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There’s nothing quite like the sinking feeling you get when you try to start your car and instead of the sound of the ignition, you get only the dull click of your key. Hamilton Michigan 49419 - it's only 536 mi – about 9 hours 45 mins according to google from your door to mine ! Lights OutOften your battery is drained because you’ve left your lights (interior lights or headlights) on for an extended period of time.

Measuring UpYou can measure the strength of your battery using a voltmeter (available in most hardware and auto stores). First, remove the ground (negative) wire from the battery using a wrench, and then remove the live (positive) wire—be sure to remove them in that order to avoid a short-circuit. Then touch the red wire leading out from your voltmeter to the positive end of the battery, followed by the black wire from your voltmeter to the negative end of the battery.

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