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To continue working similar to other parts of a vehicle, automotive batteries also require to be maintained frequently. However, the battery of a vehicle may drop its charge more rapidly if this vehicle is not utilized habitually, or else if it is used in areas with an awfully cold temperature. A battery is able to work, when it has two or even more metallic plates surrounded by a material usually known as an electrolyte which is a sulfuric acid.

At the time when a battery discharges, this sulfuric acid merges with the metal plates to make lead sulfate crystals. A power source (capable of outputting voltage up to the battery voltage) is required to produce a battery charger such as the most automotive batteries are equipped with 12 volts, means a 12 V DC power supply is required to charge this kind of battery. Usually, you can discover a 12 V DC power adaptor and clamps for instance large alligator clips from an electronics store (for example Radio Shack in the United States or Maplin in the United Kingdom).
Take the two wires at a distance until each wire is separated from the other by approximately a foot (0.3 m).
Thus, an external charging system (for instance a trickle charger) can be practical to extend the life span of a battery. Since these crystals build up on the metal plates, the voltage of the battery is able to output reduces. In order to connect the electrical leads from the battery to the DC power source, you will also require clamps that are larger enough to fit on the electrical terminals of the battery.

The other things you will require include a pair of electrical pliers, a soldering iron and a little solder. Next connect the one wire to one large alligator clip by simply soldering the wire to the alligator clip terminal. A battery charger supply direct current or DC electrical energy to the metal plates, which result in the stop of lead sulfate crystal build-up.
In order to produce the battery charger out of a DC adaptor, first cut the connector end of the adaptor, and then divide the cable in strips of approximately an inch (2.5 cm) of insulation.
After that, attach the other wire to the other alligator clip by soldering the wire to the terminal of that alligator clip.

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