radar systems, one being a Blind Spot Monitor which lights a side mirror icon to warn of cars approaching alongside in parallel.
Also available is Dynamic Radar Cruise Control that uses a radar sensor to help control speed and keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front.
Hybrid competition is on the rise, but shoppers wanting an upper scale high mpg sedan may consider the slightly higher-line, but functionally and dimensionally almost identical Lexus ES hybrid. A handsome car to most eyes, its boasts 45 mpg city, highway and combined, starts at $35,925, and is a car Ford hopes will also breath life back into its upscale brand. Beyond the Lincoln are others, including the Fusion Hybrid, VW Jetta Hybrid, Camry Hybrid, Kia Optima Hybrid, and Hyundai Sonata Hybrid.
To survey all green cars available, take a look also at our sales Dashboard or for more Avalon details, see Toyota’s Web site. And if after surveying alternatives you come back to the Avalon Hybrid, that would be a good choice. Toyota continues its push to spread hybrid technology throughout its automotive lineup, and the latest recipient is the Avalon. Today, Toyota is revealing that the 2013 Avalon will now be available with the same hybrid powertrain that is found in the Camry Hybrid and the Lexus ES300h. Despite the older battery technology, the Avalon Hybrid is good for 200 total system horsepower and achieves EPA ratings of 40 mpg in the city and 39 mpg on the highway (40 mpg combined).
Good to see that the article got corrected, even if that makes people downvote my post now that they do not see what I was referring to. Where's the option that makes the Avalon look eerily similar to the 2013 Ford Fusion?Oh wait. If it had a higher capacity battery and more powerful electric motor(s), then the nearly non-existant torque of an Atkinson cycle engine wouldn't bother me as much.
New: These batteries have a 1 year shelf life and the batteries we have generally left the manufacturer warehouse within the past 30 days.

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This sealed battery has little free liquid electrolyte because it is absorbed into the glass mat.
The 2014 Avalon is available as a V6 gas model in XLE, XLE Premium, XLE Touring and Limited model grades; the Avalon Hybrid, rated at 40-mpg combined by the EPA, comes in the top three grades. Avalon Hybrid is equipped with a modified version of the Hybrid Synergy Drive system that also propels the Camry Hybrid. An EV Drive mode allows the driver to operate the Avalon Hybrid under certain conditions solely on the electric motor for a short distance at speeds under about 20 mph.
Through its unique transaxle, which uses a planetary-type continuously variable transmission, the Hybrid Synergy Drive system combines output from the 2.5-liter Atkinson cycle four-cylinder engine and a high-torque electric motor. The Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i) system on the intake camshaft enhances torque. Because there are situations in which the gas engine in the Avalon Hybrid shuts off, air conditioning and power steering systems are driven electrically.
Dave Erickson is a Multimedia Producer, 5x Ironman Triathlon Finisher, Freelance Reporter, Videographer, Podcaster and Host. Following best-ever sales in 2015, the Forte family of compact cars is poised for even more success, as the refreshed 2017 Forte enters the new model year with several refinements. Toyota first introduced the Avalon in 1995 based on the same platform as their Camry, replacing the Cressida here in the U.S.
The Avalon was originally intended to bridge the gap between Toyota and Lexus as Toyota’s flagship, but it lacked emotion and seemed to appeal more to the Buick crowd.
Gas model Avalons will meter power to the front wheels via an electronically controlled six-speed automatic (Touring and Limited models will feature paddle shifters), while Hybrids will utilize an electronically controlled Continuously Variable Transmission. This latest iteration Avalon showcases a distinctive new exterior style along with an interior that also features a rich new interior design with new technologies and a host of convenience amenities. The dynamic new exterior leads off with a more substantial lower grille that is Aston-Martin-like, flanked by state-of-the-art projector headlamps.
The 2013 Toyota Avalon in any of its forms is a luxurious, premium sedan that seats five adult passengers in roomy comfort.
SUMMARY:  The 2013 Toyota Avalon is positioned well above the popular Camry and rightfully so, since the level of comfort and convenience warrant such placement.
The steering wheel both tilts and telescopes, but with separate controls, and features controls for Bluetooth hands-free phones, the audio system, climate system and the information center. Acceleration is crisp and power output is plentiful with smooth gear changes delivered by the 6-speed automatic gearbox in the gas models, while the Hybrid Avalon performs equally well, even with its CVT gearbox. 2.5-liter, DOHC, 16-valve VVT-I Atkinson Cycle inline four-cylinder with permanent magnet AC Synchronous Motor. When Toyota pulled the wraps off the all-new 2013 Avalon sedan at the New York Auto Show this past April, it shared many general details about the fourth-generation model but didn't say a word about the powertrain options.
Lambo Kid Mouths Off Cops 2017 Alfa Stelvio’s Dash Aston’s Zagato As A 4-Door Coupe? Tomorrow’s episode of Top Gear USA will be the last one, as Rutledge Wood announced on his Instagram feed.
The Camry Hybrid starts around $9,400 less than the Avalon Hybrid, so perhaps this is trickle up? In exchange for maybe a second-and-a-half in quickness compared to the six-cylinder, the hybrid boasts 40 mpg combined. It’s stored in the trunk and costs two-cubic-feet of storage compared to the V6 Avalon leaving a still-respectable 14 cubic feet of volume. Skewing toward ultimate economy is EV mode which – assuming sufficient battery charge – allows all-electric driving up to a mile at under 25 mph. Sport mode simulates multiple gears in the CVT, a digital tachometer appears in the center display, and shift points are at redline. A choice of halogen and High Intensity Discharge (HID) bulbs is available for these low beams.
It’s remotely reminiscent of the attractive flush-mounted Aston-Martinesque design Ford has incorporated in its Fusion and several other models. These multi-tasking units offer a turn signal lamp, electrical adjustment, heater, memory positioning, a puddle lamp, available Blind Spot Monitor indicator, and electro-chromatic glass.
Everything is at hands-reach, and there are enough strategically placed cubbies and cup holders adding to the comfort quotient. Otherwise, the engine does not come on unless you shift and press the accelerator or the HVAC system demands it.
On the boil, the CVT does intrude into the cabin and can sound kind of blah and off-note from what the car is actually doing.
Maximizing efficiency with this sizable sedan takes a steady hand in EV or Eco mode, no jack-rabbit starts, no high-speed running – in other words, no “fun” as we’ve unofficially established the definition to be. It would be a good choice for a multi-state driving tour, and makes light work of daily commutes. It may, but it uses the Fusion Hybrid’s powertrain rated in that car at 47 mpg, and word has it the Fusion has a hard time getting above high 30s in the real world even when carefully driven. These cars are down a peg in status and panache, but all freshly revised, and perform admirably for significantly less outlay. It’s an enjoyable car, nicely revised this year, and poised to continue earning a solid spot in the sales charts in years to come. The 2013 Avalon was first shown at the New York Auto Show in April, but details on its powertrain options weren't made available at that time.
That means that a 2.5-liter, Atkinson-cycle, four-cylinder engine is found under the hood that is paired with a pair of electric motors located in the transaxle. Those rating absolutely obliterate competition like the Buick Lacrosse eAssist which is rated at only 29 mpg combined.
That extra power also means that you'll be hitting the gas pump much more frequently with EPA ratings of 21 mpg city and 31 mpg highway (25 mpg combined). At first glance, it looks like a Hyundai Sonata.Who would have thought, 10 years ago, that Hyundai and Kia would become design leaders? This battery should fit the Toyota Avalon Hybrid and Nissan Altima Hybrid 2007 to 2011 please give us a call and we will verify this. This results in lower voltage drop as the battery discharges and contributes to the longer life of this battery!The three main contributors of premature battery failure are:Vibration which causes distortions in the plates and eventually shorts.
Yes batteries have less output when cold but they also last longer.If you want a battery that lasts longer. After two weeks the battery would still be at 95% soc and the battery good for 10,000 cycles. The system in Limited grade models also features dynamic guidelines superimposed on the display to indicate approximate distances from objects in the camera’s field of view.
A driver-selectable ECO mode optimizes throttle response and air conditioning output to prioritize fuel economy.

The system produces a combined 200 horsepower and varies power between the gas engine and electric motor, or combines both, as needed. An electric water pump, a roller-rocker type valvetrain and a variable-output oil pump help to reduce internal friction, boosting fuel economy.
Regenerative braking captures the kinetic energy of the still-spinning wheels, storing it in the hybrid battery.
Toyota made the decision to reach out to a new group of more youthful, performance oriented buyers by creating an all-new image for the 2013 Toyota Avalon – an image that seems to encroach into Lexus territory.
Despite serving up ample doses of horsepower, 2013 Toyota Avalon delivers outstanding fuel economy ratings. The new design was penned at Calty Design Research in Newport Beach, Calif., while assembly takes place at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky, where the Camry, Camry Hybrid and Venza are also put together.
The hood is broad and uncluttered, creating the sense of a lowered center of gravity that also aids in emphasizing the wide stance of the Avalon.
The new Avalon includes a host of standard features and equipment – too extensive to elaborate upon here. I piloted both gasoline and Hybrid versions from base to Limited trim, and all were impressive. The rear seating provides plenty of legroom for those in the 6 and a half-foot range, even when behind forward passengers of the same height. The new instrument panel displays attractive and easily legible gauges that utilize graduated white illumination with white pointers, that are set inside smoked lenses, trimmed by deep chrome rings.
This Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD) system had just been re-worked for 2012 yielding improved efficiency, power and driveability.
And, by the way, Toyota trickled it up further too, as the Lexus ES 300h received the same powertrain this year as well. Toyota says this is the “most American Avalon yet,” which presently is perceived as a good thing.
It was always a plush car, but its road dynamics and the demographic that gravitated to it caused some to liken the Avalon to a Buick.
Toyota doesn’t divulge the torque total, and as is typical, rated horsepower is less than the gas-plus-electric total because the engine and motor peak at different points. This is a huge gain over the six’s 24-25 mpg combined, and the hybrid costs as little as $1,750 more depending on trim. Another fuel-saving mode, Eco, notches back throttle response and the HVAC system to save energy.
Also, the rpms may increase noticeably if you shift to Sport on the road as the CVT mimics a downshift. Included are three 12-volt DC power outlets, one USB and one 3.5mm AUX jack for connecting portable devices. The vehicle works with an appliance like efficiency – and while that sounds good to some – this can still be a sticking point to drivers with a high-performance mindset. To a performance car aficionado accustomed to more purposeful exhaust music, it can be a bit of a cacophony.
Fill out some basic details and we.ll have a dealer in your area send you a price quote to get the ball rolling. It has a fairly low-capacity battery and small electric motors, so the ICE is still doing most of the pushing, and this Atkinson cycle motor will lack low-end grunt.
This low internal resistance gives you more power in a smaller box, ability to recharge much faster and higher cleaner voltage characteristics during dischargeImmobilised plates (locked in place). All Avalon models also gain a three-blink turn signal mode for more convenient lane change maneuvers. The Avalon Hybrid can accelerate from zero-to-60 in 8.0 seconds, with a substantial feeling of torque at all speeds. A water-cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system helps to ensure the lowest possible emissions at all vehicle speeds and contributes to fuel efficiency.
Now, for the 2013 model year, comes the fourth generation Avalon that for want of a better description has become more Lexus-like across the board. Not a bad thing for Toyota for sure, but perhaps not such a good thing for entry-level Lexus model sales. The gas version Avalons rate as an Ultra Low Emission Vehicle, and is expected to deliver 21 mpg in city driving, and 31 mpg when operating on freeways. Fog lamps are now integrated into the trapezoidal front bumper, allowing for a wider illumination angle. The rear seats also recline for added comfort, and there is a power rear sunshade to protect rear occupants from undesirable levels of heat and light, which retract automatically when reverse gear is engaged.
The Nav system provides real-time traffic prompts – invaluable for trouble-free commuting (if there is such a thing).
The Avalon is quite luxurious, and though it’s not officially categorized as a sport sedan, it is capable of holding its own with many more expensive competitors.
The Avalon Hybrid’s EPA rating is also favorable against other higher performance-oriented hybrids. Good for mileage, but it does not make for a very desireable driving experience, especially for the price.
As you know, Prius, with all its electronics does NOT have a simple circuit to shut down the interior light!
RESULTING IN: Improved vibration resistance, no shedding of active paste material, lower gradual loss of power and capacity as the battery ages. The battery does not normally emit gases but can do so with heavy over charging with pressure building up and the valves in the batteries releasing.
All models will be front-wheel drive and no all- wheel drive system is planned at this time. The 2013 Toyota Avalon Hybrid models deliver 40- mpg, both in the city and on the highway and feature Sport Eco and EV driving modes. Out back, dual rectangular exhaust pipes are integrated into the lower bumper’s trapezoidal form.
A rear center armrest with cupholders and storage may be folded down when there are only two rear passengers, and there is a trunk pass through provided as well. In any case, the new Avalon is an ideal vehicle for traveling in comfort with sufficient cupholders and storage for added convenience and security for all occupants, or for taking an occasional romp on the track. Both cars offer the same EPA-rated mileage and horsepower, so depending as much on choice of nameplate, buyers essentially have to decide between a Lexus 300h or Avalon. It's the reason a lot of mild hybrids stick with Otto cycle - such as the eAssist LaCrosse you were beating up. It is therefore only a matter of time until one does not shut the door all the way and the next morning the battery is completely dead. This should not normally never occur because the Prius high voltage to low voltage converter puts out around 13.8 volts. With its 17-gallon fuel tank, the Avalon Hybrid can offer over 600 miles of highway driving range.
Pricing will range from $30,990 for a base XLE gasoline powered Avalon to $41,400 for a Limited Hybrid version.
Taillights have been reshaped to reduce airflow turbulence, and incorporate stop, turn and side marker functions. 13.8 volts is the voltage the battery puts out at no load and at that voltage the battery can not be overcharged and it is the maintenance voltage for the battery.
The symptoms were somewhat strange as it would still run but after sitting a few days it would not.It is good to know that with the Optima kit the chances of recovery are much better .
And I don't think I'll ever have to worry about having to replace it due to age.Regards,"P.

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