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Licence: Creative commons attribution license, Please check author page for more information. If there was a junkyard within 2 or 3 miles, I would have walked there and bought the parts. One problem is which wire do I check for voltage on the MAP sensor and why is the TPS and MAT working ok, but each share a wire with the MAP sensoer? AutoZone Printable Coupons – AutoZone provides automobile spare parts, liquids, chemical substances, replacement gear as well as accessories, for example car stereo systems plus air-conditioning. On your next shopping trip to AutoZone Part make sure you have one of these AutoZone Printable Coupons listed below for your savings.
Free part-testing, battery charging, oil and battery recycling, and tool loaning at AutoZone.

I had to order the TPS and ISC connector from Carquest since they can have it in the store by 2:30pm.
My Bonneville just needs a little more body work, new windshield, paint, the bleed the injector lines, register, and then drive. It said the MAP sensor should be at 5 volts at idle and for every 1000 RPM is should drop 1 volt.
Their internet site presents one-stop shop regarding auto repairs along with no frills online shopping. The Deals or coupons are updated daily, weekly or once it available to make sure you have the latest coupons for maximum saving experience. My MAP sensor is at .1 volt so that'* probably why it'* rich because it thinks it'* at WOT.

For better deals, next time your vehicle creates a weird tremble, drop by a local AutoZone retail store. Due to their huge supply of auto parts as well as an professional staff, your car or truck is going to be running smooth right away.
ISC clicks when you first turn on and clicks for 20 seconds after the engine has been turned off. I even went back to Autozone and said the MAP was faulty and got another new MAP sensor, but still doing the same.

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