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I received an email from TurboStart on Friday explaining a relationship they have formed with Remy Battery. Originally Posted By 6PKRTSEIf you have an old one still laying around, I have done this twice now. Originally Posted By LimeliteAeroAre you securing the new battery in any way inside the shell? OK, is it just me, or does it seem that just selling the empty Battery Box and creating a kit (inner cables, foam, etc) so that anyone could make their own battery as shown would be perfectly fine for 99% of us?Why deal with a battery company?Make a box that snaps together and I can go to a local store and buy a battery myself. Originally Posted By moparmatt0Which battery is correct for a 70 cuda 440-6 It depends, so the only way to know what it came with would be to check the battery section of your broadcast sheet if you have one for the car. ?oeiaianoaa ii ?aiiioo e?aiai aeaa.Iu iianea?ai, eae io?aiiioe?iaaou i?aeoe?anee e?ao? aauu!
This picture was taken off Isla Todos Santos, 8 miles off the Baja California coast, near Ensenada, Mexico. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. I made-up the timing wires as you said and a good 12V battery from my race car with a dash board instrument light. Set the points plate to the mark (factory?) on the housing to align with the 'O' on the plate.
Chuffed with that little exercise i thought i would repair my neutral switch contact instead of paying the ?22 demanded (for a NOS unit).

Opened up an old torch and used the flat blade battery terminal and soldered it to the remaining berilliam copper tab sandwiched by the 2 alum rivets. I despise vehicle wiring, so while feeling I've made some progress I'll fight the loom and switches.
I took the valves out of the cylinder head of my 1966 cb160 and noticed there is no o-seals on the vales, did they not have them on my engine or were they never installed?
As far as I know, these small engines only had seals on the inlet valves, certainly my CB175 has seals on the inlets only.
I'm not sure if they sell Duplicolor engine enamel in England but I use # DE1612 high heat primer and # DE1615 'Aluminum' and it comes out looking as good as oem factory paint after it's cured.I put the parts in my oven at 250 degrees F. Engine chain tensioner lock bolt re-made and fitted with O ring and apart from 2 case screws engine is finished and placed to one side in the garage next to the boiler to keep it dry. I've started to clean it all down and apart from the cut in the ign wires all is grubby but sound. I had several embarrassing engine cut outs in traffic until I traced the fault to this connector, pins in the male part not making good contact with the receptacles in the female part. It looks like the TurboStart restoration batteries are going to be available for a limited time. Drained and Cut the top off neat.Then I drilled and taped the post I can go 2 ways that way, to hook up cables.
I used to call on parts stores and garages while working as a sales rep and found quite a few that the owners were willing to part with at reasonable prices.

The battery tab had a nice pressed 'hemi-sphere' end that contacts to the drum contact and to earth. When I stripped my head and barrel I found brand new pistons and rings and a lovely smooth bore so I was well chuffed! I just set the battery upside down in my oil change pan which is one of the larger pans obviously. The light went out miles from 'F' position, so moved the plate until the light just came on at smack-on F.
I stripped it down because I want to paint it as it's a bit tatty on the outside as opposed to the lovely interior. The only change I can see to this bike was the PO fitted an ammeter, but there is orange wire everywhere. It has more cranking amps & turns over much faster now than the re-pop Mopar red top batteries do. Never done it before and I so wish I'd started 20 years ago it's the best hobby I've ever had! I just hope my satin black barbeque paint and my Simonez silver engine paint are up to the job of painting the engine.

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