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Kragen Auto Parts stocks Autolite batteries, although they don't have the correct vintage-Mustang appearance.
The Schumacher SE-82-6 is an excellent general-purpose battery charger available for a reasonable price. One stop auto parts - north oakland - emeryville, ca - yelp, 11 reviews of one stop auto parts "i had a great experience at one stop auto parts today! Checker auto parts, Visit information checker auto parts, find resources, locations discounts online.. Kragen auto parts modesto, ca - mechanic advisor, Kragen auto parts is located at 3544 mchenry avenue modesto, ca. Auto parts stores bakersfield, california reviews, Find 302 listings related auto parts stores bakersfield yp reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers automobile parts. Kragen auto parts san mateo, california reviews, Find 75 listings related kragen auto parts san mateo yp reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers kragen auto parts locations san. They're now made by Exide Technologies with no association to Ford Motor Company.You probably don't think about your Mustang's battery very often. This is just one of many green dreams that will help improve the harmony of industry and environment. In fact, many of us don't think about it at all--until, of course, you turn the key and the engine won't start.Maybe the starter turns over for a few seconds or maybe there's only silence. Although not as suited to low-amperage charging for stored batteries as one like the CTEK charger, this charger has a healthy 6-amp charge-current rating to get discharged batteries back into shape in a matter of hours.
From our experience, batteries will do funny things just sitting there, disconnected and motionless. The first commercially available battery came to market in the 1960’s, and since then there have been incredible strides in their applicability and longevity. In any case, you're going nowhere fast, and that Saturday-afternoon cruise you planned a few days ago isn't happening until you schlep down to the local auto-parts store and buy a new battery.But wait, didn't you buy a new battery for your car less than a year ago? Schumacher also has a full line of battery chargers for a variety of applications available at most auto-parts retailers.Another handy feature of this Schumacher charger is its ability to charge 6-volt batteries, which are often found in older cars such as a Ford Model A, and boats such as classic wooden speedboats from the '30s, '40s, and '50s. So, get it onto a shelf or bench unless that's impractical because the car is driven more often than once or twice a month. What has been lacking in these technological advancements is environmental compatibility and dispensability. Below is a video of new battery technology that may adhere to present day problems with e-waste. This stage keeps a battery in good condition although it's not being used on a regular basis.
Also try to store batteries in a cool and dry space."For a long time, we've done a scheduled regimen of slow-charging our batteries on a rotational basis, usually just a 2-amp charge until fully charged, about once a month. In a general sense, we're going to discuss how to help a battery last as long as possible, but note you might not have much control over battery longevity. The compact CTEK charger is fully sealed and weighs just over one pound.National Parts Depot also offers the Deltran Battery Tender, primarily a maintenance-type charger.

However, we're currently revamping equipment to utilize full-time Battery Tender trickle-chargers.
One available web-based company, Call2Recycle, has a program that collects e-waste on-site anywhere in the United States as well as Canada. Some batteries take a final exit sooner than expected or sooner than they should.We'll also offer a few tips on choosing the proper battery for a vintage Mustang, both a show-oriented car as well as on a daily-driver where appearances are less of an issue.
Its 1.25-amp constant-current reaches and maintains a full charge indefinitely by automatically switching to a storage charge. Of course, maintenance suggestions apply to the battery in any car, not just vintage or late-model Mustangs.CTEK's Multi US 330 battery charger is an ideal trickle-type charger for stored batteries because it has a dedicated maintenance-charge mode.
You just hook them up and forget it."For old-style acid-wet batteries, keep up with the water level on a regular basis. Businesses, retailers, communities and public agencies are able to participate in this program for free! Additionally, it's impossible to cause damage to a battery or charger (or start a fire) by hooking it up backwards. In addition, theBattery Tender has microchip circuitry that avoids shorting or sparking if the clips inadvertently touch each other. Don't overfill, and it's good to loosen the caps while in storage rather than relying entirely on the pin-hole-sized vent, which can sometimes act as a high-pressure spray nozzle."Our experience is that batteries in general are fickle and inconsistent.
The CTEK charger comes with a separate connector with eyelets on the wire ends that can be permanently connected to a battery in the car, allowing a quick connection to the charger by plugging the connector into the charger. For example, if storing a car for the winter, NPD suggests removing the battery from the car and leaving the Battery Tender connected while the battery isn't in use.
Some batteries last 10 years and others only 10 months, for seemingly inexplicable reasons. The Big Green Box is available for commercial or residential spaces, pre-constructed to increase the ease of the disposal process.
The CTEK is available from Mustangs Unlimited and Year One.ChargersWhile in one sense a battery is a relatively sophisticated component with various bits and pieces, it's also a simple piece of equipment that must provide enough cranking amperage to start a car.
Once the car is running, the electrical system provides the current to operate the car while the alternator keeps the battery charged.
It will also charge and maintain a battery.A general-purpose charger, the sort sold at any auto parts store, is also worth considering and is usually available at a budget price.
We've probably bought more batteries over the years than bottles of wax, despite our maintenance attempts. A good example is the Schumacher SE-82-6 dual-rate charger that we purchased at a local Southern California Kragen Auto Parts store for 25 bucks. When a car is stored for any extended period of time, the battery is just sitting with it.
The difference between a typical charger such as the Schumacher and the others mentioned is its higher amperage output.
Unless you're driving it, get it out of the car, and keep a low-amp charger on it or trickle-charge monthly in a dry and cool area.

Over time, a battery's ability to maintain a charge adequate to start the car will diminish. After that, the battery will decide how long it wants to stay with you."We've still got the original battery in our '97 Saleen S351, and with relatively light use and charging maintenance, it still cranks strong after nine years.
In fact, for any battery, even a brand new one, there will come a time when it will simply die and must either be recharged or replaced.That's where a proper charger comes in. And while its 2-amp slow-rate setting is good for smaller batteries, this is a manual charger that will continue to charge even after the battery is fully charged.
We've had other batteries that were maintained religiously, and they flamed-out and sprayed acid all over a car's engine compartment within six months. In short, the best way to maintain a battery in a car that isn't driven on a daily basis is to keep it connected to a charger that has a "trickle" setting.
In the final analysis, a slow maintenance-type trickle charger is the best way to extend battery life for a car that isn't driven on a daily or weekly basis."The cover also has the correct-look red caps that snap into place before installation.
In other words, you ideally want to have a charger that not only charges a battery, but also one that maintains the charge.
This unit is not as suitable for long-term low-amperage trickle charging on a stored battery.Battery Maintenance TipsWe asked National Parts Depot's Rick Schmidt what he does with the batteries in the numerous vintage Mustangs and other collectible cars in NPD's collection, many of which are rarely driven.
Simply install the cover, install the battery cables over the cover, and you're all set to go.Choosing a BatteryFor vintage Mustangs, choosing a battery for a regularly-driven car isn't too difficult. The idea is to have a battery fully charged, and once it's there, the charger keeps it in a fully-charged state.An excellent general purpose charger that also doubles as a top-notch maintenance-type trickle charger is the CTEK Multi US 3300.
His advice applies to any battery and car, whether part of a large collection or--for like most of us--in a collection of one. It's an ideal choice for any 12-volt automotive battery.The CTEK uses "switch-mode" technology, a four-cycle process for optimum battery charging and maintenance.
Stop by booth 722 to learn about Indoor Air Quality and how #IAQ can benefit your #building. The charger delivers an almost-constant current until the battery voltage reaches a set level.
The huge Group 29 battery mounted in the trunk on '69-'70 Boss 429s is the most notable exception.Most of the time when shopping at an auto parts store, you'll be steered to a Group 24 battery for almost all small- and big-block V-8 Mustangs, which usually works fine since the cranking amperage for modern batteries is considerably better than earlier batteries, regardless of size. For example, the Group 24 Autolite battery we purchased at a Kragen Auto Parts for our '69 Mustang project car has more cranking amps (835) than any Group 27 battery sold in 1969.For a restored show car where appearance is important due to show judging, Antique Auto Battery offers raised-letter batteries that have hard-rubber script cases and correct Autolite red caps. AAB also has an epoxy-type material called Poly Tar for its reproduction tar-top batteries. It duplicates the appearance of the old-style tar material that got sticky, dirty, and sometimes leaked acid, but without these obviously undesirable qualities.

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