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The Resale Warehouse is going to offer a 10% discount Monday February 10 through Friday February 14th on all copper wire, pipe, tubing, and fittings. When you come to pay for the item give Varian the code 021014 to receive the discount. Non-ferrous scrap metal tends to fetch a higher price, so we’re often asked why there can be a big difference in the price of ferrous metal versus non-ferrous metal. Ferrous metals contain iron, which the chemistry or Latin geeks among you probably knew already, since iron is Fe (short for the Latin ferron) on the periodic table. Non-ferrous metals tend to be known as precious metals like gold, silver and copper, but also tin, lead, brass, aluminum and more. Since non-ferrous metals fall in the precious metals category, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that they are more rare and tend to fetch higher prices. If you’re looking to buy or sell your ferrous or non-ferrous scrap metal, stop by Southern Metals Recycling.
We have had a great time working hard to put this commercial together with Chris Varner over at Right Point Media.
Our commercial was also put together to share with everyone the new Resale Warehouse we just opened up to the public. My favorite part last night was seeing the ending fight scene which took place in the garage shop where our talented mechanics spend most of their hardworking days repairing and upgrading a lot of our machinery.
Over all, it was a great experience and honor to have the cast and crew take part in one of the best television shows on NBC here at Southern Metals Recycling.
We are very proud to represent Hollywood of the East as our scrap yard and warehouse caught the attention of the producers to make for the perfect shot.
Revolution is airing this evening at 10pm on NBC, so watch it or set your dvr to record it.
Scrap car batteries and scrap truck batteries are a great source for recycling to scrap dealers for money. At the Battery Terminal we offer a chance for you to help the environment and make some money.
We then send these old batteries to the recycling plants to process them for reuse in other batteries and products. The Battery Terminal is very committed to providing quality power products with a great concern for the environment.
You can bring in your Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd), Lithium, and Lithium Ion batteries into the store for us to recycle free of charge. We can also come out and pick up your larger amounts of spent batteries for recycling, just give us a call.
Economic Tyres offer battery recycling solutions for businesses, government, and households to better service environmentally conscious consumers, and satisfy compliance with government regulations throughout Essex, Brentwood, Our Depot, Doddinghurst, Kelvedon Hatch, Mountnessing, Ingatestone, Stondon Massey, Blackmore, Stanford Rivers, Pilgrims Hatch, Brentwood Postcodes, including Great Waltham, Parsonage Green, Roxwell, Great Oxney Green, Writtle, Widford, Great Baddow, Margaretting, Sandon, Chelmer Village, Springfield, Boreham. Recycling is now recognised as an importantly environmentally sound way to protect our environment. Economic Tyres are committed to help advance a cleaner sustainable environment through the vital role we play in the recycling process.
Do chickens lay eggs? Our mission is to provide you with the most reliable information so you can make the best decision. Visually inspect condition of battery cables and the ends that hold them down, as well as the bolts and battery tray.
Every new battery receives the same quality assurance and installation at Firestone Complete Auto Care. Price out the Interstate Battery designed for your specific vehicle now! Free online Battery Price Quote.
We make sure that all discarded automotive batteries are delivered back to its battery manufacturer for safe recycling.
Recycled lead is a valuable commodity and for many people in the developing world the recovery of car and similar batteries (ULABs) can be a viable and profitable business. As urban centers in the Global South become more populated the confluence of high unemployment rates, with increased car ownership, have led to a proliferation of informal ULAB reconditioning and recovery activities. Soil containing lead compounds can turn to dust and become airborne, enabling the lead compounds to be easily inhaled or ingested in a variety of ways.

Acute lead poisoning can occur when people are directly exposed to large amounts of lead through inhaling dust, fumes or vapors dispersed in the air.
The challenges of ULABs are recognized by the industry and by the Basel Secretariat, who administers the relevant Convention. The most common examples of ferrous metals are steels and irons and are found in anything from skyscrapers to cars, tools and knives.
Non-ferrous metal prices tend to fluctuate from month to month as well, depending on supply and demand at any given time. As such, they’re almost always high in supply, which keeps the prices for them lower and consistent.
We have a 60,000 square foot warehouse filled with all types of new and used metal that we are selling to the public at a discounted rate.
Located on the north side of the scrap yard is our 60,000 square foot warehouse loaded with many different types and sizes of metal. There were several different locations used during the show, but ours scrap yard was where the chopper landed in the old abandoned airfield to refuel. It wasn’t normal to see that place with an abandoned look to it because there is always something going on in there. Watch Revolution on NBC and see Wilmington’s very own Southern Metals Recycling in the backdrop.
We wish we could tell you more about what gadgets we saw on the set, but it is better left for you to see on the television this evening. Many weeks ago, we had the pleasure to host the filming for Revolution and it is time to see our yard come to life on the big screen. Every time these customers brought in at least $25 worth of scrap metal, they had a chance to enter in to the raffle.
Current and former traders, brokers, owners, and operators have come together to form a revolutionary product that sympathizes with the everyday frustrations of buying and selling metal. If you have any scrap car batteries that don’t work anymore and want to make some cash for scrap car batteries you should consider contacting your local scrap dealers and ask them for up to date pricing on car batteries. Interstate Batteries, manufactured by Johnson Controls, are the #1 automotive replacement batteries in America with 15 million batteries sold every year. We figured, why not make the selection process as easy as possible? With just a few clicks of ye olde mouse, our Battery Quote Finder will provide you with the Interstate Battery designed for the exact Make, Model and Year of your automobile. Automotive batteries contain sulfuric acid and lead, so it is very important to have them recycled properly.
Therefore, the market for reclaiming secondary lead has been growing, especially in developing countries.
These are often conducted by economically marginalized members of society, needing an additional source of income, but without any understanding of the risks involved.
Most often the battery acid, which contains lead particulates, is haphazardly dumped on the ground, waste pile or into the nearest water body.
However, chronic poisoning from absorbing low amounts of lead over long periods of time is a much more common and pervasive problem.
In some countries, the recycling systems have become formalized and are more or less well regulated. They’re magnetic and known for strength and durability, but they are also susceptible to rust. Once the decision was made to work with RPM, we had a commercial put together in no time at all. It was great to see different sections of our yard used throughout most of the episode too. The show filmed on location a couple months back and it was an honor to see the cast and crew work diligently to produce an amazing episode right in front of our eyes. We’ll even give you a total cost that you can print out and bring to your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care store. Our Battery Price Quote allows you to input your specific make, model and year of your auto.

We’ll accept your discarded automotive battery at no charge while making sure it is handled and recycled safely. Powered by over eight decades in the biz, they’re an industry leader in quality and innovation.
Many developing countries have entered the business of buying ULABs in bulk in order to recycle them for lead recovery.
The informal process of recovering secondary lead from the ULABs includes breaking the batteries manually with an axe. As the lead plates are melted, lead ash falls into the surrounding environment, collects on clothing, or is directly inhaled by people in close proximity. Children, in particular are often exposed to lead when playing on the waste furnace slag and handling rocks or dirt containing lead, while engaging in typical hand-to-mouth activity, as well as by bringing objects covered with lead dust back into the home.
Lead can enter the body through the lungs or the mouth, and over long periods can accumulate in the bones.
However, in many poorer countries, there is a large informal component alongside the established, larger recyclers.
We are very satisfied with the outcome and we look forward to reaching more people to continue helping Wilmington, NC recycle unwanted scrap metal. So whatever your needs may be to complete the project at hand, don’t hesitate to drop by the largest metal resale warehouse in town. We had a great time with this raffle so keep an eye out for us to do it again in the near future.
Logically, they’re nationally recognized for high quality, value and commitment to keeping you cruising. Within seconds we'll provide you with the exact Interstate Battery that is right for your car, at the right price. Automotive batteries have the highest recycling rate for any commodity that we are aware of. And because we have the Interstate Battery specific to your vehicle make, model and year, our expert technicians can install it fast and fuss-free. These ULABs are often shipped over long distances for recycling, typically from the industrialized countries that produce, use, and then collect the spent batteries for reprocessing.3 Currently ULAB recycling occurs in almost every city in the developing world, and even in some countries in rapid transition.
In many cases, informal battery melting is a subsistence activity, and undertaken in homes (even in the kitchen), using archaic melting operations to recover and sell the secondary lead to the larger processers. The most common route of exposure for children is ingestion, as lead dust often covers clothing, food, soil and toys. Health risks include impaired physical growth, kidney damage, retardation, and in extreme cases even death. ULAB recycling and smelting operations are often located in densely populated urban areas with few (if any) pollution controls. Despite efforts by government agencies and the industry to bring safer and more efficient practices into this stage of the recycling process, ignorance of the risks of lead contamination combined with a lack of viable economic alternatives has led to the systemic poisoning of many poor populations throughout the developing world.
Lead poisoning can lead to tiredness, headache, aching bones and muscles, forgetfulness, loss of appetite and sleep disturbance. The project focuses on ending endemic exposure to lead from improper ULAB recycling through education, remediation of legacy contaminated soils, developing new responsible policies on appropriate management of ULAB, and either formalizing the ULAB collection or providing other sources of income for the informal sector operators.
This is often followed by constipation and attacks of intense pain in the abdomen, called lead colic.5 Extreme cases of lead poisoning, can cause convulsions, coma, delirium and possibly death. Children are more susceptible to lead poisoning than adults and may suffer permanent neurological damage. Women that are pregnant and become exposed to lead can result in damage to the fetus and birth defects.

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