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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Fast charge your NiCd or NiMh battery packs with this neat little mains charger with no worry of over charging. Flashing Green= Charge Error: Try Trickle Charging and using pack First, Especially if pack has been left unused for a while.
Add up to 9 hours of battery life or one full charge of your phone with this lipstick-sized portable power pack. Anker Astro Mini is a 3,000mAh power pack enclosed in a stylish, compact, and lightweight design.
This is a very good product and serves a vital need to people who need to recharge their device when they are away from the plug.
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Anker Astro Mini is a 3,000mAh ultra portable compact charger for most iPhones, Nokia phones, Blackberry, and Android smartphones. My Astro Mini still has charge left so I drained it down to 5% again and this time I got it to 50% before it was done.
It might change and go a bit faster when using a wall charger but you still need to plan about 6 hours so it is fully recharged. It is shaped to resemble a flashlight or a tube of lipstick so it is more durable and more discreet than those bulky power packs.
Anker Astro Mini has enough juice to get up to two charges to your phone yet still slim and small enough to fit at the palm of your hand. Pushing switch S1 latches relay Relay RL1 is connected to the collec- RL1 and the battery cells start charg- T his charger for series-connected tor of transistor T1. The battery is constructed from Samsung Grade A cells and premium monochips to ensure the best quality.
As the voltage per cell increases 4-cell AA batteries automatically driven by pnp transistor T2, which, in beyond 1.3V, the voltage drop across disconnects from mains to stop turn, is driven by pnp transistor T3.

When it charging when the batteries are fully Resistor R4 (10-ohm, 0.5W) is con- falls below 650 mV, transistor T3 cuts charged. It can be used to charge par- nected between the emitter and base off to drive transistor T2 and, in turn, tially discharged cells as well.
As a result, re- The circuit is simple and can be When a current of over 65 mA lay RL1 de-energises to cut off the divided into AC-to-DC converter, relay flows through the 12V line, it causes a charger and red LED1 turns off. Nowadays, ing diodes D1 through D4 and filtered leased, mains is still available to the 700mAH cells are available in the mar- by capacitor C1.
Pre- The shut-off voltage point is deter- starts operating and the power-on set VR1 is used for adjusting the bias mined by charging the four cells fully LED1 glows to indicate that the voltage.

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