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Auto Electrical Repairs and check-ups for your car's starting and charging systems, and battery, help ensure reliable vehicle operation whenever you drive your car.
We understand that age, mileage and various weather conditions all contribute to the natural wear and tear your vehicle receives over time.
The typical spark plug consists of an outer shell, a connecting terminal, a core, a seat area, a center electrode, and one or more ground electrodes. Typical replacement intervals range between 30,000 and 100,000 miles, depending on the vehicle and the type of spark plug.
A range of maintenance free batteries with enhanced starting power and calcium technology to carry on working, even under the toughest of conditions. Lucas Automotive Batteries are built to the highest specifications to cope with the demands of todaya€™s automotive industry. The Lucas Battery brand promises highest quality performance, no matter how harsh the conditions. Diehard car batteries, Find a retailer near you and shop diehard’s wide selection of car truck suv and minivan batteries. The controversial Tesla Autopilot charged its first fatality Who will take responsibility now? At Gates Automotive Service Center, we recommend you check these systems regularly for optimal vehicle performance.

A routine system checkup is a great way to keep your vehicle in the best possible condition. This occurs when high voltage, triggered at precisely the right instant, bridges the gap between the center and the ground electrodes. The range includes Classic 2 year, Premium 3 year and Supreme 4 year batteries covering 99% car parc. Cars and vehicles require premium performance to meet the electrical requirements of the latest technological features and technology. Available exclusively to Lucas Electrical customers, Tech-Assist offers free mobile diagnostic support and training services for motor factors. Lucas data is updated and published daily to MAM via Automate to ensure consistent high quality information is always available.
However, when the "Check Engine" light does appear, at Gates Automotive Service Center, we want to work hard for you to get you back on the road!
These types of electrode materials are much less susceptible to erosion, provide longer life and tend to resist fouling better than their predecessors. The spark plug also provides a secondary purpose of helping to channel some heat away from the cylinder.
A bad spark plug can cause engine misfire, triggering the SERVICE ENGINE SOON or CHECK ENGINE light to appear.

Spark plugs come in different configurations, such as different threads, seats, "reach lengths", and heat ranges.
If this is the case, it is best to have the cause checked out immediately by a professional technician.
This is especially true if the SERVICE ENGINE SOON or CHECK ENGINE light flashes rather than staying steadily lit. Neglecting these warning signs can cause expensive damage to the catalytic converter, requiring replacement. Always use the correct spark plugs for your vehicle, following the exact recommendations of the spark plug manufacturer for your specific engine and vehicle. Spark plugs should be installed per the manufacturers recommendations, ensuring the electrodes are gapped properly and tightened sufficiently into the cylinder head.

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