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30% advance auto parts promo code, coupons, New advance auto parts promotions $50 online. My rule of thumb is that if something seems funny about your engine, you should check the spark plugs first. Promise me this: if you do try one of those tutorials on how to change spark plugs, please, wait for the engine to cool off first. From my personal experience, I have found that the best choice for spark plugs is original equipment.
Pat, most plugs are pre-gapped for the vehicle they fit, but our friends at NGK recommend checking it against OE specs. I heard that removing them hot may strip the threads in the head, Loosen them a bit and turn them back in to looses carbon build up inside the head, rather than dragging that carbon through the threads , blow out the recess around the plug before you remove it completely to avoid getting that dirt inside the cylinder use a piece of vacuum line on the end to aid in putting the plug back in, less chance of cross threading or stripping the threads with the wrench and the line is flexible for getting into hard to reach places I could go on and on. I am guessing that replacing the plugs at the recommended 100,000 miles will require considerable labor cost in addition to the expensive plugs. The article is lacking unless you are targeting people who have no experience with automotive maintenance. Don’t forget to use dielectric grease on the boot connections on the plugs and the coil connections. As a mechanical engineer that does almost all of our vehicle maintenance, I’ve been delighted at not changing spark plug as frequently as I did years ago. An internal combustion engine provides power by using a fuel that is combustible to produce power.

Unless you have a totally electric car, the only motors in your car control the fan, the power seats and windows, and windshield wipers.
Bill, you caught a major typo (as did others) and we have no excuse – but we have corrected it! The thing that makes the car go is an ENGINE, not a motor (unless you are driving an electric automobile) most ENGINES use a starter MOTOR to crank them over for inital start up. Also, as specified above, seasoned backyard mechanics have a hard time changing plugs on transverse V-6 engine cars. This was probably an easy one for most of you, but it never hurts to brush up on the basics.
Show what you know by playing Name That Part at the Advance Auto Parts Facebook page every Monday. So I decided to make this column all about spark plugs, because trust me, your engine relies on them every day–which means you do, too. Truth is, for a seasoned backyard mechanic, popping the old plugs out and putting new ones in is pretty straightforward.
Other spark plugs from other manufacturers may work fine, but for top performance I prefer O.E.
Special tools (magnetic spark plug socket), plug wire pullers, proper plug selection (OEM) or resistor vs non-resistor, proper torqueing, using anti-seize and dielectric grease, and maybe advanced discussion such as reading plugs, heat ranges, and the little known art of indexing plugs.. A motor is an electrically driven device that provides power without the use of any type of combustible fuel.
Spark plugs are a crucial part of your engine because they’re what makes that combustion happen, both at ignition and while the engine moves through each combustion cycle during operation.

But if you haven’t done it before, you should probably have someone like me looking over your shoulder the first time through.
If you are going to go so far as to learn hw to achieve that (and actually remove them) you are certainly capable of gapping and installing a new set. Now I have an 11 year old Buick with original plugs and 55000 miles and no problem, except this: reaching the rear bank of plugs appears impossible without disassembling some of the many things between the back side of the engine and the close firewall. The first time the mechanic installed the wrong plugs and wrong new rotor, the wrong rotor resulting in breakdown out in the sticks on Sunday afternoon.
Check your owner’s manual to find out where the plugs are located, and then pop the hood and have a look. Chime in with a comment, and help me and everyone else here understand where you’re coming from. You need a socket wrench, and you may need a specific spark-plug socket and other accessories as well. Champion seems to work well in Chrysler products, but I haven’t had the greatest success with them in a GM product.

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