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Don't forgo the opportunity to meet international experts from OEMs, suppliers, and academia to discuss, hear and learn about their experiences and challenges during two conference and one workshop day. Intersolar Middle East is the International Exhibition and Conference for the Solar Industry of the Middle East. For battery measurement systems, we offer analog ICs, power devices and MCUs with built-in vehicle communication function. Deltran's advanced SuperSmart Battery Tender® Battery Management System is light years ahead of any standard battery charger.

To avoid dangerous dead-short sparking, microchip circuitry will not activate output voltage until clips are correctly connected to battery.
Power Pro Marine 3-Bank Charger is made up of three Power Pro Modular Chargers and one three bank bracket. Power Pro Marine 4-Bank Charger is made up of four Power Pro Modular Chargers and one three bank bracket.
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Emmanuelle Lancelle-Beltran - Technical Leader for Energy Storage Systems - PSA Peugeot Citroën, Hannes Kuusisto - Senior Design Engineer - Volvo Car Corporation, Dr.

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