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The “fluff” remains after the Tesla Roadster’s lithium batteries are processed for recycling.
As automakers race toward bringing hybrid and electric cars into the mainstream, environmentalists worry about the ability to properly recycle the batteries that power those cars.
Toxco is North America’s leading battery recycler and has been recycling single-charge and rechargeable lithium batteries found in electronics devices and industrial applications since 1992 at its Canadian facility in Trail, British Columbia. To recycle the current generation of nickel-based hybrid batteries, carmakers dismantle every ounce and scrap of the battery, from the precious metals to the plastic, plates, steel case and the wiring, to make sure the materials are processed for disposal. Bolivia has the world’s largest supply of lithium—about 5.4 million tons in the Uyuni Desert alone. Unlike caustic lead acid car batteries—which fortunately are recycled at rates approaching 99 percent—advanced lithium ion batteries do not use harmful acids or metals, such as lead, to store electrical power.
The last paragraph fails to mention the rather nasty electrolytes going into the Li-ion batteries. It’s good to see that someone is looking into recycling lithium otherwise, like a lot of other recyclable materials, they will end up in a landfill somewhere leaching into our water supply. That’s one of the positive attributes of the existing NiMh, they can be recycled effectively. Hopefully someone will figure out how Li Ion can be recycled as well or better than NiMh before massive use in vehicles. It seems some people are really badly informed about what is existing industrially on the market. It is a zero waste process, full eco-green and clean, with full recovery of Nickel and Cobalt, and generating a slag which is used for construction, ceramic or glass applications.
We have a drop-off point in Maxton North Carolina and a fully dedicated team in the USA for it. Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic.
Tesla is seeking new partners for the supply of materials required for the production of their batteries. The record reservations received for the Model 3, as well as the popularity of their Powerwall, made the company look for new partners to supply them with Lithium. As some of you know, Lithium is required for batteries, and is a material that needs to be sourced from compounds, as it is never found in pure form in nature. A report from Financial Post mentions talks between Tesla and two companies, called Pure Energy Minerals Limited and Bacanora Minerals.
The report also says that Lithium demand is expected to double by the end of this decade, so new players might join this industry. While the price of Lithium significantly increased last year, Tesla plans to reduce the cost of batteries using the mineral through mass production.
A similar revolution and price drop happened with aluminum and carbon fiber, both materials being considered exotic at the time of invention. Thanks to Elon Musk, electric vehicles, hybrids, and fuel-cell vehicles could become more affordable, even if they don't have a Tesla badge on the hood.
Warranty begins on the date of purchase and expires at the end of the warranty period stated on the receipt.
Should these batteries fail during a free replacement period, O'Reilly Auto Parts will replace it at no cost to the original purchaser.
Any battery that fails as a result of misuse, abuse, low fluid level, freezing, improper installation or another faulty part are not covered by warranty. Cold Cranking Amps is the rating that identifies your battery's ability to start in cold temperatures.
Amp Hours measure battery capacity by multiplying the amount of Amps by the hours of discharge. Just bring them into your local store and we will give you a $5 gift card* for every automotive lead-acid battery you bring in, even if you didn't buy it from one of our stores! We have a staff of professional parts people waiting to help you find better parts at better prices every day. Amp Hour (AH) – typically used for deep-cycle batteries, this illustrates the amperage capacity. The other side of the label tells you the type of battery and usually features a purchase date selection used for warranty purposes. While most batteries are of the same age-old lead acid (LA) design, there are many ways to put them together. Gel– The platform is the same, but instead of using plain old water as the base for the electrolyte, they use a thickened version (like Jell-O) to keep the electrolyte from leaking in the event of a cracked or broken box. AGM – AGM or Absorbed Glass Mat batteries are the most efficient of the lead-acid design. Both gel and AGM batteries de-gas like flooded batteries, but since they are sealed, the gasses are reabsorbed into the electrolyte, keeping them functional longer.
Starting batteries – have higher cranking amps for heavy, short bursts of energy use a larger number of thinner plates to release more amperage. Deep-cycle batteries – use fewer plates, but each plate is thicker, so they store more energy, but can’t release it as fast, only 25% of the rated amperage can be released at one burst. Flooded style deep-cycle batteries should not be used for starting; they do not have the cranking power.

There are a couple of newcomers to the automotive battery realm, specifically lithium Ion (Li) and Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMh). NiMh – This design uses hydrogen-absorbing alloy as the negative electrode, and nickel oxyhydride as the positive side.
Li – Lithium batteries are very similar to NiMh batteries, but they are slightly more efficient and hold a static charge for longer periods. Long-term storage or even a couple of days in frigid temperatures can weaken a batteries charge. Charging – When storing a battery long term, you should consider a trickle or maintenance charger. Corrosion – Corrosion is a problem with all batteries, moisture, metal and electricity cause electrolysis, the same process at work inside the battery, but in an uncontrolled manner.
Water Level – Flooded batteries require water to function, over time, the water level decreases. This type of terminal connection can get you home in a pinch, but must be replaced as soon as possible. Cables and Terminals – The battery can only do its job when the connections are good. Most industry analysts believe that we are a decade or more away from needing to recycle nickel or lithium auto batteries in significant volumes. Today’s hybrids use nickel metal hydride batteries, but within a few years, automakers are expected to shift to lithium batteries for hybrids and plug-in cars. Most batteries contain small amounts of lithium carbonate as a percentage of weight and the material is relatively inexpensive compared to most other metals, such as nickel and cobalt. Umicore developed and is running a Lithium-Ion and NiMH battery recycling plant since May 2006. Lithium recovery is not top urgent , but in this process the Lithium is valorized in other applications. So we only release cleaned gas (which was ionized): H2, O, and CO2, but no bromines, no Fluorines, no Dioxines, no Chlorines. If possible, as you gain expertise, would you mind updating your blog with extra information? Other industries use lithium as well, as it is the lightest metal and the least dense solid element in the Periodic Table. As Autoblog notes, neither of the two businesses has produced Lithium-derived elements, but when Tesla is calling, it is best to pick up the order.
Since more automakers are interested in the electric and hybrid vehicle trend, these claims have a good chance of becoming reality.
A Wall Street Journal report published last summer cited Bacanora Minerals, one of the companies mentioned above, as a potential partner for Tesla, as a supplier of Lithium for the latter’s Gigafactory. If Elon Musk’s gamble pays off, Lithium-Ion batteries for EVs could become affordable for volume cars. Early uses of aluminum and carbon fiber products were exorbitantly expensive, but mass production eventually landed them into the hands of regular consumers.
For example: A battery with 120Ah rating can provide 1 amp for 120 hours or 2 amps for 60 hours or 3 amps for 40 hours or 5 amps for 24 hours or 6 amps for 20 hours, etc. Het product is gemakkelijk direct aan de auto-accu aan te sluiten en verbruikt zeer weinig stroom. While the type of battery under the hood is not likely to give you any horsepower gains, it will save you from having to get jump started in the middle of the night at the gas station.
This is the most important measure of a battery, and is the typical rating used for selecting the appropriate battery for a vehicle.
A battery with 150 amp hours rating would provide 15 amps for 10 hours, 10 amps for 15 hours or 150 amps for 1 hour. Sealed flooded battery are designed to be maintenance—free, meaning you don’t have to add water at any time, they are sealed.
This also makes the battery more stable in terms of vibration and installation location, as the gel doesn’t move, which ensures the plates are always covered in electrolyte. Both types of batteries can release their charge faster than flooded batteries, which is an important function. Deep cycle batteries are used for long-term constant draw situations, such as boats, golf carts and show cars (lights and stereo systems).
These batteries are commonly used in rechargeable applications for cell phones and other portable devices, they are very stable and hold a charge for a long period of time, with the ability to release that charge quickly. These batteries are becoming more prevalent in high-performance applications where every pound is critical.
These low-amp chargers keep the battery from discharging over time without boiling the electrolyte, which can ruin the battery. Corroded cables and terminals, loose fitting terminals, etc limit the alternator’s ability to charge the battery and provide juice to the car. A daily-driven econobox doesn’t need a high-performance lithium-ion battery, while a show car needs a battery that can sustain long periods of use without charging. His career began in the car audio industry as a shop manager, eventually working his way into a position at Rockford Fosgate as a product designer. As lithium battery packs become larger—and the number of hybrids and electric cars that use lithium batters expands—recycling will become more important and more profitable.

Despite media reports to the contrary, current demand for lithium is not likely to cause shortages.
Thus not for battery applications but for other applications where Lithium is used: Cement, Glass, ceramics, isolation materials such as stonewood. Please quote your price either FOB or CIF Nhavasheva (Mumbai, India) along with the details of the quantity available and how much can your company provide us on monthly basis. A new lead-acid battery can consist of up to 80% of recycled materials and contains 99% recyclable material. Door middel van krachtige ultrahoge geluidstonen om de 15 seconden worden marters afgeschrikt. Additionally, a properly functioning battery means your alternator doesn’t have to work as hard, and getting the best performance from your charging system is always good bet, especially if you have upgraded electronics. All lead acid batteries use the same overall concept – lead plates (one is lead, the other is lead oxide) are submerged in an electrolyte solution of sulfuric acid. Within a conventional battery, such as a “tar-top” battery in a classic car, each LA cell is separated and each group has its own electrolyte.
One of the drawbacks for gel cell batteries is that they are more susceptible to voltage irregularities and they can’t be refilled, once the electrolyte degrades, the battery is toast. In order to provide a larger level of cranking amperage, a flooded battery must be much larger, as a typical flooded battery is limited in how much charge it can release at one time.
The side effect of this is that the plates get hotter faster, which causes them to warp and pit, particularly when they are fully discharged.
Leaving a LA battery on the shelf for 6 months will degrade the battery, especially if it is in cold weather. Find the right battery for your needs and it will serve up the juice you need for a long time. In 2003, he began writing tech articles for magazines, and has been working as an automotive journalist ever since. At least responsible professionals are contacting us and have their EOL Lithium-Ion, Lithium Polymer and NiMH recycled with Umicore Recycling Solutions.
The proper recycling of batteries is good for the environment, reduces the cost of batteries and is regulated by federal, state and local laws. Each of these plate groups is called a cell; a group of individual cells is called a “battery”.
Over time, the process of charging and discharging uses up the electrolyte and it has to be replaced with distilled water. NAPA offers an AGM type battery in the Legend series, which uses a flat-plate core with AGM electrolyte separators, making it impossible for the plates to touch. In fact, Porsche recently swapped out conventional batteries for Lithium Ion, with a replacement cost of $1700.
A dead flooded (this does not work for gel or AGM types) battery that won’t hold a charge can sometimes be “jump-started” by boiling the electrolyte with a heavy high-amperage charge. You have to be careful with side-post terminals, as you can strip the threads and actually break into the case, causing electrolyte to leak out.
His work has been featured in Car Craft, Hot Rod, Rod & Custom, Truckin’, Mopar Muscle, and many more. As the battery discharges, the lead electrodes become lead sulfate, and the electrolyte dissolves into water. These batteries last much longer than a conventional or gel-cell battery, and are the superior design for wet-acid type vehicle batteries. This means that gel cell and AGM batteries can fit in a smaller case while providing more amperage. Using an Li battery in cold weather is not advisable though, as they can be damaged in temperatures below freezing.
In severe cold weather a battery can freeze, which will short out the plates and the battery will no longer charge. This why batteries freeze during the winter, which can cause the lead plates to touch (short-circuit), effectively destroying the battery. Jefferson operates Red Dirt Rodz, his personal garage studio, where all of his magazine articles and tech videos are produced.
While charging a lead acid battery, through electrolysis, the battery generates oxygen and hydrogen gas, which can be explosive, which is why batteries are typically mounted under the hood, where they dissipate and do not become condensed. When installing a battery in the trunk, a firewall must be installed to protect the passengers; the battery box must also be vented to the exterior of the vehicle. The process for reviving AGM batteries is a little more complex, involving multiple batteries chained together.
Another solution is liquid electrical tape, which creates an airtight seal, but it has to be cut off before removing the battery cable. AGM batteries need a better quality charger than a standard flooded battery, Optima Batteries offers an AGM-specific charger that doubles as a conditioner for long-term storage.

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