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7 Days: Return within 7 days in the original packaging shipped in and in the condition it arrived in, for a replacement, exchange or partial refund. This is a simple DIY charge controller schematic posted in response to a request by one of our readers on our facebook page. To understand the working of this 12 volt battery charge controller circuit you must have an idea of the internal diagram of 555.
Positive terminal of the upper comparator of 555 is connected with reference voltage in order to turn OFF the charger if the battery charges above 13.8V. If the battery voltage is greater than 13.8V, comparator output goes high and flip flop will be set. If the battery voltage is below the preset voltage (set by us), lower comparator will reset the flip flop.
Hi,Please connect a diode in series as diagram, and connect battery and set the voltage level by rotating the pot, that you wants turn on the charger.
1) Charging current depends on the transformer used, here we are using 5A transformer, so the charging current is a little bit less than 5A(some loss due to the series resistance). To set my preset value where do i connect my multi testing meter and should my charger be turned on while adjusting the preset value. Am mike, sir, pls help me i dont understand hw to connect diode in serie to d circuit, and d output volt drop to battery voltage when connect wit battery. When adjusting the variable resistor what should i use to know when the preset voltage is reached so that i can stop the adjustment. If you can identify the charging components of the UPS board,then you can connect external charger in paralle with the battery without removing UPS connection. Could you please show me a design in which you use the above circuit (12V Battery charger with auto cut off) but with a Wind Turbine DC generator motor.

To increase the current replace transformer with higher current type, also replace 10watt resistors with short circuit. It work with all 12V battery .by increasing the capacity, time taken for charging will increase,to reduce time you have to increas the current of transformer. We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right.
With a communication range of around 2.5KM this wrist watch walkie talkie allows you to keep in touch anywhere. The main component of this auto battery charger circuit is a 555 timer which compares the voltage in the battery. I came across some your post online and decided to try one of them I mean the battery charger, but the current is too small to charge my batteries so please with due respect can u guide me of how to increase the current or please provide me a different diagram that comes out with 20amp to charge my batteries?
Taking relay connection I'm facing some problem and properly not work (auto cutoff when battery full charged). Will the external charger be connected in parallel with the ups in-built charger or separate?
Here is my suggestion, charge the UPS battery with the external charger independently when charging is required. Searches are carried out in real-time, and from the main page you can easily browse most car makes currently available.
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It turns ON the charger if the battery voltage is below the variable preset voltage (12 volt chosen here) and turns OFF the charger if the voltage reaches 13.8 volt.

You must also check charge controller using LM324 IC where you can find video demonstration too. Featuring a revolutionary style in two way communication this walkie talkie is worn on your wrist just like a watch. The battery charging voltage of the charger can be varied by adjusting the variable resistor. The whole of the US is covered, and the featured vehicle types that you can have your pick from include convertibles, coupes, trucks, hybrids and station wagons. With internal VOX, auto channel scan and multi channel support its easy and convenient to use. An earphone jack and headset allows for hands free communications and with one to one as well as one to many functions you can broadcast to several users at a time or talk directly to the receiver. This is the ideal way to stay connected to friends and family when you go out to the park, shopping, sporting events, camping and virtually any other indoor or outdoor activity.
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