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We know you like iOS 7.1, but with a lot of chatter about reduced battery-life, and the only test so far based on a small sample and having results falling within the margin of error, we thought it would be useful to get a sense of how prevalent the issue might be. We recognize, of course, that there are a huge number of variables involved in battery-life. There has been an absolute increase in battery drain rate on my phone since installing 7.1. At first I thought it was the app that was causing the drastic drain – I started using the app right after the install and I could watch my batter drain a % a minute.
Today I’m at about 1 hour 40 minutes of use (Google Music about 45 minutes of that) and batter is at 67%. I had major problems with this update, my 5 was dead inside three or four hours on two occasions. I followed advice here – switched off Location Services for most apps, closed all apps that were multitasking but not needed especially those previously using Location Services), switched phone off and back on.

On track for between 4 and 5 hours of usage (at 2 hours 20 minutes I’m down to 54% batter life).
Other reported concerns with the update have come with battery life drains, issues to camera, iMessage, Wi-Fi and getting VPNs to work correctly, according to the publication. A July 8 release would veer from the traditional two-week schedule Apple uses to make these downloads available to developers. Even if your phone usage is reasonably consistent, a single extra phone call or a bit longer spent browsing the web can account for the relatively small differences most are reporting.
Normally I use Spotify to stream my music, and I can get a good 2 hours or so out of that before my battery drops down to 80%. I’ll use the Google Play Music app for the same amount of time as I did yesterday and see what happens.
Switched over to using Spotify after using Google Play Music and the phone still overheated and the battery drain was 1% per minute. If you have experienced this issue, however, the users have noted all you need to do is peform a hard reset, which involves holding the home button and Power button simultaneously, to get the download to update properly after.

We’re all like slaves standing next to an outlet waiting for our phones to charge while using it. Today my battery was at 57% and then when I went to respond to a text a few moments later the screen showed the picture above.
But I was NOT seeing a 1% per minute drain before 7.1 while using other apps while streaming music.
My phone overheats to the point where I can’t even put the phone against my ear to talk. Most of the time you can find him hunting for the latest tech news, and new things to experiment with his gadgets.

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