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There are some alternatives that are inexpensive and can take you through the next few very cold days until the power gets restored. You can go a step further (if you don’t have access to a car) and buy one or two deep cycle (marine) batteries. The weather is about to get colder over the next few days, and the forecast of a potential Nor'Easter around the corner is not helping. You don’t need to be a handy person and these are very low risk, considering the circumstances.
These are in the $50 range, they connect directly to a typical 20lbs propane tank used with grills and are made to work without electricity.
For less than $100 you can pick one up and if it’s charged, it can be used with your power inverter to run your refrigerator for a few days (connect it every few hours and only open the refrigerator when you strictly need to).

These consume next to nothing and if you have a power inverter setup, you can run them for days without affecting much the power drain. Don’t be surprised if they are also hard to find, but much better chance in finding one than a generator. If you shop carefully you might find them on sale, they range anywhere from $5 to $40, and can produce just as much light as a regular 60w bulb that consumes 5 times as much electricity.
Being that they’re tiny (size and weight), you can also overnight them cheap from Amazon. You can hook one up to your car’s battery and let the car idle (outside your garage!). An inverter has one or two plugs which you can use to keep your freezer running or anything else of interest.

If you have a large SUV, it might come with a 120V power outlet that may be able to carry the load of a refrigerator.
Don’t waste time with your cigarette lighter based power output, it is too low to carry the load of any decent appliance.

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