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The #710 will perform variable load testing on 12 volt batteries rated as high as 1000 Cold Cranking Amps. The engine thermostat has been an important component in automotive internal combustion engines for almost a century. Honda Civic: Failed PCMs And CAN System DiagnosticsIt’s not unusual for me to get help requests through my e-mail.
Servicing Mercedes-Benz AIRMATIC SuspensionsThe Mercedes-Benz AIRMATIC suspension system was introduced in 1999 on the S-Class and has subsequently been used on the E-Class and most of the automaker’s SUVs.
Regardless of design configuration, the role of the ignition coil is to multiply battery voltage into high voltage. The 1874 enables easy assessment of battery state of charge, battery capacity, starter draw and charging system output. New Free Monroe Brakes Technician's Guide Details Modern Brake System Diagnosis And RepairA new brake system diagnosis and repair guide for professional technicians is now available from Tenneco’s Monroe Brakes brand.
You don't expect your race car, diesel pickup or vintage vehicle to just look good - you want the engine to make you proud too!
TPMS Repair And Replacement Products Available From Advance ProfessionalAdvance Professional offers TPMS repair and replacement products designed to deliver OE fit, form and function.

You will want to park your vehicle in a location where it can sit for an hour.  The testing itself will not take that long, but there are some things that will make it take that long.
After you have your vehicle parked, let it sit for 15 minutes with everything off in the vehicle and make sure you do not open the door at all, so it is a good idea to pop your hood before you let it sit for the 15 minutes.  This will give your battery time to settle down and will help you get a more accurate reading when you test it with your meter.
After taking the appropriate action after diagnosing your state of charge on your battery you are ready to move onto the simple test of testing the starter and battery at the same time.  To do this test leave your load tester connected. Now you are going to need to have a way to measure the amperage so you will want to take the inductive clamp from your multimeter  and place around any cables coming out of the positive side of the battery clamps.
Next you are going to want to remove your fuel pump fuse to prevent your vehicle from starting. Now have them crank the engine for 5-10 seconds and watch the ammeter and record the amperage and then watch the voltage and record that also. Record the highest amperage rating you get from your test and add the amperage with the key on.  Then compare the amperage rating to the amperage rating of your alternator.
You just finished diagnosing your vehicles starter, alternator, and battery.  You will know be able to decide what action to take and how to fix any problems you have and just saved yourself a bunch of money. Sometimes it’s from working technicians, other times it’s from vehicle owners who can’t get their problems solved through professional repair shops.

Most specifically, it can tell you if the angles, inflation and components are within specification.
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The #710 features large dual meters to display the battery voltage and load current simultaneously, during the test. The 1874 offers reliable battery testing capabilities for heavy-use battery service environments. It provides continuous-duty battery testing for 12V batteries up to 1,000 CCA and features a variable load capacity from 0-500 amps.

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