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Going to do another clean install, trying a different gapps package, had been using an older one that was working fine. In the OP's pics, the screen is only using 15%, and the OS is responsible for 75% His problem isn't the screen.
My advice is to factory reset, and if you're still having battery life issues install ONLY wakelock detector, so that you can figure out what's going on.
Originally Posted by meyerweb In the OP's pics, the screen is only using 15%, and the OS is responsible for 75% His problem isn't the screen. I also had a lot of apps on in the background such as twitter, skype internet, I believe flipboard, google play store, and like maybe 4 other were also on during my sleep. I have a new Note 3 (branded by T-Mobile Czech Republic) and I'm experiencing a severe battery drain.
After 14 hrs on battery, it has used 3hrs of CPU power and kept the device awake for 10.5hrs.
Reply Forum Samsung Android Phones Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Severe Android OS kernel battery drain « Note 3 Size Justification - need backup! Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Battery stats » Similar Threads how can i get better battery life ? Forum Samsung Android Phones Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Sprint Galaxy Note 2 Android OS Battery drain? Yeah after looking it over again and realizing how little I used my phone in the crappy signal zone it makes sense.
Reply Forum Samsung Android Phones Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Sprint Galaxy Note 2 Android OS Battery drain? I am not much of a user and have no battery problems, seldom getting to 50-60% by the time I plug in at night.

That's the problem, since I'm not rooted, I can't use wakelock detector It is kinda crippling.
Decided to flash Franco's kernel, after a while noticed my battery was draining rather quickly, looked and android os was way out of control.
I'm just using it as an iPod replacement, so I also put it into airplane mode and just turned on wifi.
I think it's because the screen is brighter than before 4.3 Check your battery stats to see if it's the screen.
I'm new here and I'm also really new to Android and phones but I hope someone can help me out. I didn't know the graph was important sorry, I didn't get a screenshot of it before I charged the phone back up. On my Zenfone 2, OS always ends up using 30-40% battery by the end of charge, and the phone usually loses 2-3% per hour when idle.
I think it has to do with the Intel Atom processor, because if you ever look at the core usage, you'll see that none of the cores ever seem to go idle.
I thought each app might use their own share of battery but since they are being ran in the background, it kind of make sense that the android os is taking everyone's share of battery usage. Terms & Conditions Android Central Connectedly CrackBerry iMore Windows Central Tesla Central VR Heads Unlocked!!! I've installed Wakelock Detector and Greenify, which I've been using since last night and I've already hibernated some apps. The Wi-Fi blue bar at the bottom was full, GPS on was blue at around the time the device was idle (screen turned off, so about 7 hours, when I was sleeping) and Mobile network signal bar was full green.
When I do this I hear a ding notification, if I turn the display off from the lock screen no notification sound.

Few phone calls most is using chrome or my camera, checking Instagram and my Investment app. I tried reading various guides for dealing with the issue, but most of them refer to older versions of Android. I've also installed ROM toolkit lite and frozen several apps to try to deal with the battery life. I'm going to let it run while I charge it tonight, and see how the battery life is tomorrow. The drop off near the end is due to me playing some Angry Birds, watching a little youtube, and reading reddit. Don't know if this means anything but it's the only thing I'm doing differently and with my phone usage I get just about two days between charges. Android OS, Android device idle, and the Android System are 3 of your top 7 users of energy. It spent most of the day turned off, and I even charged it for over an hour at the computer.
That chart is basically saying of the 43% of power that has been used, these apps are what has used. Your screen is the biggest consumer of energy, due to sheer size, and I am guessing your brightness is kind of high.

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