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The Center for Auto Safety just made the NHTSA (US Government) make public the full text of all TSBs from now on. Whenever you drive in your car, you are safer thanks in part to a lot of work over the years by this small but very effective consumer advocacy group.
Please take a moment & say thank you by donating $5 or whatever you can to the Center for Auto Safety.
This car is crap, my battery will not hold a charge for no reason, replaced the battery two weeks later the same thing, took it to the mechanic today they have no idea why, at this moment I have to unhook the battery cable to keep it charged, every time I get in my car I have to re-hook the battery to drive it. The car from the inside said a light was out but that was not the case, in fact there is a seriously electric issues and pulls from the battery and the car just wont stop.
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My brake lights go on in the middle of the night, uncharging the battery and every morning I have to get a jump start. This really sucks no one can fix the problem, VW needs to be help accountable, we are hard working people being cheated out of our money.

We called a towing service, and they tested the battery and it was dead, so we bought a new battery.
The complaints are organized into groups with data published by vehicle, vehicle component, and specific problem. Have gotten new batteries, checked starter and alternator…WILL NOT HOLD A CHARGE (in cold weather). We took to the dealer who gave a $200 estimate, then couldn't fix it, but gave new estimate of between 4 and 5 hundred. Took it back they did something that they were not clear on and told me I needed a new battery so 90- bucks later I leave with a new battery and the next day it is not fixed.
I have spent over 3 grand on this vehicle and each time VW shop says it is fixed and it is not fixed yet.
This is robbery plain and simple, VW will do nothing but tell me we will "document the problem". So their fix is to charge over 3 grand, the car is like it was when I took it to them and for the 3 grand they will write the problem down somewhere. Put the crapy ride is taking up space in the drive so I took the truck (American Made) and shoved this German pile out of the way.

Found the broken or damaged wires in the driver door's harness that caused partial short-circuits. They kept it a few days, but couldn't figure it out, so they took to another dealer near them.
We are now starting it up every few hours, and when it goes dead, we jump it and run it until it's recharged.
It seems like no one wants to charge us a bunch of money to install new interior wiring, because it might not fix the problem, and we'd be just where we started.
For example, is it to be expected that red lights will flash when the anti-theft device is on?

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