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We understand how much your device means to you and take every precaution when repairing it which is why all of the services available at are performed by experienced technicians. Each of our professional electrical technicians have diplomas from St.Lawrence College and have several years experience repairing electronics.
Multiple LocationsWith multiple locations throughout Michigan and Indiana, there is sure to be a Genius Phone Repair in your area. In a statement posted at the company's website, Apple said that it had found out about a very small percentage of iPhone 5 units that have their batteries suddenly having a shorter life or requiring to be charged more often.
Apple said that the affected units that are eligible for the battery replacement program have serial numbers that fall within a limited range and were sold between September 2012 and January 2013.
Users that possess the affected iPhone 5 units, experiencing the bad battery symptoms and meeting eligibility requirements, can have their iPhone 5 battery replaced for free.
However, if their iPhone 5 unit has any damages that will prevent the proper replacement of the battery, such as a cracked screen, the user will have to shoulder the expenses of having the damages fixed before getting their free battery replacement.

Apple may also choose to only replace batteries of affected iPhone 5 units only within the country where the unit was originally purchased. Users that have defective batteries for their iPhone 5 units that have already paid for a battery replacement can also contact Apple about receiving a refund for their expenses.
Apple also adds that the battery replacement program does not extend the warranty period for iPhone 5 units, and lasts for two years after the retail sale of the unit or until March 1 of next year, whichever of the two dates provides the longer period of coverage. Also, we only use high quality replacement parts ensuring your device will return to you in the same condition you purchased it in.
We also work on BlackBerry and Android devices as well as Apple computers such as the Macbook, Macbook Pro, and iMac.
Not to worry, at Genius Phone Repair, our technicians can replace the Battery on your iPhone 5.
Don't worry, most secondary labor charges are removed because we already have your device opened.

Note Tech Industries LLC, dba Genius Phone Repair, is a third party repair center and does not own any of the trademarks used on this website. For other countries, the replacement batteries will be made available a week later on August 29. Choosing the correct repair service for your device saves time but can be difficult if you don’t completely understand what the problem with your device is. Technicians will look over your device and confirm or re-diagnose any problems with it upon receipt, making sure your device comes back to you in working order. If you are totally unsure what’s wrong with it, select our diagnostic service and we will send you a repair quote when we receive your device.

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