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View TEMCo's auto battery cables size chart to select the cable with the right specifications for your application.
Welding cable is more flexible, durable, and can handle higher amounts of current, but the EPDM rubber insulation on TEMCo welding cable tends to soak up oil and grease. AWC - Allied Wire & Cable is a manufacturer and distributor of electrical wire, cable, tubing, and more. Automotive primary wire - automotive wire information, Automotive primary wire types automotive primary wire.
2015 Toyota Sienna Hybrid Redesign – 2015 Toyota Sienna is amongst the proof regarding the presence of Toyota.
100 foot spool of 3 0 AWG black battery cable made from 259 strands of true 22 gauge copper conductor wire covered in a durable, high temperature resistant Black PVC insulation with a nominal outside diameter of 0.695 inches.
For cars and trucks with separate bulbs for brake and turn signals to operate trailer lamps that have one bulb for both stop and turn.
ANL Power Fuses - 300 Amp ANL fuses provide high current circuit protection in a small package.
Providing quality electrical supplies is our goal, with many of our products manufactured right here in the USA. 7 Inch Screw Mount Cable Ties with a molded-in screw hole for easily securing the wire tie to virtually any surface.

Surf N Turf Rocker Switch - Guardian Series - SPST ON-OFF - The guardian series is a lower cost version of the Surf N Turf rocker switches, but are available with fewer options. Once the connectors have been removed, open the connector using a connector-spreading tool.
Felt washers treated with corrosion-resistant compound can be installed over the terminals before reinstalling the cable connectors. After the old clamp is cut off and the insulation is removed from the end of the cable, a new clamp can be soldered to the old cable. These are handy but are not recommended by manufacturers, who call them emergency repair battery terminal clamps.
Before either type of terminal clamp is used, the end of the cable must be bright and clean. If a bolt-on type clamp is used, be sure it is sufficiently tightened to the cable so that it cannot come loose. If you plan to use welding cable in your car, and many people do, be sure to keep it clean from oil.
Please call us for a quote if you need a cable cut to a specific length for a quantity order.
Rated for use up to 60 volts, the 22 gauge copper stranding is highly conductive maximizing current flow while still being flexible.

Available in amperage ratings from 80 amps to 300 amps.For use in ANL fuse blocks and holders. Although our primary focus is automotive electrical wiring, we also carry electrical parts and supplies for use in other applications such as marine, solar, household electrical, commercial, and industrial.
It's stable, flame retardant, and the extra thickness provides excellent abrasion resistance.
New replacement battery cables are available and should be installed as soon as possible after the emergency repair. Please note, the following increments and larger of welding cable will go via standard shipping (1 to 7 days). In fact, WiringProducts carries thousands of the electrical parts and supplies you need, such as battery cable, automotive wire, cros-linked SXL wire, THHN wire, welding cable, wire loom, heat shrink tubing, "Short Stop" circuit breakers from 5 amp to 50 amp in numerous configurations, High Amp circuit breakers from 50 amp to 150 amp, fuse blocks, fuse panels, more than 200 types of switches including rocker switches, toggle switches, and our exclusive custom switch panels.
They are better than bolt-on terminal clamps because their terminations are more thoroughly crimped or soldered to the cable.
We also carry a vast selection of wire terminals and connectors, such as ring terminals, push on connectors, butt splices, bullet terminals, heat shrink terminals, molded connectors, high power connectors, and much more.

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