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The AGM battery is a starting battery with the characteristics of a semi-traction battery, but with more power. Day in, day out, we couldn’t live the life we enjoy in the 21st century without lead-acid batteries. A growing trend in modern car design is the increasing use of the primary automotive battery for purposes other than starting the engine. Minimal shedding of the material from the battery plates, resulting in significantly increased lifespan.
Longer life span: Battery does not “age” in the same way as conventional technology batteries. Totally spill- and leak-proof: Complete fitment flexibility and safety (can be mounted in any position except inverted).
The battery SOC or “State of Charge” in the car is no longer kept at 100% but instead the SOC is about 70% and Cycling takes place around this SOC. As a leading manufacturer we will be presenting an increased range of AGM + cycle-proof starter battery (EFB)+ Auxiliary AGM ( ETX ) to the Aftermarket in autumn 2011 in order to justify our position as a full supplier of batteries for micro-hybrid applications!
At present Premium class manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Porsche, VW, Mercedes use AGM batteries such as Banner Running Bull AGM.

EFB ( Enhanced Flooded Battery) — technology “Made in Austria” For Micro Hybrid vehicles with simple Start I Stop systems. Large volume producers such as Ford, Fiat, Vauxhall use simple start I stop systems for smaller cars.
Many vehicles with a large power requirement need an extra’ Back Up ‘battery to support the start I stop system or to support other safety features.
Look for stickers like “AGM”, “VRLA” or “EFB” in order to find the fitting replacement battery.
If a standard flooded battery is used in an Stop & Start application, the battery will face enormous stress. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
The technology will increase the 2014 Malibu’s fuel economy by an estimated 5 percent. In conventional vehicle designs, batteries are tasked with supporting ever-increasing key-off loads and providing large amounts of supplemental energy when vehicle demands exceed alternator output.
As a result, modern car batteries are increasingly in situations of heavy discharge as part of normal vehicle operation.

These vehicles are fitted in the main with EFB ( Enhanced Flooded Batteries) such as the Banner Running Bull EFB. Manufacturers such as Volvo, BMW, Mercedes use a small AGM battery such as the Banner Running Bull Back Up AUX type.
Depending on the car and the driving behaviour the average lifetime will be just a few months.
You’d find these on boats or campers, where they’re used to power accessories like water pumps, TV, winches or lights. They deliver a lower, steady level of power for a much longer time than a starting battery. Moreover, I think that Li-ion batteries would be suitable for those application despite their poor cold cranking ability. When Li-ion or Ni-Zn batteries will have a better cold crank ability, they will lead the Stop&Start market.

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