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Standard Series 24 Volt (25.2 V) 65 amp hour Group 30H 200 Amp Lithium Ion Battery for Marine, Recreational Vehicles (RV), Commercial Trucks, Solar Power Systems and Other Applications - Lightweight, Powerful and Safe Lithionics Lithium Ion Batteries. Product DescriptionCharge your USB Type-C device at its optimum speed with the Cellet 3 Amp USB Type-C High Powered Car Charger. Get help, news and reviews for your BlackBerry through our comprehensive blog and growing community.

Small yet powerful, this charger supplies 15 watts (3 amps) to your Type-C compatible device at rapid speeds. Our chargers are built with advanced power smart detection that identifies the device's max charging speed and smart IC chip technology that provide overcharge, overheat and overcurrent protection.

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