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The global battery market is driven by growing integration of electronics, growing demand for transportation, fuel saving and government incentives for cleaner transportation and new hybrid and electric automotive models from OEMs.
The research methodology used in the report involves various secondary sources including paid databases and directories. Figure below shows the break-up of profile of industry experts who participated in primary discussions.
Players in the battery market have been identified through secondary research and the financials of these suppliers has been inferred from their annual reports and investor presentations. The Li-Ion battery market in the automotive industry is the fastest growing battery market with its volume expected to double by 2021, owing to a global increase in electric as well as plug-in hybrid vehicle production. The scooter battery market size, in terms of value, is projected to grow fastest in the two wheeler segment during the forecast period due to increasing demand for scooters owing to increasing need of commuting comfort. The demand for batteries used in automobiles, two-wheelers, aircraft, and marine vessels is directly proportional to the demand for these modes of transportation. The major restraints considered in the study include underdeveloped support infrastructure for EVs and safety issues related to battery usage. Client Consult Problem Statement : MnM’s client was interested in assessing the global market for OE Automotive Batteries for Passenger Cars and Sports Cars.
Methodology Adopted by MnM: MnM utilized a bottom up approach along with valid secondary sources and existing knowledge databases. Actual Solution Provided: Through this study, MnM analyzed the market dynamics for target products, which included recent developments, competitive positioning, growth opportunities, burning issues, growth drivers and restraints.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Automotive batteries are rechargeable batteries that supplies electric energy to automobiles, most essentially for automotive SLI (starting, lighting and ignition) system. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. The new plant will start running in October 2015 with capacity to supply batteries for more than 40,000 electric cars annually. As Roland Berger forecasts, several start-up battery makers will soon team up with the "big boys" or to close down operations.
Roland Berger Strategy Consultants (RBSC) released its updated global lithium-ion automotive battery study, and in light of recently announced electrified vehicle launches, now expects the global li-ion battery segment to grow from $1.5 billion to nearly $10 billion by 2015 and up to $50 billion by 2020. However, RBSC predicts that growth in the segment will be overshadowed by a massive amount of overcapacity, which will lead to consolidation in the lithium-ion battery industry.
The comprehensive study by RBSC examines the market for lithium-ion batteries in passenger vehicles, light- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles and buses equipped with hybrid and electric-drive systems. As for production volume, RBSC sees four million electric, hybrid or plug-in hybrid vehicles rolling off assembly lines across the globe by 2015.

Last, by 2015 I expect the Phillips L-Prize winning white LED light bulb (or an equivalent) to retail for ~$15 (vs ~$60) BEFORE utility discounts. Other things that will help our energy future, IMO, include Blue Green Pacific release their home wind turbine, Envia's electric storage system, NiMH battery tech going "off patent" in 2015, and MAYBE even Eestor panning out.
Now, if we could only make some progress on Alzheimer's Disease, the future will really be bright.
If you plan to charge in public, you'll want to sign up for charging network membership (or two). How do you ensure that electric car owners will be happy with every visit to your charging spot? Experts from related industries and suppliers have been interviewed to understand the future trends of the global battery market.
Primary research interviews have been conducted with key opinion leaders in the transportation industry, such as CEOs, directors, industry experts, and other executives, to validate revenues and market share. Successful commercialization and attractive incentives ensured that OEMs introduced new hybrid or electric models. Electrical systems in automobiles and aircraft are evolving, and better components are being integrated into these vehicles to increase the safety and comfort.
These factors could negatively affect the demand for EVs, which in turn, restraints growth in the market for batteries required for these applications. Along with market sizing, the client was also interested in the electric and hybrid vehicle outlook.
Methodology utilized extensive secondary research coupled with information from paid databases. MnM utilized its paid databases to identify the current as well as future hybrid and electric vehicles models to identify the volume for the market along with conventionally fueled passenger cars.
Automotive batteries also provide power to automobile accessories such as radio, music players, air conditioners, wipers and charging plugs.
They'll still have us in a bear hug (until ~2025-30), but if they try to squeeze us, many more of us will to switch to MUCH more widely available, affordable, and efficient HVs, PHVs, or EVs than were available in 2008. We still don't even know what causes AD, whether B-amyloid plaques and tau tangles are causes or effects of the disease. The market size in terms of value for batteries in Asia-Oceania is estimated to reach USD 9.51 Billion by 2021, owing to increasing vehicle production and aircraft shipments. Considering the stringency of emission norms and global demand for fuel efficiency, OEMs are developing products for future transportation needs. The passenger car segment is projected to grow at the highest rate in terms of volume because of the increasing demand for transportation and new hybrid and electric automotive models. The demand is particularly high in Asia-Oceania, as this region is witnessing rapid infrastructural, economic, and technological development.

The company is in emphasizing on expansion strategies in recent years to increase its dominance in the market.
Subject matter experts, Tier I suppliers and end users to gather qualitative as well as quantitative insights for the market. MnM provided vital qualitative insights regarding the high growth markets for the automotive batteries and the various technological developments in this market. We do not have any way of preventing it and no effective treatments which is truly frightening since ~10% of folks over 65 have it and ~50% over 80 have it and we believe the actual disease process begins a DECADE or two before symptoms.
Since the inception of electric vehicles, the number of OEMs manufacturing electric vehicles has increased seven times and the number of models has increased almost nine times. The battery market for business jets is projected to register the highest growth in the global aerospace battery market.
The large population in this region makes it an attractive market for the automotive and two-wheeler industry. Johnson Controls has invested USD 112 Million in its facility in Hannover in Germany in February 2016. Primary interviews also served as a base for the forecasting related to hybrid vehicle and electric vehicle sales. The global battery market has been segmented by automotive application (passenger car, LCV and HCV), by two wheeler application (motorcycle and scooter), by aerospace application (general aviation and commercial aviation), by marine application (passenger, cargo and tanker), and by region (Asia-Oceania, Europe, North America, and RoW).
Major OEMs such as BMW Motors, Honda Motor Company, and Daimler AG, among others have announced a major push towards hybrid and electric vehicles. The cargo ship battery market is estimated to grow the highest in global marine battery market because of the increasing trade between countries. An increase in the demand for commercial aircraft and automobiles has made this region a vital part of the global market for suppliers.
By conducting detailed and informative primary discussions within these respondent categories across various functions, MnM analyzed current & forecast quantitative market information, and developed deep-dive qualitative insights into industry trends & dynamics across the key markets. The report also covers market for automotive batteries by type (lead acid, Ni-MH and Li-Ion). In 2014, BMW planned to introduce a plug-in hybrid of every core model starting with the 3 series. Mercedes Benz aims to introduce one plug-in electric vehicle model every four months until 2017.

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