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Graphic designers appear to be already creating their very own concepts for what they would like to see in Android 5.0, playing more with lockscreen widgets and revising the Android homescreen look.
The lockscreen widget shows a comprehensive look at this user’s upcoming meeting, even showing a map preview of its location.
Above all, you could have at least attempted to make this hi-res like the concept in this article. Sorry, but you are probably going to be disappointed when i say this, the reason it looks like JB knockoff is because it IS android.
For Android 5: Get rid of that annoying blue tone in notification bar mobile, wifi and battery level indicators.
I think in Key Lime pie Google should put a major focus on making the whole OS incredibly more beautiful, intuitive, smother running and more battery friendly.
I’m not sure how I feel about the homescreen widget idea but the lock screen is awesome! Not sure I dig the widget behavior or the clock widget look, but man oh man is this a beautiful concept! About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life. As Android Community points out, Motorola updated its support page on Wednesday with a list of devices that will support Android 5.0 in the future. Sony joined in as well by announcing that the entire Xperia Z line of devices will be receiving Android 5.0.

And of course, every recent Nexus device and Google Play Edition phone will be updated to Android 5.0, as detailed here.
If Google could manage to push the update out to a majority of the recent flagship Android devices within the next 90 days, it could be a major pick-me-up for Android users who have felt slighted by fragmentation in the past. Sitting at airport, portfolio brexit'd, social media mgr next to me talking social media strategy for past 20 min. Since Android 2.3, Google has been using the clock as a means of indicating which version of Android a device is running. How come there is never a version that has a minor number larger than 7 (meaning X.Y, where Y>7 ) ? I hope that Motorola integration in the 2013 generation of Droids stays tight, I’d love to get my hands on the latest flavor. Artist Jinesh Shah took to his Google+ page recently to post up a few pictures of his own ideas, some of which we have become big fans of. Below that, we can see upcoming flight details, all of which would be able to be customized under new settings that would come with KLP. I am not trying to reinvent the wheel here, and many things are borrowed from Google to make an accurate concept. At the beginning of 2015, Sony will move on to the Z3 and Z2 series and then continue from there.
After yesterday’s Quantum Paper rumor, today brings us a possible tease from El Goog itself.

When not spending his time writing about the latest gadgets, Nick enjoys reading, dabbling in photography, and experimenting with anything and everything coffee. While it comes off as minimal and clean, there is enough information on any given homescreen and the lockscreen to give off the sense that this concept would be highly functional and practical for users.
Fortunately, Google has been working to cull fragmentation in the Android ecosystem and it looks like the biggest smartphone vendors are jumping on board.
The screenshots below (click for full size) were from a tweet by Google, letting you know that you can follow your favorite teams in the World Cup with Google Now.
With swipes and other gestures, you could reveal other widgets that don’t necessarily have to be on your homescreen when not being used. A lot of the design aspects, like cards (see Google now widget) are being slowly added to android. And I’m sorry if this bothers you, but you are just going to have to face, or skin it. For a good while now, the next major overhaul of Android has been rumored to jump to the Android 5.0 numbering group.

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